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  2. Finally remembered to post the correct group
  3. Hello ,Bavaria retained many prerrogatives about her Army. in fact it was an indenpendent Army . the Koniiglich Bayerisch Army was organized in three Army Corps numbered apart . The supreme commander of Bavarian Army was the King of Bavaria. assisted by his War Minister and Staff.
  4. Igor is straight up the real deal. His items are right as rain. You can be confident it’s genuine anthony
  5. Today
  6. Hello , Yes .the Unteroffizier and the Obergefreiter have stripes on the left sleeve . they are shooting awards . The NCO with two ,the obergefreiter with one, Schiessauszeichen.
  7. Farkas

    Studio photos. RPPC.

    Hi Gents tony
  8. Yesterday
  9. scottplen

    C-130 copilot shot down Vietnam

    More info online ! Also this was worst air disaster of the time !
  10. just acquired this interesting hallmarked sterling Polish Legion badge on an original veteran’s cockade. Quite a nice piece!
  11. Mark McM

    French badge ID?

    Gentlemen, Any positive ID on this badge? Quite high quality, hallmarked under the rooster....
  12. Farkas

    Photos and Feldposte

    Hi gents i’ve got a group of about 30 all related in some way. Mainly addressed to ‘Joseph Kunes’. Faded pencil is hard enough to read but the kicker is they are in Hungarian... i’m going to post them all here over the next few days because they have a nice variety of stamps but because also i’d like them to be on the record so to speak. ~~~~ these two have the same sender the first date stamped December 9 1916 from #50 the second I can’t date but sent, I think, from #423 (maybe 123) ~~~ tony
  13. The tinnie from post #43 (Gautag Osthannover 1933) is a post war Souval reproduction.
  14. I could still use some help with this project as it reaches the final stages! I am in need of someone who can copy a few specific Belgian Royal Decrees in the 1918 - 1930 timeframe. I have a list of decree numbers that I need that are known to include Americans. If you can help. please let me know. Thanks, Scott
  15. This is a Great Photo Odulf! Thanks for sharing With us. Cheers,Morten.
  16. Hi GreyC, . Hi, Thanks for translation, it should be written. Cheers, Morten.
  17. Congratulations on this very fine bar! Having looked through some of the published award lists, I would think this must have belonged to the reigning Prince Wilhelm of Hohenzollern. There are very few (besides Hindenburg, Mackensen and reigning princes/dukes/kings) who got, for example, both Grandcrosses with X of SEHO and White Falcon. And the few I found can be ruled out for other reasons. Wilhelm of Hohenzollern got the SEHO Grandcross with X on 10th Jan 1916 (Karl Anton did not get this one). He of course had his own Hohenzollern Ehrenkreuz 1st cl, which he put first. He had already received the Grandcross of the Württemberg Crown before the war, so probably got the swords to it during the war. Maybe that is the reason why it comes last of the Grandcrosses, because otherwise a kingdom should come before (grand) dukedoms (if the recipient cared for precedence at all.) Wilhelm is just not in the White Falcon list, but that is not complete.
  18. Just to update this, no real surprises in that the Auction House were unable to help regarding the origin of this item. Simon.
  19. Actually your correct there is a solid gold one with crown that I suspect was reserved for royalty. Since year 2000 have only seen once and that was at a auction in GB. I don’t think there is a solid gold one without crown or bronze as well. Take a look at the next Kuenker auction there is a bunch of fine Bulgarian being offered. Good luck Yankee
  20. Yankee

    early St. Alexander

    Fantastic pieces you guys have. In the next Kuenker auction there is a nice collection of Saint Alexander from different periods. There is a 6th class swds above the cross with only 10 being awarded Have only seen one other from that period and that was over a decade ago. No idea if they make copies in that grade.
  21. Leuchtturm

    The Great War Medal

    Hi, amazing what for informations you have for me. A sad life story. Best wishes and many thanks Chris
  22. Deputy Military Governer of Metz Generalleutnent und General von der Fussartillerie Walter Pelkmann. Walter Pelkmann entered service as a Portepee-Fähnrich in Fußart.-Rgt. Nr. 2 on 1 October 1874. He was pensioned in 1913 after having served as commander of the Fussartillerie Brigade in Metz from 1907 to 1911. Pelkmann was reactivated and assumed the role of Deputy Military Governor of Metz at the outbreak of the war. He served in this position until the 9th November 1918. Walter Pelkmann died in Berlin in July 1919. The document is a direct communication from the Chef des Militär-Kabinettes in the Kaisers HQ informing Pelkmann that the Kaiser has awarded him the Iron Cross 1st class. The Militär-Kabinett seems not to have issued preliminary award documents, official award document presumably planned for after the war as was the case for the 1870 Iron Cross. Pelkmann received his Iron Cross 1st Class (noted diagonally on the left of the letter) and this letter. This document was signed by General Moritz Freiherr von Lyncker Photo: "The witching hour of midnight had already struck when we quite suddenly caught sight of the Deputy-Governor of Metz, General von Pelkmann of the Artillery, a little man with a grey moustache, very eccentric, with very decided views on life, on the universe, and on the whole creation generally." (Sven Hedin: With the German Armies in the West) Bekanntmachung: Metz became “German” in 1871 but in 1914 there was still overwhelming French language influence. Although in the City itself there was an approximate 4:1 ratio of German to French speakers, in the surrounding areas the Ratio of French to German was about 6:4. This decree signed by Pelkmann in 1914 called for the Germanisation of everything from street signs to the writing on shop windows. Failure to follow the law could lead to legal charges or businesses being black listed by the army.
  23. Chris Boonzaier

    An excited telegram!

    Artillery is a bit like herpes.... if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time... you will wake up slapping your head sying "how did that get there????"
  24. IrishGunner

    An excited telegram!

    You just keep rolling with this secret artillery fetish, don't you?
  25. IrishGunner

    Photos and Feldposte

    All of the Anton Hoffmann cards are great. But of course, artillery is the best! I appreciate your words regarding researching your family. Perhaps focusing only on your grandfather's WWI service will help you get over the wall. Cheers!
  26. peter monahan

    French 1847 bayonet?

    Not my field at all, but apparently Steyr of Austria produced 200,000 Gras bayonets for the French Army, so my guess is that the 'B' indicates 'Bayonne' [ie: French made] and LJ the initials of the company. But just a WAG.
  27. The only info is a guy in the photo with 9. Inf Regt boards... so Würzburg.
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