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  2. 4.Czechoslovak War Cross 1939 Established in London 20.12.1940 by the Czechoslovak Goverment in Exile to award for bravery in fighting against the enemy and for the liberation of the fatherland.The award got the chronology 1939,becouse there was already an award with the same titlle.The dimensions of the cross -44mmx44mm.In the reverse are the signs of the parts of the country in the ends of the arms.In the obverse in the middle of the cross the lion is walking left. There were some emissions and producers of the cross. A,London emission 1940.Look at the photos a you can see typical features of this version b,Prague emissions.The award was produced in Prague in several periods:1945,1946 ,till 1947. C,Prague emissions with sphedial loop are typical for the awards in memoriam.By my experiace I got these awards to my collections by the people where the crosses were awarded to the members of the family.Look at the 2nd cross left among the group of the crosses in my collection.It was awarded in memoriam to Ján Secký.
  3. Spanish Franco regime shoulder boards

    Hello Bayern Sorry I thought you were talking about Serrano shoulder-board insignias. Maybe you are right... I have not time to look for the policial ranks but one thing is sure: If you know spanish, please take a view to those links: https://www.boe.es/buscar/doc.php?id=BOE-A-1997-21175 https://www.protocolo.org/ceremonial/protocolo_organismos_e_instituciones/breve_resena_del_uniforme_diplomatico.html http://mundomilitaria.es/foro/index.php?topic=12497.45 The diplomatic or consular never wear the rank in the shoulder-boards. Then, it can be policial perfectly. Regards
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  5. Could that be French Badge

    I'd have thought French at first too however, it does resemble the Mujahid Force (formed in the 1960s) cap badge so perhaps a Pakistani connection?
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  7. Could that be French Badge

    If think its not French .looks more British , but with some sort of connection with the Middle East or more probably with black Africa Muslim units , King African Rifles for example .
  8. Could that be French Badge

    I do not think it is French... seems more of the British influence?
  9. Spanish Franco regime shoulder boards

    Boris : The shoulder boards ARE Policial . I dont said that Serrano Suñer wears the same type of shoulderboards . Falange shoulderboards were of rectangular form ,pointed ,of black cloth piped red silver or gold , and after the unification of falangists jonsists and carlists carried on the st Andrew cross and one two or three red silver or gold yokes .most commonly the SBs carried in place of the cross the yoke and arrows emblem in red . The breast insignia of Serrano denotes his rank , over all the yoke and arrows then two four pointed silver stars (luceros ) and finally three yokes . Only Franco carried three luceros . as Caudillo and Jefe Nacional
  10. Studio photos. RPPC.

    Farkas : here has the rank of fahnrich , yellow silk borte with one silver braided six pointed star . and no shoulder straps . as an officer
  11. Medal That May be Masonic; Unsure

    Looks very Russian. Reverse resembles the medal for the Persian war. Whether it is genuine or a fantasy piece, I can't say. /Michael
  12. In Memoriam Mervyn Mitton

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  14. Studio photos. RPPC.

    Thanks Bayern here he is again January 1918.... tony
  15. Egyptian Khedive commemorative medal question

    Thanks to information from Chris Weeks, I was able to download images of the Abbas Hilmi II commemorative medal from the Alexandria Library collections page. Since the only other image of the reverse that I could locate is copyrighted, this is the only image I feel I can share on this forum. The Library's images of the obverse and reverse of this medal are attached here. Is anyone willing to provide any information about whether the text (the same for both images) provides any additional information about this medal? (Info below from Chris Weeks May 15, 2016 in topic 'Kingdom of Egypt 1922-1953" by Egyptian Zogist, October 30, 2015 in Middle East & Arab States): "The most obvious medal-related page from the website is this photo gallery of Egyptian and foreign medals in the library's collection - possibly originally from the Montazah Palace and since taken into the state archives?" http://modernegypt.bibalex.org/Collections/Medals/MedalsLucene.aspx Thanks! Rusty
  16. Abbas Hilmi II commemorative medal of his coronation & return from the Hejaz, obverse view 2
  17. Gentlemen, focused on personalized military artifacts, I came across of an interesting Imperial Hussars busby. The former owner was Victor Freiherr Diegeon von Monteton. He was born on September 22, 1866 in Priort near Berlin as the son of Hermann Freiherr Digeon von Monteton. He was promoted to Major in September 10, 1908 when he served in the Life-Dragoon Regiment No.20 in the city of Karlsruhe, Dukedom of Baden. In 1912 he was attached to the Magdeburgisches Husaren Regiment Nr.10, a unit where his father once served. This Hussars unit was stationed in the city of Stendal, Saxony-Anhalt. He served there as Staff-officer until his preliminary retirement in June 1914. When the Great War broke out, he was - as a former Life-Dragoon officer - appointed as commanding officer to the 18th Dragoon Regiment, stationed in the city of Parchim. With this unit he fought in the very beginning of the Great War in Belgium. With the advancing German troops, his Dragoon unit reached the outskirts of the Belgium city of Haelen in August 1914. The river Gete crossing near the city of Haelen, around 30 km from the main Belgian line at Louvain, was reached by the main group of the German forces. The attack of Georg von der Marwitz’s cavalry corps - the 18th Dragoon was attached to it - just in front of the Haelen bridge over the river Gete, which were guarded by a Belgian cavalry division under the command of Léon de Witte, happened on August 12, 1914. Remarkably the following attack of the 18th Dragoon, led by Victor Digeon de Monteton, and other units, one of the last mounted cavalry attack in history. Trying to conquer the bridges over the river, German cavalry units were send into action. It is noteworthy that these attacks were against all rules of action by the German forces: Cavalry attacks were allowed only against disorientated enemy troops. De Winters soldiers were everything else than disorientated. They were in perfect order, dismounted and perfectly positioned against the advancing German troops. So the heavy losses in the following attacks suffered by the Germans, were at least unnecessarily. De Witte’s troops repulsed the German cavalry attacks by ordering his men to dismount from their horses and meet the attack with massed Machine-Gun fire, which succeeded in inflicting significant casualties upon the attacking Germans. Victor Digeon von Monteton, attacking with drawn cavalry sword in front of his Dragoon unit, was one of the very first victims of these attacks. All in all the Germans suffered 150 men dead, more than 600 wounded and many prisoners of war. The number of dead Cavalry-horses was placed about 500, days later dead horses were found on the battlefields. The Belgians hold the bridge, and therefore Haelen, at least for a while. They provided an early proof of the modern day irrelevance of cavalry attacks on battlefields, dominated by the fire of fully automatic weapons. Victor Digeon von Monteton was killed together with his adjutant Oberleutnant von Laffert on 12 of August 1914. He found his rest at the German Military Cemetery at Langemarck - Poelkapelle. An interesting restored movie can be found here: click here, please
  18. Thanks for your kind reply. I thought that too, but the distinctive blue enamelled cross does not seem to be there. So I thought it must be something else. Cheers
  19. I recently acquired this as part of a coin collection. It's been suggested that it may be Masonic. Can someone tell me if they are familiar? Thanks!
  20. CHEMULPO 1904 Medal

    My apologies for reactivating this old thread, but this is what came up when I was searching in Google. I recently came across a medal that fits the description of what was determined to be a replica in this thread. However, I found a catalog online from Baldwin's Auctions in the UK that indicates that even if it was struck at a later date, it may still be of value (approx. $600+). So, I was hoping to get some additional feedback. I have attached images of the item in my possession. And, here is a link to the Baldwin's catalog that I found online: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=13&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwj13PnKt-7VAhULhlQKHfPgDn4QFghZMAw&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.baldwin.co.uk%2Fmedia%2Fcms%2Fauction-archive%2Fa316%2F07%20BALDWINS%20Argentum%20Auction%20-%20November2016%20-%2005%20-%20MILITARY%20MEDALS%20%2B%20BANKNOTES.pdf&usg=AFQjCNEbEfAu_elkewxymePjOIUP158GTA See page 7 of the PDF that the link will open up. There is definitely more indication online that what I have is a replica. Example, this looks like mine: http://www.warhobby.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=194 So I suppose the real question is: Do you think Baldwin's got duped? Or, is there potential value in my medal? I admit that theirs is in much better condition than my own, but what are your thoughts? Much appreciation for your help. I never knew there was an entire community devoted to this kind of stuff. I just happened to get my medals in a lot of coins I bought, posted in a coin forum and someone directed me here. I will create a separate thread for another item that is unidentified at the moment.
  21. Hello Gentlemen, I visited Uzbekistan last year, but I found no medals for sale there, and besides the common soviet era medals, it it forbidden to take Uzbekistan Republic Medal out of the country. May However? I had recently the possibility to buy 4 medals from Uzbekistan. I will post them here. All with document to the same person. As this person might be still alive, I prefer not to post photo of the document with the name. As I do not read uzbek, I still wonder what this medal could be. Its diameter is 34 millimeters and thickness 1,5 millimeters. It is NOT numbered. Regards Emmanuel
  22. I might be mistaken, but the marked star could be the Order of the Star of Romania.
  23. Could that be French Badge

    I nerd help to determine the history,origin and meaning of the attached badge? Could it be belong to WW1 Nort Africa troops? I would appreciate support of our group members who has some knowledge. Regards
  24. Different badge

    ı need help to determine the history,origin and meaning of the attached badge ..? I would appreciate support of our group members who has some knowledge.
  25. Hello all another one I had to grab. this time the kyffhäuser denkmünze on a nice lady's bow. the medal itself is isn't even close to be rare but this is the first on a lady's bow I ever come across.
  26. Single piece EK

    Yes you did. I was so surprised and nervous that I had to know if this one is real or fake. thanks again!
  27. Virgin's Cross

    So glad you finally got one big guy!!!! She's a beaut!!!!!!!! Cannot wait to see her in person!
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