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  3. Your example isn't numbered. This ia always the case I think with original issued ones. Regards Herman
  4. The reverse hardware is definitely not Zimmermann, but the cross looks nice.
  5. Hi Claudio, Very fine Schnalle, and very interesting combination, with the Weltkrieg Spange moved over. Since you like Godet Schnallen the best, you can give this one to me.
  6. Boy, I never cease to get confused by these K.u.K. ribbon bars....
  7. Major Othmar Matzke Born: 30 Mar 1914 Died: 16 Jan 1999 Kdr Pionier-Btl 211 Abt II Kampfkommandant Regensburg RK: 18 Nov 1944
  8. Stalker

    Voznesensky Czapka

    Ok. Can you show me the photo inside the cap or maybe you can send me e-mail with photos (Stalker551@yandex.ru). Best Regards Anton
  9. Paul R

    Goering, Hermann

    Wow. When we think about it, he must’ve signed thousands and thousands of documents. It seems as if they did a great job of destroying the paper trails.
  10. paul kennedy

    Para Special Commando Beret

    Thank you.
  11. Chris Boonzaier

    Para Special Commando Beret

    I saw those into the 90s, maybe old stock
  12. Time Left: 27 days and 15 hours

    • FOR SALE

    A quite rare "Gestickter Stern des Hubertus-Ordens zur Supraweste der Kgl. Bayerische Leibgarde der Hartschiere". The photo of the full west is taken from an online auction and is just added to show how this was worn. As I'm no expert in these things so I have contacted the Bavarian Army Museum to inquire about the written number on the reverse. I got a kind reply saying that this embroidered star of the Order of St. Hubertus originally belonged to the Bavarian Army Museum. The inventory number located on the back is the proof. But this star was officially replaced in 1936 by another object in an exchange with a collector. It measures 28 * 28 cm. Price is 1000 euro, postage is 30 euro from here, preferred method of payment is a banktransfer.


  13. IrishGunner

    KuK Soldiers wearing medals - show your photos

    Indeed, nice photo of gunners
  14. My guess would be Mobilisierungskreuz 1912/13 (Mobilization Cross 1912/13)
  15. Not a knife and fork but specialized haggis hunting tools! What a lovely thing.
  16. Hello, I recently got this rather long Austrian ribbon bar. I find the Officer Grade Italian Order of the Crown very interesting. Furthermore can anyone identify the ninth ribbon after the Austrian War Commemorative Medal? Best regards Nicolas
  17. Hi Andreas, Very Nice.Have You some more KM Marine Uniform ? Cheers,Morten.
  18. Small addition to my Orders of Merit for the People. ZIN type, second class in it's original box. It's interesting that so far I have three second classes and only one third class order.
  19. Furthermore there’s a book about him (Kaltenegger’s, a quite renowned and acclaimed writer of books on the subject of the German mountain troops) where it is explained and confirms that von Schlebrügge got his Silesian Eagles and Baltic cross. Also in the 2nd part of the book “Die Ritterkreuzträger der Gebirgsjäger L-Z” there’s the confirmation of his orders, also a quite elusive description of House Order of Saxon State. Von Schlebrügge was in the 12th Thuringian Ussar (Husar) Regiment, therefore I can assume that, since he got the EKs first and second class, he would have very likely almost automatically been awarded with the White Falcon Order as a cavalry officer. I suspect that this was a very late 1918 bestowal and therefore it could explain the absence of it in the rolls of the Grandduchy (Grossherzogtum) of Saxony-Weimar’s White Falcon Order. That’s of course my fairly educated and safe assumption. BR C
  20. Dear foumites! These are the orders and medals of Oberst von Schlebrügge; as you can see there’s a White Falcon RK 2 Kl with swords. Also he was decorated with both classes of the Silesian Eagle and the Baltic cross (see narrow white ribbon with blue stripes after the Silesian Eagle).
  21. paul kennedy

    Para Special Commando Beret

    I just picked up this beret at an estate auction, and I was hoping for any input about it. Am I correct in thinking this is 1960's-1970's based on the tag? Thanks.
  22. Back of the bar... also notice the Godet produced Kriegsteilnehmer Ehrenkreuz (Hindenburg cross without swords for non combatants). also notice on the front the clasps “Weltkrieg 1914-18” was put on the wrong ribbon/medal... it should be on the Saxon FAM. C
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