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If at first you don't succeed..was it really worth the effort?

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Brian Wolfe


Hello Everyone,

This morning I attempted to launch my blog "News From the Home Office" and somehow after a good deal of work I hit the entry function and it was lost. This ticked me off to no end and I must say I took it out on a couple of my good friends and some bidders on eBay. I still have my friends and two new items for my collection, too bad I was angry as they really cost me, but so be it, let the low bidders hang their heads in shame.

The title I have chosen works on a couple of levels, I hope. First the blog is sent from my office at home and the Home Office in the UK deals with diplomacy, espionage and police matters, all of which interests me.

I will attempt to keep the entries topical but be warned that, unlike the regular posts, this area may see a lot of opinon and conjecture.

So, lets see if I have this figured out or will I have to beat someone else up on an interenet auction this evening? :whistle:



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Well done Brian - I think you have chosen the perfect title to allow you to comment on various topics. I , too, will look forward to future posts.

Of course, now you make me feel guilty that I haven't 'blogged' for two weeks - I'd better do something before Nick notices.............


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does that mean you are going to pay my wages? If so any chance of a raise.


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We shall have to wait until the annual review, then write a report and take it before several committies first.
We will keep you update, please do not call us we'll call you. Ha ha


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