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  2. Wow! Now that is a nice addition to your collection. Amazed at the condition. Was that from Jan Kube? On the auction?
  3. Very nice Chris! Excellent display! What is the difference between the visors with blue with green band and the blue with red band?
  4. Hi Larry! This list is new for me.Thanks for posting! Cheers,Morten.
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  6. I agree with 922F - award on the bottom is not Legion of Honor. My first thought was same as Graf's, however I've noticed that wreath on top is different and ribbon is not solid red color.
  7. I decided to try by myself on Photoshop. This is my first attempt.
  8. Time Left: 27 days and 19 hours

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    Spain. Medal for Excellent Graduation. Approximately 1950s. Gilted bronze. No marks.


  9. Hi Guys, I found in this document dated April 1859, an Oberst signature, as Commandeur des Regiments. The commanders in those years were (from http://www.danzig-online.pl/husaren/leibhusare.html): 1856 v. Blumenthal 1860 v. Eckartsberg Now, Who is the Oberst signing the document?
  10. Sincere thanks for these detailed, fascinating images.
  11. Hello all, got those Kriegsmarine Insignias. Maschinenwaffenschütze and a handsewn Funkmaat
  12. Hi, Unfortunately, I haven't got any info about this display. I only came across this photograph in the archives and decided to share it with you.
  13. Graf---Suspect that what looks like a Legion of Honor actually is actually the insignia representing a grant of an honor diploma to Shipkoff for their efforts/display at the 1894 International Exposition in Antwerp, Belgium. I posit this identification on position in the display, title placement, item size, and the apparent red-yellow-black ribbon plus the ribbon formed into a bow rather than statutory format. If the display was composed in Paris [as seems indicated by the inscription at the frame bottom] Legion of Honor ribbon errors would seem especially egregious! [That said, cannot determine the St Anne ribbon color details!] A series of table medals in bronze, silver, & gold recognized participants in this Exposition and some [probably exceptional entities] received diplomas of honor. While I find examples of the table medals on line, I cannot locate an image of honor diploma insignia. ilieff--have you been able to examine this display? If so, could you confirm this item's identification either way? Similar French made displays very often have only thin obverse facsimiles of [table] medals and orders inset into the backing for spacing, depth, and framing uniformity purposes. Among others including Isabella the Catholic, French Palmes académiques, Legion of Honor, Belgian Leopold, I have seen Russian St. Anne, Bulgarian Civil Merit and Romanian Crown models of this type but never a St, Alexander mockup or likeness of the 'thin' type.
  14. Nice posts Morar Andrei.
  15. I had search the website about The First 30 Years of Aviation in Afghanistan . http://www.artiklar.z-bok.se/Afghanistan-1.html.Now i have some quetion about it .Russian government sent some pilots to Afghanistan , included V. V. Goppe , Pilot E. Gorodetsky , K. Baikov , Jakob I. Zhurba. I want to know more information about this pilots , but i translate these names to Russian and use Google and Yandex to search them , there are no information about it . Can anybody help me .
  16. Romanian equipment in summer of 1917

    You were right. Thank car looks more like a Peugeot. I have a picture of a Renault Mle15 right here. Also, because this is a topic related to Romanian equipment, this would be a good place for these articles:
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  18. Hi Morten, Have you seen this list over at WAF. I am sure more can be added to it. http://www.wehrmacht-awards.com/forums/showthread.php?t=656969&highlight=Kriegsmarine+Cap+Tallies+list Cheers, Larry
  19. I wonder.... Since he "attended the Naval Academy in Leningrad (USSR) from 1961-63" was he wearing, on his right breast (our left), the Soviet Higher Academy Graduation badge in this particular picture? I notice in other images he's wearing the distinctive triangular academy badge peculiar to the DDR in that spot.
  20. Neck order (From top to bottom) - Kgl. Preuß. Kronen-Orden II. Klasse mit Schwertern - Komtur I. Klasse des Kgl. Württembg. Friedrichs-Ordens mit Schwertern - Finn. Freiheitskreuz I. Klasse mit Schwertern Medal Bar : 13 medals - 1914 EK II - Kgl. Preuß. Roter Adler-Orden IV. Klasse - Kgl. Preuß. Kronen-Orden III. Klasse - Braunschweigisches Kriegsverdienstkreuz II. Klasse - Hanseatenkreuz Hamburg - Hanseatenkreuz Bremen - k.u.k. Österr. Orden der Eisernen Krone III Klasse mit der Kriegsdekoration - k.u.k. Österr. Militär-Verdienstkreuz III Klasse mit der Kriegsdekoration - Round medal, perhaps the Finn. Erinnerungsmedaille des Freiheitskrieg 1918 ??? (notice the clasp above it!) (since he has the Finn. Freiheitskreuz I. Klasse mit Schwertern) - ??? (perhaps one of his 2 Russian awards?) - Kgl. Preuß. Kaiser Wilhelm-Erinnerungsmedaille 1897 ??? - China Denkmünze in Bronze or Kolonial Denkmünze ??? (he was in Tsingtau, China for three months in 1898) The ribbon above this medal has straight vertical lines, I took this photo with a phone so it doesn't show the lines, but I can see the lines when looking at this photo in the book. - RK II. Klasse des Kgl. Sächs. Albrechts-Ordens Here is the full list of his awards from Rangliste 1914 and 1918: - 1914 EK I - 1914 EK II - Kgl. Preuß. Kaiser Wilhelm-Erinnerungsmedaille 1797-1897 (“Centenarmedaille”) - Russischer St. Annen-Orden III. Klasse - Russischer St. Stanislaus-Orden II. Klasse - Kgl. Preuß. Roter Adler-Orden IV. Klasse - Kgl. Preuß. Kronen-Orden III. Klasse - RK II. Klasse des Kgl. Sächs. Albrechts-Ordens - Komtur I. Klasse des Kgl. Württembg. Friedrichs-Ordens mit Schwertern - Braunschweigisches Kriegsverdienstkreuz II. Klasse - Braunschweigisches Kriegsverdienstkreuz I. Klasse - Türkischer Eiserner Halbmond - Kgl. Preuß. Dienstauszeichnungskreuz - Hanseatenkreuz Hamburg Presumably he also had: - Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer - Finn. Freiheitskreuz I. Klasse mit Schwertern (3rd medal around the neck) - Finn. Erinnerungsmedaille des Freiheitskrieg 1918 (because he recieved the Finn. Freiheitskreuz I. Klasse mit Schwertern, also I don't know if he's wearing it on the photo) - Kgl. Preuß. Kronen-Orden II. Klasse mit Schwertern (around the neck, first medal) - Hanseatenkreuz Bremen (not listed in the 1918 Rangliste, but perhaps he recieved it after 1918, we can't check because he retired in 1920) It seems he didn't mount the 2 Russian awards he had and also the Kgl. Preuß. Dienstauszeichnungskreuz? I can try and take a better photo from the book if needed. And please do correct me if I made any mistakes! Thanks!
  21. Nice displays ! They are not at all off-the topic Hi Ilieff, The French Order is the very bottom one Order of Legion of Honour. Bulgaria has been and still is a one of the biggest supplier of Rose oil for the French Perfume industry.
  22. Gallipoli Star (real or fake)

    @ixhs No. The maker of this Eisernen Halbmond produced many other awards and decorations. The Deutscher Offiziersverein only purchased them from the maker and sold them for a higher price. The maker offered to the Deutscher Offiziersverein to emboss their organization name in raised letters on the screw disc. This is the reason why you sometimes can find "Deutscher Offiziersverein" on the screw disc of this type and other awards. But the Deutscher Offiziersverein was not the maker, only a reseller. AND: Most enamel types of grade 1 were NOT "bought and purchased back at home", they were AWARDED into the hands of the receiver too! You will read more about that and the complete typology of all "Gallipoli Stars" that were made in all 3 grades in my book coming in 2019.
  23. Time Left: 27 days and 2 hours

    • FOR SALE

    Wonderful piece of the 1864 KDM. Here we have the version made of steel for non-combatants in its probemässiger Ausführung. This over 150 years old medal is very hard to find (prussian collector will know it) The medal comes with its ribbon. Only a few thousand pieces very given for example for nurses, medics and officials after the 1864 war against Denmark ended. Orginal item. Price: 164,99 EUR shipping worldwide with DHL (reg. letter) included.


  24. Polizei Lübeck

    Hello! Unfortunately not. The reverse is blank, but "Polizei Lübeck"
  25. Polizei Lübeck

    Andy, are there any names with it? I.m looking for a Lübeck Polizeibeamter by the name of Heinrich Wolf Thanks
  26. TWM the war medal questions

    I recently acquired this JH Werner and I just want to be sure it’s authentic. It is in great condition , is it too good to be true? Also the same questions for this second medal. It looks old and authentic but has no markings, does anyone know what manufacturer? I’m new to this medals and would like to learn more. Thanks
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