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  2. Emmanuel,I did not read properly.You meant a Ministerium award but I meant the State one. Yes,there were 2 versions of the Ministerium award,they differed with the title in the reverse. Again I had a look in Wikipedia.The Medal for Excellence in Military Service.There were 4 versions.Except of the medals you showed there were versions 2002 and version from 2005.But I do not have picture of the last one. http://wawards.org/oldsite/azia/kyr/7/medal.html here we have the next medal ,look at the ribbon
  3. In my collection, I also own this medal. Is it correct it is : Medal for Irreprochable Service 1st Class of Kyrgyzstan Republic Armed Forces ? Regards. Emmanuel
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  5. Hello Ilja, Thanks for this information. I have seen about 3 or 4 years ago, a framed board in London, in one of the function room of a medal manufacturer, with 6 Medals for 50 Years Indepedence Medals (from 6 countries). I was not allowed to take a photo, but they were Uganda, Nigeria, Tanganyka, Malawi, Sierra Leone and Congo Democratic Republic. It is possible that these 6 medals I saw were (then) tenders. But I remember the "stripe" pattern of the Uganda Medal. However I have sadly never seen one for sale in London. Major John Mateeka on photo is wearing the Rwenzori Star for Distinguished & Exemplary Military Service. Megan has to be credited for having finding this photo, as she had been digging in the web site of the Ministry of Defense of Uganda. Best regards. Emmanuel
  6. Thank you Nickstrenk. I was refering to this very usefull book on Kyrgyz award. In this book, there is photo from the 2 classes of the Medal for Excellence in Military Service (with what seems green enamel on center). But on the next page, that book refer to the medal I own, mentioning the word in ( ), which (and again sorry I do not have a cyrillic keyboard : PA3HOB ID HOCTb , which had been refered to be : one of the variation ). Again sorry, I do not have the keyboard to write letter I & D in cyrillic. Regards. Emmanuel
  7. I really should wear sunglasses before reading the article to avoid my eyes hurt by it! Thank you, man
  8. За отличие в воинской службе I would not translate For ditinguished military merit but For excellence in military service.For military service I undrestand as a Combat service. https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Медаль_«За_отличие_в_воинской_службе»_(Киргизия) next version
  9. Hello Gentlemen, I recently bought this nice medal from Kyrgyzstan. The medal is 43 millimeters of diameter, tick of 5 millimeters. It's 2 parts construction. The center is a separate parts from the medal itselfs. My "kyrgyz" skills is not great. I got help from friends, The reverse "shall" read : Ministry of Defense from the Kyrgyz Republic & the obverse shall be read : "For Military Merits" But is it an early version, issued during the very first years of Indepedence ( Post 1991 ) ? I mean the book on Kyrgyz Medal i own refer o this medal, but states, that is is a variety, among various variety that have been obvserved. I will post the page of the book later If any one is from Kyrgyzstan,,or has been in contact with Kyrgyz military, help would be appreciated. Regards. Emmanuel
  10. Apparently ,gefreiter in a Bavarian Cavalry regiment, either Chevaulegers or less probably ,Heavy Riders
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  12. This is interesting to me.... I’ve never seen litzen on a Litewka or Kleiner Rock Another seen in the same week.
  13. When is garde litzen okay to wear on Litewka or Kleiner Rock?
  14. Dear fellow collectors, I recently visited Residenzschloss Arolsen in Bad Arolsen, it used to be the main residence for the Waldeck-Pyrmont family who ruled the German principality of Waldeck-Pyrmont. I went there because of my love of medals, and my love of the Dutch Royal family (Queen-regent Emma was born here). I was able to make a number of pictures, and I'm sure you lads would enjoy them. Kind regards, Laurentius
  15. The award looks as the copy! The Medallion and Crown- it is unambiguous copy! The original award (early release - without number) looks here so
  16. Another one I don't have. I did, once, but it turned out to be a Markof fake.
  17. Very nice! The Mother's awards are something I've never acquired despite looking from time to time. Maybe someday I will...
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      Chris Boonzaier

      Hi, thanks for the heads up... Nice tags, but I think it is Landwehr.

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