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  2. Hello I am looking to see if anyone can give any information on a St George cross 3rd class # 306.604 regards
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  4. That's great. Thank you
  5. Well done Gordon, thank for clearing this up. regards Brian
  6. Hello Don; Do you have anything more to give on Walter Hübner? An aeronautical engineer that is also a pilot? Was he a test pilot? The unit he was with? What unit he was with before he became a pilot? Do you have any documents? How do you know Walter Hübner?
  7. no, I don't like it. I don't think it is a period piece. Post, post 1970s.
  8. Gentlemen, A response to this picture from a friend. "On the link below you will find this device described as a police receiver rdiotelephonic calls sent by a police station. According to the web site this picture was published in 1924 in a magazine called Das neue Universum. Click on BOS-FUNK at the left of the page and scroll down. You will find a front and back view of this device. Regards, Gordon l the best,Kees
  9. Thank you. That is an unusual tunic. Are some of his buttons undone? Here is a Reichsmarine photo showing Kreuzer Emden cap tally. Cheers, Larry
  10. Hey all! I was asked by a good friend my opinion of these badges. Unfortunately I am clueless when it comes to WW1 flight badges originality. I know they were officially reproduced from the 20's to the 40's; and then later as forgeries. I know many of you know these badges really well, so I was hopeing to pass on some opinions. Thanks!!
  11. I can share now with you the pictures of the pieces of my collection: imag sube imagenes subir fotos gratis sube fotos
  12. Hello; Hucks,Josh,Edgar,Larry,Martin and Andreas! Note the officer jacket has only three buttons. MARINESCHULE WESERMUNDE.
  13. Are these actually the same medals as in the photo? They look different to me, especially how ribbons are folded and how medals are attached. Note Civil Merit medal - you can clearly can see ring between the medal and the ribbon, while actual medal sits higher and ring is covered between the ribbon folds. Also, the medals in the photo seem to be held together by some device, while actual medal are bunch of loose ones.
  14. Hello. Thanks for showing this beauty. Bernhard H. Holst
  15. Here I can show you my golden Lippe-Detmold Houseorder Honor Cross 2nd Class with oak leaf. A nice little big beauty. Made by Carl Buesch, Hannover, reissued after reworking by Godet, Berlin, in the years 1911 to 1912. I hope you like it! More detailed pictures at Regards Red
  17. Interesting thread. Thank you. Herman, could you please show a photo of the whole medal bar? Thanks in advance.
  18. Very nice.
  19. A nice example of the Commemorative medal of the Minister of Defence 3th class.
  20. I have found it,but I do not see the difference between the medal and the decoration.
  21. Hi Johannis, Many times the Order and the box are not from the same maker or period.That is because down the time many collectors and dealers mix and match them The ribbon looks very new to me When you get the Order you can check for any makers marks Perhaps some more advanced collectors of Italian Orders can identify the period of your Order from the picures Best Graf
  22. Some more comments about your helmet;
  23. Hello : the officer wears a kunftige friedensuniform of Artillery , black collar and cuffs piped red , field artillery (swedish cuffs ) and gold buttons . his rank leutnant (no pips on shoulder board ). many artillery officers were transformed in observers .
  24. Now there's a nugget of information which is not widely known, I'm sure!
  25. Last week
  26. I invite your attention to the painting Marine On Guadalcanal just posted in the Military Art forum.
  27. Marine on Guadalcanal - by Don Prechtel Oil on Canvas Original Uniform on loan from a WW2 Marine veteran From My Collection
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