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Cell Phone trouble

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Tuesday I thought I was going to buy a Finnish Liberty Cross 3rd Class 1918 , a real scarce award :love:

Ok , since I didn´t want to raise the price before the last day I stayed cool and planned to give my bid on the way to Finland where I was going on a business trip tuesday-thursday .

Yep , the cell phone died in the wrong moment and then I was on the plane , no connection and so on........

:banger: It went for 180 Euros wich was way too low .....

Lessons learned ? If you want it - Buy it , bid early , bid high and stay at home at your computer :cheeky:

Nice weekend all

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Oh so true about buying/bidding when you see it and not waiting for the "right" moment. The stories we all could tell would be a blog all it's own. Better luck next time.

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Today I got a new award in the mail , a Bundesverdienstkreuz from West Germany 1957-1989
Not an unusual award but very nice an Junker made cross with its original box .

And two real rare books !! First a book written by Lettow-Vorbeck about the war in Africa " Heia Safari" this book is very hard to find in Swedish, printed in 1921.

And secondly another great find R von der Golz wrote a book in 1920 about the war in Finland and Baltic countries this and the other book I found in a small shop in Åland (an Swedish speaking Island between Finland and Sweden) a good day !

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The sun is shining and today I´m going to Amsterdam for a couple of days , just work but a small light in the dark was that I won an auction today . A finnish medal for bravery 1st class 1941 not unusual at all , but in this version its quite rare :) Its with a red cross on the front, given to doctors and nurses mostly.
about 5000 was awarded during the 41-44 war.

keep well all

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christmas coming up , only 5 weeks to go .....
I wonder what I shall write on my wish list , but a Mecklenburg Cross 1st class or an Oldenburg FA Cross 1st would be sooooo nice .

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