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Which Lee Enfield?




Can somebody please help identify exactly which model Lee Enfield rifle this is.

Thank You



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Shanakee - unfortunately, you have picked the blog section , rather then

the Firearms section. This will not get you a lot of views.

I suggest you re-post lower down the pages on the section designated for

Firearms, Edged weapons and Armour. Please let me know if you have

any problems ? Mervyn

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As Mervyn has suggested please repost this in the correct section.
From the photos the bolt area looks like a Lee Enfield Carbine Mk.I but the forestock is not one I recognize. The markings show it to have been issued to the Canadian military.
We would need a little better photos with more details plus some measurement such as overall length etc. to be able to lend any more help.
Please be aware that we are not being jerks by asking you to repost, it's because not all members will see your post here and the weapons guys are more apt to see it in the correct section.
Sorry I cannot be of more help at this time.

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Thank you Mervyn and Brian for your comments. It is much appreciated. At this stage I have gathered quite a bit of information about the rifle.


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