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  2. This is a fake.... Original close Combat clasps by F&BL (Funcke & Brüninghaus, Ludenscheid) has the maker mark above the clasp and is upside down.
  3. Hi Peter I am looking for any additional information you may have on the RUC "dress" uniforms as I have two different (slightly) coloured tunics, there is also a slight difference in both trousers. Have you ever come across a photograph of the dress being worn. I forgot to mention only one of the tunics appear to have been "pierced for collar insignia
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  5. Hi Igor The outer box is nice and very rare. Again it is more likely from the King Ferdinand period Similar Set (box and carton) was sold by eMedals...and this is the 2nd Class box for 1908 King Ferdinand Emission Again this is only if we follow strictly the design from the different Emissions
  6. Hi Igor, The box is very nice an is more likely princely type If the Cross comes directly from the Italian family and the Set can be traced to the awarded person it is very likely it is an award given an interim period. ...and could be 3rd Class. If there is not a strong evidence then the Set could be considered as a mix and match, because the Cross is 1908 Emission 2nd Class.if you have to follow strictly the design of the different Emissions The 3rd Class is the one listed by me earlier in post #27 with the green enamel We discussed in the Forum that a very strict line was not drown between the Emissions and thre were many cases when items from two Emissions could be assembled in a Set
  7. Bulgarian St Alexander Grand Cross badge?

    and Uberkarton ( sorry for bad pictures )
  8. Bringing History to life...

    All these photos look very nice! How would look these ones?
  9. Bulgarian St Alexander Grand Cross badge?

    Thank you, Graf but in this case - order with box come from Italian family
  10. Not often one can have ward in his collection where the veteran has a book chapter dedicated to him. I have added to my collection 2 books, which have chapters dedicated to the veteran. 1. "Soldiers Glory", 1963. 2. "Order of Glory cavaliers", 1973. The first book has short one page account for 238 Full cavaliers of Order of Glory. It appears the primary source is the citation. The second book covers 30 cavaliers who were born in Stavropol region. The accounts are 2-3 pages long. The strong part of this book is that it is also based on the interviews. Therefore despite the literary editing and politically charged language it has some interesting material. The one pager from "Soldiers Glory", 1963. "Order of Glory cavaliers", 1973. And this is scan from a later book, which has account about all (?) Full Cavaliers. It uses two previous books as sources.
  11. Dear Chris Both of the red cross awards are from the weimar era, which explains the lack of a crown. Kind regards, Laurentius
  12. Wow, Brad! I did not realize you had so many Heer Pioneer uniforms/visors! Gary B
  13. Italian Trumpet Banner

    Thanks a lot, but my Italian is not good enough for research and I am not a member from an Italian military forum. All what I could figure out was a similare drapella per tromba which has additionally added faces and was dated from 1937, so I believe that it is pre 1937. Kind regards Andreas
  14. Hi Igor The crown before 1908 was princely one - French and Austrian Type The Order you listed is 1908 Emission and is 2nd Class only.eMedals listen on Auction similar one with .again. wrong information. They simply separated good 2nd Class Se, by the Austrian firm Shield on three parts Star, Cross and Box (2nd Class on the front of the lid ) The Star could be either 1908 Emission or earlier. as far as it was made in Austria The used the same type of Stars for both emission The French Stars for the emissions prior to 1908 were different Here are the two prior to 1908 Emission Types- Austrian and French and a nice 1908 Emission 2nd Class with box (late model box) NOTE We are discussing only Prince/King ferdinand Emissions not the earlier Prince Alexander ones (The Russian ones) Best Graf
  15. In case not known yet... A few months ago a complete new 'database driven' website was made available for any one interested... All crashes are not (yet) available in the database, though it is gradually filled with more data (just press the Modifications button to view a list of updates)... At present the information on 1387 aircraft and 6575 crew members is listed! Please go to https://www.airwar4045.nl to have a look... Website is free to use! Any comments on, and/or information for, the database is highly appreciated! Jan
  16. A silly question... why does the bavarian Red Cross cross on the left hand side not have a crown? Is it postwar?
  17. WW1 Commemorative piece

    Sculpture of an SMLE and covered helmet propped in a couple of sandbags. It stands just about 11 inches high. Just have to figure out how to mould and cold cast bronze now.
  18. Hi all - a comment over in the Luftwaffe Ingenieurkorps thread (see here) led me to raise a topic on Heer Pioneer / Engineer uniform items. To kick this one off, here are a number of uniform items that I own (or used to own) before I turned my focus to Luftwaffe Engineers: Feel free to post your own Heer Pioneer / Engineer items! Cheers, Brad C
  19. Dear fellow collectors I think it has become time for me to make some contributions here. Firstly here is my Military Merit Cross 3rd class with wardecoration with a miniature for the cross 1.st class attached. Secondly my small bar with an Iron cross 2nd class and a MCC 3rd class, also with wardecoration. Both my crosses are manufactered by ´FR´, Rothe from Vienna. Kind regards
  20. Bulgarian St Alexander Grand Cross badge?

    new Item in collection How we can know - 2nd class from 1908 or 2nd-3rd class before 1908 ?
  21. Thanks Dave. I must admit that I was surprised when I realised that the Saxons were there in Ypres that early.
  22. Finds of the day

    I am fully aware of that! ;-) She is my second wife, so able to compare! And after 20 years of being together (only married for 10 years to here) we managed to get a house and a warehouse on the same ground. And" my man cave" is bigger then "here house"
  23. Romanian armored car - What model?

    Thanks for the infos!!!
  24. See the start of this thread...that's the bar issued to Operation REASSURANCE http://www.forces.gc.ca/en/honours-history-medals-chart/medal-ssm.page Cheers Larry
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