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  2. Correction: Führerboot des F.d.M., not Führerboot des B.d.M. Here is the tally:
  3. Hi, very nice. The "E" stands for Ersatz=replacement. They would fill in the gaps or cater for additional demand. Later he was in a unit that would chauffeur others or deliver orders etc. Here is one of mine: GreyC
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  5. Hello Here I have a nice photo of a Kraftfahrer. Please have a look at the chair. He placed his coat upon that chair, but what could the "K" be??? Thanks a lot!
  6. Congratulations Bil !! Very nice. Unfortunately I do not know the symbolism of the buckle on the Ribbon of the Medal .. I have Portuguese collectors friends, but not even they have consensus on the purpose. I think it may be by the time of service; example: 10 years of Armed Forces etc ... but I'm not sure. So I believe the Buckle can be inserted into the Ribbon after some time. Regards Lambert
  7. My great grandfather was part of 3. Kompanie E/VIII Kraftfahr-Bataillon Breslau (1916-1917) & Kraftfahr-Abteilung 1 (1917-1918) in Charleville France. I have some photos of him from those times. Does anyone have more information on what they would have been doing for duties during those times? Also, I was looking to find a leather jacket like the ones they wore. Is that possible? Does anyone manufacture a good replica ? Thank you Daryl
  8. French prisoners camp: Langelsanza Woman and artillery:
  9. French prisoners camp: Langelsanza
  10. He isn't a member of the nobility - you can't become a nobleman through adoption.
  11. Stuka f

    Antique Arrows

    Hello, you did fine! But this ain't a website, it is a forum! There is nothing else to do then wait, until a member (who has knowledge about this ) answers you. You don't need approval by a mod. I can not think of anyone to direct you to, but try to find a auction house specialized in this kind of objects, they might be able to help.... ;-) And keep us up dated, if possible.
  12. Hi Morten, the right name for Führerboot des B.d.M. is: Befehlshaber der Minensuchboote (minesweeper), not Befehlshaber der Marine. Photo is from early 1934. Bernd
  13. Hello everybody! I have this medal - №1335. Some good person told me, that this medal was awarded Fritz Sießmayr, ''Jungsturm Adolf Hitler'' ,but I could not find any info about this man.Some photos or something else.Maybe somebody can help me with this?
  14. I think this award plaque can be here too.It is not a badge,but as I know,it was the same level award as a gau badges at that time.
  15. Hi Smadding, Yes ,Thanks for help.Your photo is a stunner! Cheers,Morten.
  16. It is impossible to jugde this Medal of the Hero of Socialist Labour from these photos.At least the plate in the hanger is not correct.Also we need a good view at the numbers in the reverse.Is the star from gold?
  17. A very nice find indeed and it would be nice to be able to link the two Recipients as family Members. The 1911 Census is available online and it may be worth your while trying to find George Joseph Smith there and hopefully tracing a link between the two. Thanks for showing but be careful, you may get bitten by the British Medal collecting bug! Regards Simon.
  18. Just to add. Bronze and Gold versions of the above are also encountered.
  19. Hi everyone , Does anyone sell this medal ??
  20. Hi there, Im looking to buy this Hero of socialist labour and was wondering if people thought it was genuine? W
  21. Ooops, that´s right! I hope it will return again!
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