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  2. Generalmajor Walter Barenthin, commander of the 3rd Parachute Division You can compare here: https://dokumentenforum.de/index.php?thread/644-barenthin-walter/ regards Tomasz
  3. Hello Folks, I'm looking for a nice clear view of a WW2 Kriegsmarine Maschinenobergefreiter's Rank, Rating / Shoulder Sleeve Insignia. The more I look on both the web, & among my available texts, the more unsure of the exact design I become. If anyone here on the GMIC would PLEASE be so kind as to post a photograph of the Tank / Rating I'm looking for, I'll be extremely appreciative. The KM Sailor I'm researching was as noted above, an Maschinenobergefreiter aboard Schnellboot S-188 during 1944, if that's relevant to actual insignia or rating I'm looking for. THANK YOU Regards, dpast32 ( dpast32@aol.com )
  4. Death Penny

    Chris, Worth reading through this, it may give some pointers for further research. http://1914-1918.invisionzone.com/forums/topic/240115-rfcrnasraf-training-deaths-100-years-on/ Simon
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  6. The signature on first citation is of Karl Guth, Hauptgeschäftsführer der Reichsgruppe Industrie. I have similiar document, the signature is stamped fascimile. regards Tomasz
  7. Death Penny

    Hi Micheal, many thanks for your answer. I think Air Force is not that common? Best wishes Chris
  8. I definitely agree. I have seen some Luftwaffe Engineers (Black Waffenfarbe) with Fallschirmjagers, but never Red. Great input.
  9. Hi Gavin - This is wonderful news, indeed. Would you care to share any further information on Brigadier Williamson with me please? For example - a photo of his full - size medal group. Possibly a photo or two of the man himself. Have you done any research / or a write up on this man you would care to share, please ??? In fact I would gratefully receive ANY further details about Williamson and his group that you would care to share with me. I see that you are in Australia. Are you a former South African? Did you acquire the Group there? When? As I say, anything would be most useful for me, thank you, Gavin. If you wish to keep the matter private, then kindly email me at: david@burvest.com. Thanks SO MUCH, again, Gavin. All the best, David Bennett ===========================================================
  10. Legion Condor Belt & Buckle?

    Legion Condor Soldier with Spanish Belt & Buckle Regards Jurgen
  11. Hi Chris, my pleasure! Not my best photo, but I hope for showing enough?! Kind regards Andreas
  12. so glad I could lay hands on one! It was high on my list, of the "items I would very much like to have, but it will probably never happen!".
  13. The so far best quality compass I have found, solid brass, no maker but stamped to the 3rd Company 5th Pionier Battalion....
  14. Hi Chris, I think it is the Kreuz Treue dem Regiment. Kind regards Andreas
  15. Legion Condor Belt & Buckle?

    P.S. Hi Gents I found Photo of Legion Condor Ground forces Panzer Uniform (obviously with "Spanish Belt") I read also that the Uniforms where Taylord in Spain Best Regards Jurgen
  16. Hello sir. I am sorry to do this to you, but the tunic itself is post war. Secondly, the collar tress you have on it is for an NCO. Finally, Fallschirmjager used mainly yellow waffenfarbe.
  17. Let’s see it. Maybe it’s not as bad as you thought.
  18. United Arab Republic-Order of Merit

    Chris,thanks for your interest to the topic.Not knowing the price I did not offer too a big money.Probably,somebody needed it more than me.All 9 nine days the auction was without bidding.
  19. marking on French belt plate...

    maybe french https://www.ebay.fr/itm/Boucle-ceinturon-troupe-modele-1862-Genie-Militaire-Second-Empire/162947301944?hash=item25f06a8238:g:YqwAAOSwslRaqmjN http://www.histoire-collection.com/catalog_3.html
  20. https://aukro.cz/rad-etue-6926704937

    historie prihazovaní-history of bidding

    Chris,having time,have a look at it. Nick

  21. Imperial Russian Shoulder board collection

    The Viborg regiment has as colonel the German Kaiser ? The Narva Regiment too if I am not wrong , and the last one fought in Tannenberg.
  22. marking on French belt plate...

    Thanks ,Stuka and Guy . Not Genietroepen, mistery remains
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  24. United Arab Republic-Order of Merit

    Nick, Thanks for sharing this, and tough luck about being outbid at the last minute. That can be very frustrating, I know. This is a UAR era award, from the (Egyptian) Military Technical College. It looks like the brass bar at the top has some writing on it but I can't read it. Awards like this are commonly given to the top students from each graduating class, and also probably to some faculty or guests. Because Czechoslovakia did provide considerable support to Egypt during the UAR era, I would agree with you that a Czech or Slovak expert was presented with this award. Best, Chris
  25. Death Penny

    Here you go...... Killed in training accident...... Second Lieutenant PRESTON, MAXWELL EDDEN Died 23/09/1918 Aged 19 32nd Training Depot Station Royal Air Force Son of Edmund Albert and Julia Emma Preston, of 8, St. Paul's Place, Canonbury, London.
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