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  2. Guys, if anyone has a problem with a photo they have copyright to, let them contact an admin. Online photos are posted and reposted and reposted all over on dozens of sites... the pics on my site have been reposted all over... such is life. We all profit when information is exchanged...
  3. Bayern

    WW1 Uniforms...all nations

    Hello, Since ever i am an appasionate of the History of the Austro Hungarian Empire and sice i read The White Guard , the Novel of Bulgakov ,interested in Ucrainian History. thanks for the video althoug I dont understand Ucrainian .some knowledge of the facts i have
  4. Bayern

    French mid 1800s epaulettes?

    Hello , Certainly US Navy model 1852 Epaulettes for Captains were very similar ,but the eagle was in silver and lacks on the field the anchors equally in silver .
  5. You’re way late on your comment and to be honest it doesn’t help the content of this thread. I’m sure you’re aware on private messages. Someone had brought it up before and a member withdrew. I typically don’t say much about these things but you really reduce my enthusiasm to share my collection and knowledge. If you want to help you can remove the the postings that worry you. I’m not hear to argue so no need to begin one. thanks and I’ll give thought to continuing my contributions. I’d prefer the administrator delete the entire thread
  6. Never seen before the device. perhaps some sort of muzzle brake ?
  7. Today
  8. Strange to see the Turkish War medal on the left side
  9. Hi, 2nd card: Wants to know if mother has sent him money 3rd card: I think the name is Baues. Compare the "n" in "Untf." They usually, but not always distinguished u and n by a horizontal stroke above the letter, that is missing here above the "u". GreyC PS: It would help considerably if the cards with writing on them would be posted in the right angle to read them, not in a 90 degree angle.
  10. Hi Gents 3 I have that all caught my eye yesterday for one reason or another.... ———-/————//- This first one I liked, mainly, because they actually look happy and of course his medal bar. If he’s 80 in 1927 then he was born in 1847... Perhaps a Veteran of the Franco Prussian war? ——////———- This one is different to anything else I have. The front is glossy, like plastic and reminds me of a film negative. And smaller than Rppc size. dated 2-9-1916 I was surprised to see from the reverse , that it has not been cut down in size. It is to all effect a smaller version of a full card. And, I’d say, it’s not reproduced from a larger original. The impression of the circular post stamp, as well as some of the writing, is visible in relief on the front. ——//———- this 3rd one is a snapshot... dated 1 March 1917 Peter Banes (I beleive) I can’t get over how ‘chilled’ he appears... Cheers Gents tony Hi GreyC Thanks for the above info... i spent ages googling British airship losses last night. All new to me. However, more questions than answers. I beleive this is a rigid frame airship. Gondolier to the fore. Brits only had one that saw action and none reported lost. There were quite a few other airships designs used mainly for shipping protection but the appearance doesnt match. They ere more like balloons. ‘Gasbags’ were over the channel but this looks, as I said, like a Rigid Frame Airship... supposedly none were lost..... Thanks again GreyC tony
  11. A grouping was sold by the family of a Bavarian General a few years ago 1910 field grey uniform prewar dress tunic field grey M16 Bluse litewka the family wanted to remain anonymous so cut out the names on the labels. I seriously can’t understand why people do that. It may be von Hartz
  12. Yesterday
  13. Nice cards! Thank´s for posting. The Pionier-Bataillon was stationed in Harburg, today part of Hamburg. GreyC
  14. Hi Gents My first thought was it looked like Franz Joseph on the badge. Then I saw the trifold ribbon second. So maybe this one.... tony Edit. Mr The Prussian!! I wasn't expecting that! Lovely collection. tony
  15. Hi Gents Hi GreyC Dated 24-10-1911 Stamped ‘Strassburg’ Field Artillery Regiment 10 F.A.R. 10. The detail at the top of the card is largely embossed-swords, wreath, shields and Kaiser are all embossed. ——-///-/////:———- and the next one.... Stamped 21-10-1913 in Harburg (I think) or Marburg? marked as : 9 Pioneer Batt. 3kompagnie, On this card the 3 is the only embossing. It is pressed into a metallic disc added separately but prior to embossing. Some of the leaves and the acorn have been hand coloured gold. tony
  16. I honestly don't know myself now which way it will go, it seems at the moment, out, but still in somehow
  17. Rusty Greaves

    Question about the Order of Ismail/Nishan al-Ismail

    Markus recently illustrated a couple nice exmples of the Order of Ismail from a Spink auction in the thread "Interesting Egyptian orders in Spink Auction" he started on 28 November here in the "Middle East & Arab States" section. That posting made me realize that I have not systematized the measurements provided on some auction sites and a few other references that may help distinguish the different classes of this order. That Spink auction listing provided dimensions of the medals, but did not identify the classes of the two examples being auctioned. For some distinctions, size clearly indicates which class these are. The "identification" of some of the classes is not always correct in these listings. That is understandable in relation to some of the regalia for this Order, especially the neck badge of the 2nd Class Grand Officer and the 3rd Class Commander (neck badge only) that appear to be the same dimensions, and possible also the sash badge of the 1st Class Grand Cordon when separated from the sash. However, enough other errors in assignments of class could be resolved through comparisons of any provided measurements that this seems to be a useful bit of information to include in this thread. There is some variation in the dimensions provided on various websites, principally it seems in where the measurement is taken on the suspension device for the vertical dimension. I may have looked at enough photos and descriptions to provide a pretty good key to the sizes. I apologize for the redundancies in descriptions and images with previous posts, but wanted to provide these data in a systematic way in one post. 1st Class Grand Cordon (sash, sash badge, and breast star worn on the wearer's left) (From:https://www.spink.com/lot/17003000028) The sash badge is 62 mm wide by 80 mm tall (including the crown suspension device to the top of the crescent and star). Some examples are identified as 82 mm tall, and this likely includes the suspension loop as well, but it is not always clear in the description). A few examples' width is identified at 61.5 or even 60, but enough examples are identified as 62 mm wide that appears to be the most likely dimension. The JOMSA (2006, Vol 57 [4]: 20) description of this badge identifies it as 62 mm in diameter (excluding he suspension device) and 82 mm including the suspension. The best measurement sources from auction sites appear to be from eMedals listings. Most of these examples with measurements were made by Lattes of Cairo. There is some disagreement whether the sash badge is 22k or 18k gold (see final illustration and note below). I have not found weights for most examples, but one by Tewfik Bichay is identified as 49.2 g on the German auction site Kuenker that provides more detailed information about the purity of the gold and silver than is available on other listings (https://www.kuenker.de/en/archiv/stueck/58396). This badge also has portions that are silver gilt, and enameled. As noted in the same JOMSA description, the sash is 100 mm wide with 9 mm lateral red stripe inset 2 mm from each badge. The breast badge is fairly consistently identified as 80 mm in diameter in auction listings, although some examples are reported to be 81 mm or 82 mm. The cited JOMSA article published 84 mm as the diameter measurement. Again, it is unclear whether the badges gold is 22k or 18k. The star also has components that are silver, silver gilt, and the enameling. 2nd Class Grand Officer (neck badge and breast star worn on the wearer's right) (From: https://www.flickr.com/photos/kelisli/8844318688 The neck badge is variously reported as 78 mm-85 mm tall. The most reliable measurements seem to fall between 78 - 79.5 mm identified as to the superior portion of the crown suspension, crescent & star (they do not always specify that the suspension loop is excluded from this dimension). A couple identified measurements are 85 mm tall, but this appears to be including the suspension loop. The width is moist commonly identified as 61 mm, although 60 mm & 62 also are reported. Where reported, the weight is identified as ~47 g or 48.6 g. It appears the neck badge is both the same design and dimension as the sash badge of the 1st Class award and the neck badge of the 3rd Class award. The above cited JOMSA article identifies the neck ribbon as 37 mm wide with 5 mm red stripes set 1 mm from each edge. The breast star is pretty consistently identified as 70 mm in diameter. The same materials are identified in the manufacture of the neck badge and breast star (gold, silver, silverer gilt, & enamel) as for the 1st Class, but the gold is variously reported as 22k or 18k (again, see final note below). The wright of the breast star is reported between 81 and 81.25 g. 3rd Class Commander (neck badge only) (From: https://www.emedals.com/egypt-kingdom-an-order-of-ismail-in-gold-1st-class-commander-by-j-lattes-c-1925) The neck badge appears to be the same dimension as that for the 2nd Class award and the sash badge of the 1st Class. There is a fair bit of variation in the dimensions that are reported for examples where it seems to be a fairly secure identification of the 3rd Class. The most consistent reporting is that is it 61 mm wide and 78-79.5 mm tall. Some listings identify it as up to 82 mm tall, and this variation again appears to be likely due to various measurements either to the top of the crown and star or including the suspension loop. Also variously reported as 22k or 18k gold (see illustration of the hallmarks on the suspension loop of this badge on the final image below and the note). Several websites identify the weight as 48.6 g. 4th Class Knight (breast badge with ribbon adorned with rosette) (From: https://www.emedals.com/egypt-a-french-made-order-of-ismail-officer-by-lattes) The breast badge is reported as 54.8 mm wide, a couple listings state 55 mm and one identifies it as 58 mm (?). The height is reported between 74 and 76, again probably due to differences in whether the suspension loop is included or only the crown with crescent and star. The materials are almost certainly the same as those of the larger 1st Class and 2nd Class breast badges. Miniatures (from:https://www.sixbid.com/browse.html?auction=5367&category=168960&lot=4479892 All unambiguously genuine miniatures appear to be of the form I noted in my last post here of 10 November, 2018 and shown above. All of these examples are identified as measuring 20 mm wide x 30 mm tall (and seem to include only the suspension crown, crescent and star and not include the suspension loop). As posted above, the illustrated example is the 4th Class Knight miniature (in my 10 November posting, I mistakenly identified this mini as also on the L, the same side as the 3rd Class Commander mini with silver galon). All examples where materials are identified are silver or silver gilt and enamel. Gold Hallmarks A good quality close-up image of the hallmarks on suspension loop the same 3rd Class Commander neck badge shown above (https://www.emedals.com/egypt-kingdom-an-order-of-ismail-in-gold-1st-class-commander-by-j-lattes-c-1925). These are the same hallmarks that appear on the gold of most other examples as well. The hallmark on the left is the purity of the gold, and this mark appears to indicate 18k gold. The bird in the middle hallmark is usually identified as a stork, and is the Egyptian hallmark for gold. The "A" indicates a manufacture date of 1925-26.
  18. Uffz. Rohleder

    Who has photos with kappenabzeichen?

    Here my only one with a Kappenabzeichen. Sorry for the bad quality just had my mobile phone to make a shot now
  19. What do you guys think real or copy? I don't think its a copy. Not in the greatest shape, but genuine. Please share
  20. I don´t have as many photos of Kappenabzeichen as Andy, but this is one from my collection I particularly like. Austrian artillery. GreyC xKappenabzeichenGreyC.tif
  21. UNR1917

    Who has photos with kappenabzeichen?

    Ukrainian general Myron Tarnavsky! Commandant of the Ukrainian Sich Riflemen!
  22. 2xvetran

    WW1 Uniforms...all nations

    Some from a display I just disassembled a couple of weeks ago. This is the Michigan Military Heritage Museum which I started about two years ago. It was our WWI Centennial exhibit. Now we are working on the 75th of WWII. There are a lot more pics on our Facebook page if anyone is interested. Its just Michigan Military Heritage Museum on Facebook. Scott
  23. UNR1917

    Austrian uniforms

    The first Ukrainian military formations within the Austro-Hungarian Empire!
  24. UNR1917

    WW1 Uniforms...all nations

    The first Ukrainian military formations within the Austro-Hungarian Empire!
  25. UNR1917

    Who has photos with kappenabzeichen?

    All the same, thank you so much!
  26. Yes very good for us researchers - they took the most of the archive data outside of Stuttgart bevor 1944. Especially i like the high detailed pics. The most of M 707, 708 709 photos are saved on my PC - ...was a really hard work. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Are we in or are we out?:) - nearly every day when i read the newspapers i think: What the hell they are doing over there??? If they will not chance their minds, i think you`re out .. hard out.😬
  27. The Prussian

    Who has photos with kappenabzeichen?

    No. That´s all from photos with Kappenabzeichen
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