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  2. Yes thats true, but somehow different, cause he was just legitimated as king through the adoption i think. Charles XIII was a member of the the house Holstein-Gottorf, but Bernadotte didn't become a member of it. With him the new House of Bernadotte was established. I am sure he was nobilitated by Napoleon before. I'm not an expert but I doubt the old rules of the nobility would have legitimated something like that, but cause of the power of Napoleon there was nothing to put against it.
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  4. Here's the entitlement for British forces, it's different for other Commonwealth troops as far as I know: 1080 days (3 years) service in the UK between 3 Sep 1939 and 8 May 1945 1080 days (3 years) service in the Home Guard between 14 May 1940 and 31 Dec 1944 360 days (1 year) non operational service overseas between 3 Sep 1939 and 2 Sep 1945 180 days non operational service in an overseas area deemed to be closely threatened or subject to air attack between 3 September 1939 and 8 May 1945 In more detail here https://www.gov.uk/guidance/medals-campaigns-descriptions-and-eligibility#world-war-2-medals I don't think he'd have been the son of the Gnr. GJ Smith as the NOK are the parents rather than a wife. Perhaps a nephew but that's just me thinking out loud.
  5. Personally,i do not like.The badges in the early 50ies were made in a different way.
  6. This appears to be a standard worn on portuguese medals. I have seen many medals with identical fittings I suspect these were a standard military tailor's issue. Paul
  7. Utgardloki ,Remember the adoption of marshall Bernardotte by King Charles XIII Vasa of Sweden , By other side I think that this man Lichtenberg is a legitimated fraud
  8. graham

    Belgian order of Leopold ll

    Hello Richard, A nice set of Belgium awards, worth keeping IMO. Top grouping from left to right: - 1. Fire Cross 2. Centenary of National Independence Commemorative Medal 1830–1930 3. Victory Medal 4. Civic Decoration for service in the administration 5. Commemorative Medal of the Reign of King Leopold II 1865–1909 6. Liège Medal 7. Commemorative Medal of the Reign of King Albert I 1909–1934 8. 1914-1918 Commemorative War Medal Bottom grouping from left to right: - 9. Military Knight of the Order of Leopold 10. Knight of the Order of Leopold II 11. Silver Palms of the Order of the Crown 12. Knight of the Order of the Crown missing the medal 13. Military Decoration 14. National Federation of Combatants Cross 1st Class 15. Yser Cross 16. Croix de guerre(War Cross) from WW1 with bronze palm leaf(mentioned in despatches at Army level) Hope this helps. Graham
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  10. Hi Gents fingers crossed for these two... Only one lug left out of four I picked these two collar.(thanx Terry) tabs up together... Apparently they were found at a closed scrap metal yard —— Such a difference to this one : . So I hope these be genuine and escaped the melting pot! hope you like Gents tony
  11. That is an imposing design as well. I think I have seen that model utilized for different festivities. Apparently it wasn't an uncommon practice back then- the company that originally introduced the piece retained their rights to the initial design that was utilized for different meetings in the future- it's what happened with Gau Ost Hannover badge (which also, coincidentally, helped determine their maker). I'll see if I can find the piece I am talking about in my files although it might take a bit. Meantime- one more Gau badge that became a 'poster child' for the Gau badges in general (no pun intended). Classic design- wreath denoting Victory, swastika, denoting those who took it, and a little snobistic touch in the center for those who did not recognize the piece on the wearer's uniform. Whichever variety it was- It said all that needed to be said.
  12. Please forgive me if I ask a foolish question. I’m trying to learn the service requirements for obtaining ww2 medals. How could the son qualify for the home defense medal if he also qualified for the Africa, Italy, and war medal? Not to mention the long service medal. Thanks. Mike
  13. I have a Portuguese WW1 Victory Medal ... It has a buckle on the ribbon, which makes it too wide to fit in the box. I assume that the buckle was put on after the issue of the medal, and I have seen pictures of other Portuguese medals with buckles on the ribbon. Why are they put on? Is it just a piece of bling that the recipient fancied, or is it significant in some way? Any help gratefully received. Bill
  14. Selling a cased Commander of Iraq order of Two Rivers (Wisam Al Rafidain) in original Garrard case. Perfect condition. PM or email me if interested. Markustruckee@gmail.com Asking $1200 US. + shipping cost.
  15. The second piece is a very powerful design, Matt Seeing that your title has left a wider definition of 'Gau' badges open to interpretation... my only 'Gau' related piece....
  16. Does anyone have more images of this beautiful uniform?
  17. Hello Smadding, Your information is very interesting, thanks for this. Appreciate that you post more from your collection. What Mützenbander Thinks You Are Them Most Skinned? Cheers, Morten.
  18. My great grandfather was part of 3. Kompanie E/VIII Kraftfahr-Bataillon Breslau (1916-1917) & Kraftfahr-Abteilung 1 (1917-1918) in Charleville France. I have some photos of him from those times. Does anyone have more information on what they would have been doing for duties during those times? Also, I was looking to find a leather jacket like the ones they wore. Is that possible? Does anyone manufacture a good replica ? Thank you Daryl That is a great photo Grey !!!
  19. I posted it in # 449. Other cap ribbons with Führerboot and other inscriptions (post 453) do not exist. They were higher ranking departments without their own cap ribbons. There is only the Cap ribbons Füherboot des F.d.M. and Schulflottille des B.S.O. and B.S.N. Those are in my collection.
  20. Hi Smadding, Have You a Photo of these inwear? Cheers,Morten.
  21. Thanks Brian, very much appreciated. I believe I have the Richard Deller book lined up for my Christmas stocking but I’d not considered the others. Are you able to tell me if either (or all) of them deal with my queries about markings?
  22. The WWI group is only missing its memorial plaque so a very nice, almost complete find. According to Soldier Died he served in the ASC (RASC) too but probably before arriving in France.
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  24. Otro general con unifome regimental con 12 botones Creo que es Wilhelm Ludwig Karl Kurt Friedrich von Tümpling Another general with regimental unifome with 12 buttons I think it's Wilhelm Ludwig Karl Kurt Friedrich von Tümpling
  25. Uncommon mützenbander photo. Thanks for posting. Cheers, Larry
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