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Getting ready to travel

Some of you may remember my situation with my Mom. Due to health reasons I moved her from Austin, Texas to West Richland, Washington on May 28th. She has a house now with my daughter living with her as a primary care giver. We had not been able to finalize the sale of her house in Austin so that has been hanging over us for the last 4 months.

Well-Saturday (10/22) I fly to Austin to close on the house on the 26th and THEN, get to have my RAV 4 back! Of course, I then have a week or so to drive back to Washington (but just think of the opportunities to collect more "stuff" along the way as well.

Just wanted to share. Hope I can get a few more shots to enter before the contest closes.

Have a GREAT weekend folks
God Bless (and thanks for your continued prayers for me and my Mom [she is doing much better])




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