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My scanner just fried...



I could just sh*t... :angry: Right in the middle of a research project... :mad:

Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz -Screen goes weird- CLICK * SNAP -whisp of smoke- -burning smell- -scanner goes bye bye-...


Guess this is as good enough of an excuse as I'll ever have to see if those "Epsonites" were truthful! :whistle:

More to follow...


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Well... It is done... I've sold me soul to the Devil and joined the dark side... I am now an Epsonite!

Just installed and tried out my new EPSON Perfection V500...

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It'll be fine, just turn it off and then on again

Yeah right LMAO... It wasn't a random software quirk or bug... It sparked and gave off smoke... It now rests at the bottom of the garbage bin after more than 10 years of loyal service.

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