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  2. Hi all, Could some of you please tell me what medallion is this?
  3. Hi all, Anybody have seen this before? I assume ribbon is incorrect.
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  5. laskaris1254

    US NAVY pre WW1 and WW1 medal group

    Many thanks Claudius for your response! As proposed, I'll try to get a ribbon for the New York medal and keep enjoying this unique group! I add two photos of the inscriptions on the back of the clasps...
  6. You have posted it in the correct thread. And thank you for the contribution.
  7. Sorry, I still have to learn how to post correctly. I hope I have posted the document in the right thread. Kind Regards, Damiano
  8. Claudius

    US NAVY pre WW1 and WW1 medal group

    Hello Nikos: Welcome to GMIC! Keep in mind this isn't my area of collecting, but I can recognize a great group when I see it. From the pre-WWI/WWI era and all engraved to the same person. A wonderful set. Individually these medals are not worth that much, but belonging to the same person they become an unique group and would likely attract some interest (if you were looking to sell them). IMHO -you should put a ribbon on the New York Medal. It wouldn't be that hard to find one. I've included a link to see what the ribbon pattern should look like. Don't worry, adding a replacement ribbon to the medal will not affect the value and will actually improve it. https://www.google.com/search?q=state+of+new+york+medal+wwi+service&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=v1tFX6l0rEX-NM%3A%2CkV44KXMtlsdNnM%2C_&usg=__ZGD_05_wGh-UO4uRZzaAVR-MvmE%3D&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwje2Y-Sn-XbAhUKHqwKHZVYB0cQ9QEIaTAJ#imgrc=yx-TV2oVQUdyGM:&spf=1529600864214 You can check with the US Navy Archives to see their policy on releasing information on this gentleman. They may have records on him, but they may require that it will be only released to family members. Ancestors.com may also be an option if you have an account.
  9. Generaloberst Johannes Albrecht Blaskowitz Born: 10 Jul 1883 Died: 05 Feb 1948 Oberbefehlshaber Heeresgruppen-Kommando 3 Oberbefehlshaber 8.Armee Oberbefehlshaber 1.Armee Oberbefehlshaber Heeresgruppe G Oberbefehlshaber Heeresgruppe H RK: 30 Sep 1939 EL: 28 Oct 1944 Schw: 25 Jan 1945
  10. Hi, Although a Greek medals and decorations collector, I recently acquired a group of US Navy medals attributed to the same person (obviously an American of Greek origin!). The medals are: Good conduct medal (with Nebraska, Nevada and Navy Yard N.Y. clasps), Mexican service medal, WW1 victory medal with Grand Fleet clasp and State of New York WW1 medal. All medals are numbered and named. I would be happy to have your comments on this group i.e manufacturers, varieties and an estimation on their market value. How would be possible to get more information for the person decorated by the US Navy records? Thanks, Nikos More photos...
  11. SA-Wehrabzeichen = SA Sports Badge, in Bronze. Proficiency book with award citation
  12. Thanks very much, glad someone found it interesting.
  13. Gordon Craig

    Help Finding Medals

    ssmcanada, Most medals issued by India were named to the recipient so it would be difficult to replace the missing ones. You could search for unnamed ones and have them named to your great grandfather. The most likely place to find replacement Indian medals is on ebay.com. Here s a link that you may find useful. https://www.ebay.com/bhp/india-medal As for the medals issued by Great Britain, you could apply to have them reissued but I can not direct you to the correct place to do that. Good luck in your hunt for these medals. Regards, Gordon
  14. IrishGunner

    Father's Day Gift

    Sorry, Ed, way outside my lane and my usual Google tricks are coming up empty.
  15. M'Lord. You are not being ignored! I saw your post and fully intended to see what I could dig up, but life intervened: had to buy a new computer and now have to find a new car. That said, I do hope to find some photos of relevance to your question. And welcome to the GMIC! Peter
  16. Chris Boonzaier

    Which South American country? Proofmarks....

    Here you go.... a classic "Gaucho knife"... with what looks to be armory stamps of Uruguay
  17. Heuck, Albert Karl Friedrich Max *26.04.1863 in Roga, Mecklenburg-Strelitz †01.07.1942 in Kiel Orden "pour le Mérite" (28.10.18) At the outbreak of World War I, Heuck was an Oberstleutnant z.D. with the German Military Mission in the Ottoman Empire, serving in the 13. Division in Ankara. xx.12.1915 Führer, 24. türk. Division xx.06.1916 in preuß. Dienst wieder eingetreten xx.07.1916 Kommandeur, Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 227 xx.04.1917 Kommandeur, 237. Infanterie-Brigade xx.12.1918 Führer, Freikorps Heuck xx.03.1919 Kommandeur, 22. Infanterie-Brigade xx.07.1919 Infanterieführer 32 xx.02.1920 Kommandeur, Reichswehr-Infanterie-Regiment 16, zeitweise stellv. Infanterieführer 8 18.05.1920 Befehlshaber der Infanterie, Reichswehr-Brigade 20 31.12.1920 verabschiedet 18.05.1916 Oberst 18.05.1920 Generalmajor 27.08.1939 Charakter als Generalleutnant a.D. Dates are based on Möller-Witten, Geschichte der Ritter des Ordens "pour le Mérite" im Weltkrieg.
  18. Scheer, Carl Friedrich Heinrich Reinhard *30.09.1863 in Obernkirchen †26.11.1928 in Marktredwitz 01.02.1913 Chef des II. Geschwader 28.12.1914 Chef des III. Geschwader 24.01.1916 Chef der Hochseestreitkräfte 11.08.1918 Chef des Admiralstabes der Marine (Seekriegsleitung) 09.12.1913 Vizeadmiral 05.06.1916 Admiral
  19. Dave Danner

    Transcription confirmation

    Bumped because I'm still hoping for help with these last three transcriptions. Thanks
  20. The most comprehensive reference I've seen on the subject.... Thank you, Matthew
  21. Dante, Very well researched and written, thank you. Have you managed to confirm his entitlement to a Durbar Medal? Simon.
  22. BalkanCollector


    Very interesting, thank you for sharing!
  23. It is interesting but there is not the topic with this title in this division.So I decided to start it. Order of Red Banner of Labour Josef Jeníček number 330538 In the Order Booklet is the text For merit for work in creating of the special equipment for Soviet industry by Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Board of the USSR from 24 June 1958 is bestowed with Order of Red Banner of Labour The inviation letter from Soviet Embassy
  24. ABOUT PRIZES AND POOLS IN THE MINISTRY OF DEFENSE AND ORGANIZED POWER OF BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA http://sllist.ba/glasnik/2018/broj19/broj019.pdf a) Letter of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina b) Plaques: 1) Gold plaque of the Ministry of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2) Silver plaque of the Ministry of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 3) Gold Plaque of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 4) Silver plaque of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 5) Plaques of commands and units of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina. c) Medals: 1) Medal of Honor, 2) Medal for merit, 3) Medal for military merit, 4) Medal for courage, 5) Medal for outstanding dedication and professionalism, 6) Medal for service in the BiH defense system, 7) Medal for achievements in science, culture and sports. d) Badges of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina: 1) Gold badge of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2) Silver badge of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 3) Badge of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina for service in missions outside of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
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