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  2. Hello Chris is it possible they are both ‘one’? Armee Korps I over Regt 1 i don’t know if the combination existed but you may? Photo AK11 below (not mine!) tony
  3. Farkas

    Photos and Feldposte

    Hi Gents and hi GreyC.... Thank you, thats really cool... my family and friends think I’m mad collecting these things I can’t read but it’s so much fun when, as now, something clicks! GreyC, i has not ‘sussed’ it was signed as uncle Gyulu I had thought it was the senders first and last name. But was confused that at the top it has been pencilled with Gyulu Nagy Now - it makes sense! Cool.... Thanks again GreyC ——//-//-// while i’m here... feldpost home from someone in my favourite regiment! KuK Infanterie Regiment No.83 Hungarian so double trouble to read... And sadly nothing on the reverse. hope you like gents tony
  4. Today
  5. Hi IrishGunner, GreyC... Thanks both for your comments.... it is a good one isn’t it, a little bit different to my usual ones, I was well chuffed when I found it. I’d enjoy seeing them Sir if you fancy starting a dedicated thread I’d enjoy contributing some of my own to it too... thanks again, appreciated as always gents tony
  6. Thanks Fellas, Simon, It is at present in a frame but it has a horse shoe fitting and is a lapel badge. I will have a look to see if it is named and " Attempt" to scan and post an image. I do know of several relatives of strikers who wear a NUPPO badge in honour of their forebear. Peter
  7. Thanks for sharing this with us Peter, it is a first for me as well, Simon. Regards Brian
  8. Here a nice bavarian "Frackspange" with a early Leser MVK second class.
  9. That is a nice variant, must have been silvered by your ancestor.
  10. Iver

    Imperial Russian Shoulder board collection

    Can someone please help with identification? Thanks. Iver
  11. JapanX

    red cross miniature

    Nice pick up but quality of photos is quite terrible. Mini and medal are milky and blurred. I don`t think so. Even the ribbons are different As for the inscription Made by lacquerware workshop Kobayashi, Tokyo Stay cool Mickey.
  12. Very nice. I always enjoy seeing this medal mounted...and with bars.
  13. So nice to see such an old medal being preserved by the family for so many years!
  14. Hello all, Here my great great grandpa's single 1870/71 medal with bars. I don't know why his medal is silver colored but it is indeed the combatant medal. Even with the rim engraving
  15. My only medal bar with an Bavarian award. Shame on me
  16. GreyC

    Photos and Feldposte

    Uncle Gyulu wants to know from Aladar, how his Grandmother (probably Aladar´s) managed the trip to Ödenburg (Sopron). GreyC
  17. Hi, my link gives the reason why it might be missing. Entnobilitiert means it was stripped of the imperial chiffre because it was used in the Reichswehr. If you find any markings on it, specialists may confirm that. GreyC
  18. Thank you very much guys. How hard would it be to find such a piece?
  19. Hello ,what lacks is the crowned W of William II R .
  20. You may already be aware of this, but Byrne received his DCM. for an action at Annequin on 9 April 1916 (the original citation indicated he was a Sergeant in C Battery, 174 Brigade but this was"corrected" to D/177 in the London Gazette of 17 September 1917). Actually this correction was a mistake as the war diary for 174th Brigade on 27 July 1916 indicates that Byrne received his DCM while serving with C/174. His Bar to the DCM was for an action with D/177 at Kytschaete Ridge on the night of 24/25 June 1917. If you do not have the citations let me know.
  21. mickey

    red cross miniature

    hi all picked up this very common red cross special membership medal but it had the less common miniature medal with it which is very well made and includes the reverse nicely made wooden case with some writing on the back just wondering if these sets were specially made
  22. Timo, you always have the best of luck in finding gems
  23. Some of Volle's information is incorrect. There is a roll of Fürstlichkeiten with 36 names, but only 18 of these are "mit Band und ohne Band". Among those who only received the cross on the ribbon and not the Steckkreuz was the Kaiser. Also, two non-royals in the officer roll had the Steckkreuz: Oberst Walter Rabe v. Pappenheim, Flügeladjutant to the Fürst zu Schaumburg-Lippe, and Maj.d.Res. Ernst Frhr. v. Hammerstein-Loxten, Hofstallmeister to the Fürst v. Schaumburg-Lippe and stellv. Flügeladjutant. Regarding the most common units, JB 7 and its Tochterformationen (RJB 7, RJB 20, ResRadfKp 77) and IR 15 and its Tochterformationen (RIR 15, LIR 15, BrigEB 26) lead the list, followed by HR 14 and HR 7. The other unit which recruited in the principality, FAR 58, is also high on the list. Also, the Kaiser's sister, Prinzessin Adolf (Vicky) zu Schaumburg-Lippe, was Chef of IR 53, so that unit received a lot of awards. For some reason, the next most common units have no direct connection to Schaumburg-Lippe: RIR 24 and Saxon LdstIR 19.
  24. Yesterday
  25. Hi, nice pix! Especially the Firefighters. The guy with the lantern is group-chief. Hermann sent the card (that he says turned out well) to his girlfriend or wife with "hot kisses". An appropriate choice of words for a firefighter! GreyC
  26. The Feuerwehr photo is great! I've been getting a lot of new artillery photos lately; guess I should just off the scanner.
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