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Machinegun Sharpshooter EK1 group

Machinegun Sharpshooter EK1 group


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The group to Unteroffizier Alfbert Guthmann, MGSSA 79.

This is a fantastic untouched group... but full disclosure... the Anhalt Friedrichs Kreuz is an original, but not original to the group.

I had to pay a really obscene price to keep this group together as the non collector selling it had everything on separate auctions. A guy bought the Friedrichs Cross and its document and even after I offered him 5 times its value he refused to sell it to me... So the Friedrichs cross is replaced and the document is missing....

That aside, an otherwise untouched group to a Machine Gun sharpshooter NCO with a nice CD800 cross.

It pains me to have this up for sale... but I need cash for a new buy...

EUR750 + postage and Paypalguth2.thumb.jpg.f99f5d08548a0755ceba8abdc9867308.jpgguth1.thumb.jpg.1b0fad0e9055f98578e0feae5f22fa07.jpgguth3.jpg.36c11612f532b6eb7c4cb704d938d942.jpg (and that is not even break even, just to show how much I fought to keep this together!!



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