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  2. I like bars like that, pre veteran associaion awards, pre ehrenkreuz.
  3. After a local, advanced collection started to get parted out, I couldn't let these three pretties get away. All three had thick urethane on them (the collector who had them probably dipped these in the 1950' or so) and after a little acetone, they cleaned up to look like they do now. First, the two versions of the Boxer Rebellion Relief Medal, these were a sight more affordable than their American counterparts (which I still lack and will likely lack for quite a while). To cap it off, another Südwest Afrika Medaille, complete with a bit of Kaiser Centennial ribbon to bolster the mount. I had to be careful to not get any acetone close to the ribbon so it was done with a cotton swab, I'll complete the job eventually. Thanks for the views!
  4. Nicely displayed my friend. Very nice. Best Regards, JustinG
  5. After perusing many of the great threads on here dedicated to the German States in the WWI era, I had to post this cross. It truly is a mutt IMO and cannot be specifically attributed to anyone other than Prussia, but if this bar could talk about who it's recipient was, it would have one heck of a story to tell. From what I can gather, this bar has the following: Prussian WWI War Merit Cross for War Aid (worn backwards) Prussian XV Year Service Medal - sadly the dye in the ribbon faded horribly. Südwest Afrika Colonial Service Medal (thankfully the gunk on this one is merely caked on, I'll clean it eventually) Württemberg Wilhelm Cross for War Merit Tyrol Service Medal Saxon Friedrich August Medaille - The ribbon is throwing me, is it for a different time period (Pre-WWI)? Thanks for looking!
  6. Hi, I recently acquired one of these as well. Here is the description that was provided. Prussia. An Emblem from an 1895 Prussian Guards Officer's Pickelhaube A finely made helmet plate with period attention to detail, base star in die stamped silver with 4 loop attachment points on reverse, centre with white and black enamel and gilt bronze lettering, measuring 88mm in diameter, overall very fine. Best Regards, JustinG
  7. I figured I'd contribute a few pieces as well: Neither medal is rare, but to see them together is quite difficult to find. KVKII is marked 67 for H. Kreisel of Gablonz, the EK might be a Deschler (one of the many core varieties). Court Mounted, unmarked Wachtler & Lange EKII The humble Frontkampfer court mounted, curiously it appears it was mounted via clipping part of the backing plate to something. Not so commonly encountered solo mounted 18 Year Service Medal, I do also have two 4 Years (Luftwaffe and Heer) and a 12 year court mounted. I do also have a LW 40 Year Service Medal that is essentially mint, probably unissued. A bit battered (laundered) but still impressive 11 place Ribbon Bar, I'd love to know which Austrian Ribbon pertains to which medal. An uncommon combination of a Saxe-Coburg-Gotha medal involved with any TR era medals. It's nice to see some purple and green on a TR bar. This medal bar was wrapped in Saran wrap for many years (and many of the medals that came out of this collection also were dipped in heavy urethane, the 4 Year Service medal is no exception, the medals were also wrapped individually) so the ribbons maintained their color while some of the problems with the medals went unchecked. It's a shame the KVKII on this bar is zinc instead of bronze. I'll clean the gunk off of the 4 year eventually. Bulgarian, Hungarian, Prussian, Austrian and TR all in one. I do believe this bar has a 25 year service medal that has been placed in ersatz on it (or it was earned prior to 1923). It was placed backwards to highlight the XXV in lieu of the Imperial Cypher. I bought this one out of an older collection and this one was wrapped in Saran wrap for at least 30 years. It may explain the crispness of the ribbons. Please let me know of any concerns or comments! I love medal bars, they each can tell a story in their own special way.
  8. Tony : I relied only in my memory . remembering that the luftschiffers had a badge . but after verification i need to say that i was wrong the badge for the airshippers existed but was oval .but the badge on the ring still appears to be Naval .because the bird is facing left.
  9. Swedish Vaasa-orden

    I bought a Cased Commander Grade Vasa Orden last year (it was produced in the Gustav V era and was made by Carlmann, the official Court Jeweler of the Swedish Crown) for around $450 last year, I do think I got very lucky on that set. I wound up giving it to one of my friends who is Swedish and he treasures it very much. I am a big fan of the Order of the Sword and Order of the Polar Star, the Vasa Order is a beautiful award in its own right, but it is more of a non-military award.
  10. Hi Noor Did you have any luck? theres a Gent who might know... tony
  11. Hi Gents a pair of collar badges. I've cleaned the one on the right a bit. from the front.... no detail From the reverse..... detail ! in reverse it says South africa around the top but I can't suss the rest... hope you like Gents tony
  12. Hi Gents, Jerry my two Jerry.... hope you like tony Edit amongst these....
  13. 8316 is a rare bird. The arrows you use point to look like, maybe, very poor manufacturing at the soldering point. I imagine the main medal blank being coined by trained professionals and then sent along to some noob to attache the screw and was just too drunk to get it right. The yellowish tint to the screwpost and the surrounding area raises questions as well.
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  15. Hi Gents not my usual thing but think this is nice find..... On their way to me still but for now these photos from the advert Hope you like tony
  16. Swedish Vaasa-orden

    Correct. When the system of orders in Sweden was reformed in 1974, this order was put 'on hold'. I had for quite some time been looking for this order (don't need it anymore), so always mentally noted prices from dealers and auctions. The prices are quite stable - on average $400 for a Knight cross in gold and about the double for a Commander's cross in gold. Silver gilt versions are a little cheaper. For this order eMedal's prices are - surprisingly - quite reasonable. And I agree. It's a beautiful order.
  17. Swedish Vaasa-orden

    The order is no longer awarded. Please take a look on its official description.
  18. Hi jf42 thanks for your replies all along... I don't know why having this troubles me so much. But it does. Historically prob the most significant thing I have. I've offered this to a Gent who I think, based on his posts, should have it. A gift in return for its safekeeping.... no answer yet- even to me it sounds like a scam so I understand that.... I hope he wants it. tony
  19. HELP

    Hi Gents, David, Simon i like these! id certainly give them a tin of their own and keep them together just in case.... just noticed this on the badge.... which is a good start... and the tags look good to me. As at least they match later issued ones I have - maybe other Gents know if this design matches those issued up to 1916? That he was buried at home supports the case that his effects could have made it home to a relative... I agree the glue doesn't help the chances of authenticity but a modern fraudster would have known that and not used it so I would suggest, and I personally would 'choose' to beleive, that the wings were bought in good faith by the 'keeper' of the other two items at a later date, rather than belonging to Morrell himself. I agree with Simon- they very unlikely his.... but part of the story that's lost in time! I like...., tony
  20. This Blog Could Save Your Life

    Brian, I shall eat some iron today! The truck has turned out to be a triumph but what happened to -
  21. Labor Order 2nd Class This one's particularly interesting. First of all is this type even suppose to exist?! I don't remember seeing IKOM screw type at all (not counting ZNB orders with replaced screws nuts, of course) and I'm pretty sure you won't find it in books. They hit the market couple of years ago, just a few examples got sold and then they disappeared. A few examples look very suspicious, apart from that "cheap" look some of the details are pretty bad and they feel "soft" if you know what I mean.
  22. Hi Gents R.E.M.E. time..... Army Air Corps /REME beret And 'dress' kit Badges below - both Kings crown - pre '52 This one I'm guessing Ww2 economy issue... This one a 'Sweetheart' badge Buttons - shiny Queens crowns and pair of brass Kings crowns tony Edit Queens Crown staybrite Kings Crown Staybrite (1950-52)
  23. It's been a while since my last post, let's continue. Order of Merits for the People 2nd class Numbers 30K-50K, hallmarked, narrower screw nuts. A few 3XXXX examples.
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