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  2. Hello! The english would write 7-29-16, wouldn´t they? And germans would write the "One" as a "1" and not as a "I" Probably it was taken by french?
  3. Hello Spasm, interesting designs. Thank you for sharing these. Te semi-circle designs resemble the ones on the photo somewhat, indeed. Should the trenches depicted on the aerial photo serve the same purpose i.e. strong points for defence, do you think it could be the Somme region (29th July 1916) ? After all the British went out to attack from 1st July. Or is this some place else? GreyC
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  5. Are these 'strong points', built as defensive positions
  6. Was Knights cross 1st class ever issued in silver gilt ? Or only gold ?
  7. Hello Coldstream, thank you for your thoughts which seem plausible. However I do think that the photo was not taken by the Germans. Which does not rule out that the British or French might well have taken photos of their own lines. The Germans did so anyway. To substantiate my theory here a few observations: To specify the differences between German and Allied inscriptions/notations (what´s the right word?) on aerial photographs here are the main differences: German dates were written with dots inbetween as in: 29.7.16. Never with "-" The time (?) 17H is not German. The time was written in the 12 hour format plus V[ormittags] to indicate a.m. or N[achmittags]=p.m.. The square format was only used by very few German army field flying units and was more often used by German Naval Squadrons (which can be counted out here, I think). A good source for infos concerning German aerial photography are the books by Helmut Jäger, a former recon expert of the Bundeswehr. GreyC
  8. Regarding German or Allies trenches I suspect the key lies in what I believe to be the North arrow marked on the photo, if indeed this does indicate North and the cog wheel type emplacements face the enemy then surely they face east and are therefore Allied in origin. Just a thought and certainly an unusual trench layout I have not come across before. Regards Simon//
  9. Hi GreyC, the guy I am looking for was born 1916, so unfortunately it can´t be him Kind regards Andreas
  10. The one on the bottom left is the Medaille für den Italienisch-Deutschen Feldzug in Afrika. The one on the right of the middle row is a Bundeswehr sports award.
  11. Hi, a Friedrich Wilhelm Voss / Voß of the Kyffhäuser Kameradschaft Kosel celebrated his 92nd birthday in November 2016. GreyC
  12. Hi Gents, here is the reason why I have asked Regards Andreas
  13. Trooper_D, Thank you very much for all your help. I really appreciate you finding the photo and posting an enlargement of the back and finding the website with information on the photographer. GreyC, Thank you for the information. Alan
  14. Hello: The above pictured "document" in my opinion is not genuine. Here is why: Staatsminister Otto Meissner never co-signed any of the strictly military high awards such as pictured here (Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes ( Knightscross of the Iron Cross ) nor were these documents embossed with the great seal of Germany. Bernhard H. Holst
  15. Looks interesting. I am not an expert by far, however, these are normally referred by Collectors as MAPPAs. All of the original ones that I have seen are on heavy paper with Gold Leaf words. I am not telling you it is bad or good, but make sure you get it authenticated, because like the previous person said; if it is real it is work a significant amount of money. My friend just bought a Mappa in its red folder for a U-boat Commander and paid $16k USD for it.
  16. I was going to do an updated reprint of volume 1 but decided against it.
  17. it´s between 1908 and 1912 if source quoted is correct. The medals he won for his craft seen on the reverse could be helpful, too. They should be dated so that you´d get a "not before" date. GreyC
  18. Well, if you see any images on my site that would be of use, give me a shout and I shall send you the large high-quality versions...
  19. Alan I have attached a digitally enlarged version of the image of the reverse shown in the first post. In it you can better see that the studio was located in Czernowitz, what is now Chernivtsi in western Ukraine but was then in the KuK province of Bukovina. As to when it was taken, there is nothing on the photo to indicate, sadly. Update: You can find out more about the photographer at the following website; it might help you date the photo,
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  21. Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia President of the Republic Chancery of Orders Belgrade CERTIFICATE This is to certify that Kulenovic (son of Ahmed) Hajrudin, MD, Colonel of the Health Service, is the Holder of the Order for Military Merit with Grand Star, which was awarded to him by the President of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia with his Decree No. 212 of December 22nd 1970. December 22, 1970. Head of the Chancerz (signed), Jovan Draca
  22. Good morning gentlemen, First: Dear Alwin, Father was happy to receive your letter Back: Parcel arrived here in good shape. Many thanks. I am delighted, that Hedwig is with you. I am well. Many greetings... 2nd: Card has combined birthday and Easter greetings. Nikolaus (sender) wants to know if letters and parels have reached their destination and states that Easter parcel contains shoenails. GreyC
  23. Nice bar if I should make a guess I would say navy some kind of Deckoffizier with MEZ2 in first place and some times in away from home in china AND other colonial places because of the Kolonialdenkmünze - ww1 only with the war aid cross....but as said before , you can only guess here.... are there holes in the ribbons of battle clasps orI what do I see.... maybe 4 holes I can make out....
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