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  2. Here is my contribution to the inter-war period. Photo taken in Northern Germany. What type is the other MG, please? GreyC
  3. Give you two photos you might like
  4. what! I need a 40-year service medal!
  5. Chris Boonzaier

    One of the rarest EK Awards...

    Hi, I have probably had well over a thousand EK docs, the Black Ribbon Home service ones I have actively sought out and bought when I have seen them, I think I have about 4 in my files... and that was done with a lot of effort.
  6. https://forum.faleristika.info/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=761653

    Hi,here it is the discussion about this badge.The user Ljubitelj7 took many of them in the office but he did not ask about the resource.Regards,Nick

  7. UNR1917

    I can not identify, help!

    Thanks for the identification! As for me, the first two badges are rare!
  8. If there is some duplication of imagery, my apologies as I am slowly replacing photobucket pictures. If anyone is interested in the detail of post WWI modifications please ask. Mark
  9. More anti-aircraft imagery, and yes I am looking for the sights!
  10. This is the MG08/15 thread so I will post some imagery on the MG08 thread reference Bayern’s discovery of earlier maxims 😀. As for anti-aircraft use in WWI, period imagery favours the 08 as the AA weapon of choice so again those images will appear in the 08 thread.
  11. Bayern

    Austrian uniforms

    Hello UNR, Does Ucrainians remembers today Archduke William of Habsburg ? Embroidered Vasyli .
  12. Bayern

    Some ‘Death cards’ ww1 era

    Neudecker ,tony
  13. Bayern

    I can not identify, help!

    Hello , The first four pics to me shows not a kappenabzeichen . appears to be a bijou depicting the French 75 mm Field Gun barrel .of the gold badge with pin at the back i could not help.the following pics are of an ashtray with the 305 mm Heavy howitzer of Skoda.in relief on it .Finally the the two last pics shows ,yes a kappenabzeichen .of a Royal Hungarian Landwehr.regiment .as the coat of arms says.probably a Regiment deployed in Galitsia . appeared a Hungarian a German a Bulgarian and a Turk .
  14. Bayern

    Are in good shape

    Hello , The first four pics shows Tschako plates of the Austro Hungarian Army . the badge of the double headed eagle without crowns and the red white red shield looks as belonging to Ausrtian first Republic
  15. Hello , So i think. there i discovered that previous to the MG08 existed a MG 1899 and a MG 01
  16. Yesterday
  17. Eric Gaumann

    Help with this Soviet badge marked "FIA Lyon"

    True, but I know what it is. I just don't know why it was made in France? Was hoping one of the learned members here knew a little about FIA Lyon.
  18. Farkas

    Rising Suns questions

    Hi Gents this guy seems to have a good mix at a good price.... i cannot comment on their originality. ——///- i bought a variety from a Japanese seller at similar prices just a year or two ago, (I can’t resist combining postage) I’m pretty sure he is still on Ebay but I cannot now find him. Perhaps you can. Postage was direct from Japan. tony
  19. no, by years and ranking they were awarded this way:
  20. Paul R

    One of the rarest EK Awards...

    That is a killer document and bar. Chris- How many of these have you seen?
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