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  2. Was surprised to learn (according to Google, anyway) that, the oldest operational police station in London is in Wapping, which opened in 1908!
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  4. The bar shows at the end the 1940–1945 Colonial War Effort Medal, that means he served for at least one year in Africa between 10 May 1940 and 7 May 1945, and the previous medal stands for 20 years of service in Africa; so my guess would be he served in Europe during WWI...
  5. I feel great, but the price I think will be very expensive, I estimate around 1500 euros
  6. What are yall's thoughts on this British Order? Thanks John http://floydmedals.com/order/exec/frmProductDetails.aspx?abs=1&navtypeid=Mg==&navtype=Q09VTlRSWQ==&productid=NDcxMA==&CatID=Mw==&1=1
  7. I’ve looked at that bar a couple of times. The Saxon medal could be issued without the swords. The long service medal or lack of a higher one bothers me. The price is too steep for me also.
  8. Hello Looking at this bar ! does it seem good ? I believe the sword clasp on merit medal may have pulled off ?
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  10. The idea that this is a "second row" in an interesting thought... There is no way to be sure of any theory. But I think we can now be reasonably sure this is a Belgian bar...
  11. TheKnight

    Knights cross - original or fake

    Thanks for all your opinions. This medal is for sale along with an award certificate for a knights cross. If the certificate is genuine it is probably worth more than the medal. If the award certificate is real there is still no proof that it has anything to do with the modified ek1. My search for a genuine rk will continue. Thanks again
  12. Anyway, here a pair of shoulder straps to a Fänrich, a military medical student, rank equivalent to an Unterfeldwebel. And a photo of the boards in wear.. Just a funny little phot of 2 LW medical doctors ...and a dog..;)
  13. Well, this is an interesting thread. I can offer this named FB, show on WAF previously..Included is a photo of the tunic worn by the owner..It is one of my favorites I must say. Note the alignment of the EK2 band and the SWB..;) A recent purchase, a 4-pocket tunic, started out in the DLV (notice pockets) and later carried over to LW.
  14. Indeed Paul, you will see the same thing in the medical area - the medics are often older models..I have a few SB and WP from medics born in 1899 and 1907 as a couple of examples.
  15. King Peter II of Yugoslavia established an honor titled Knight Bachelor of Yugoslavia in 1965 or 1966 while living in exile in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.A. The King reportedly created about 100 Knights Bachelor between 1966 and his death on 3 November 1970 in Denver, Colorado, U.S. A. I seek information about this honor including the statutes, lists of persons decorated with the award, a description of the insignia, and related information. Please help!
  16. My Oldest Station was Westminster Road, Liverpool. Built 1885. Initially "E" Division Liverpool City Police, "B" Division Liverpool and Bootle Constabulary and later "A" Dvision Merseyside. Closed 1984 (Pity it didn't make a century) Regards
  17. muckaroon1960


    Hi Vince, I had my copy signed by Jim Moran himself. This was at the Malvern Military Convention held twice a year at Great Malvern, Worcestershire, England. A nice guy who obviously knows his USMC gear.
  18. bryansk1959

    Tamara order.(Sedlatzek)

    Time Left: 27 days and 8 hours

    • WANTED

    I am looking for Tamara order(Sedlatzek). Such as in the photo. Please write me , if you have any for sale. Thank you very much. Payment with Pay PAL. All the best, Alexander.


    Ashdod, Other Country - IL

  19. Good evening. I ask you to express an opinion about this order. It seems I read somewhere on the Internet that they were released in the 60s.Many thanks.
  20. Thought it might be interesting to see what the oldest nick forum members have ever been based at? Wonder what the oldest nick in the country is? Here's my humble contribution, 1891. Inside it's been completely refurnished, but the exercise yard still remains intake.
  21. Thanks for putting me right. Every little helps. Is there a definitive cut off date for imperial awards in the Rhodesian armed forces? I've not been able to find one. I only ask as I have a medal in my collection that omits the 'Southern' prefix following the federal period and I'd like to know how much of a shelf life these issues had before being replaced by the post UDI awards.
  22. I am no expert (best introduction to enter as thread! ) ... but I do not like the Bullion work... it looks very loose
  23. Gents, This OGI is now listed on the well-known auction site with a BIN price of $12,500.00. Regards, slava1stclass


    This is interesting. It sounds like a 22 caliber for shooting the birds? And what is the distance of the target from the shooter and from what position is the shot taken? Thank You nice thread for sure. Robert
  25. wonderful groups! Great way to display them.
  26. Very similar. I suppose he wouldn't have had time to wax his tache during the siege. Its a pity he doesn't have some sort of mole or similar the try and refer too.
  27. Have another medal, to a chap who might have been present during Sidney Street as well. Have a look at the link would be interested to hear your views....
  28. Gordon, Less than 3 minutes walk from Cable Street is Sidney Street. Scene of the famous siege. Have a Google on Peter the Painter. Winston Churchill was Home Secretary and turned up for the shoot out. Craig
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