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28 October 2011

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Greg Collins


Off this weekend after two hellish days which culminated in very nearly a fight (yes, the physical kind) between myself and another supervisor in front of both officers and offenders- not good. I believe I may have some anger management issues; of course, it could be that I've come to the realization that I do, indeed, have an expiration date and no longer wish to waste the time I have left on bull sh*t, regardless from whom it may come. Oh well, three days to cool off.

Put a few new entries in the Photo Competition. All are of pieces in the collections and are "straight" photography- no weird post shoot manipulations. Reasonably dramatic images taken with a 7MP camera with a mounted flash against a black background of an item combined with a close-up of the same item and cropped in a suitable way. Anyway, have a look and tell me what you think. I chose a few of my most appealing (not necessarily the most valuable) awards- mostly for their enamel work. The idea was to concentrate solely on the beauty and craftsmanship of the award with no distraction. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the images.


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I agree - not a good idea to have a 'fight' - will give the inmates ideas. Still - it it wasn't your fault put a strong laxative in his coffee.............

Judging from your entries in the Logo Comp. I would say you have a strong sense of desiign. I say this with some authority as I used to be a Senior A/c Exec. with some top advertising agencies.
I would strongly advise that you do some courses and get a few diplomas - there is always a shortage of competent commercial artists and designers.

Thanks for supporting the Photo Comp - we have reached over 600 entries - finishes tomorrow night. Then they have to judge them and I have to send out the certificates and prizes. I hope you are succesful. Mervyn

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Already have the diploma- summa cum laude, no less- and worked in the field for nearly 15 years. The reason I do what I now do... well, it's a sordid story with a sad ending. Let's just say that an individual from old money made a drastic mistake that hurt him a little (lots of old money) and hurt those around him a whole lot (no job- out in the street). Some of those people had to find a job fast that would pay the most considering where they were. At least one of those people got lazy with the constant paycheck and did not look for another job associated with his career :-)


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