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  2. This was so reasonably priced even with postage I took a crack at it. A very well worn Bavarian Leib Major. This weighs a goodly amount for its size. I like to think it was on the overcoat of an officer who was active near the lines.
  3. Could be a heavy Gesso, which is the type of coating used on smoothing out wood and canvas for dolls and artowrk. Looks like it was found and done up decades after the war based on the damage and inside.
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  6. My Bavarian children. I keep turning them up in black; there are three here--a fourth resides with a friend. My feldgrau one is likely repainted in recent years, though I got it out of a collection in Germany. One brass and one steel came out of the US, the rest all came to me from overseas. Note the varied construction styles and the period repair to the one with the tab. Omitted mention of the blue souvenir tin in the above photo--it is a full sized Bavarian device mounted to a Gem Razor, UK, shaving set.
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  9. Double the Trouble; a pair of trainees, Bay. 10.IR, dated May 1915, Ingolstadt.
  10. Welcome to the forum... Absolutely fascinating items they have in that museum... You also have some nice cased orders there.... Give me another 6 weeks to translate that... It's been years since I last tried jan Would love some closeups of those documents!!
  11. Спасибо за ответ. Можно посмотреть фото погон?
  12. A dealer has a set of 1941 general shoulder boards for 450 euros if that helps..
  13. Here is my frog, marked 149 | BD III | 1915 The idea of a "necktie" detail being a Bavarian detail is news to me, and exciting! I think I have seen them and been told they were not German.
  14. Здравствуйте, господа! Прошу помощи в покупке погон генерала Монголии 1943 года
  15. The one to the left may be a Rolldorn private purchase variant. Looks like that belt on the right was put on upside down.
  16. Audrey at Rhino Research has a new address: Brett
  17. Yes, very interesting. From my point of view, the most prestigious order must be the least awarded: the Order of the Crown.
  18. Great display!!! Greetings Pickelhaube
  19. I was half expecting at the very minimum a new clasp to the SSM besides the EXPEDITION one... Anybody who served in Germany before now going to Poland of the Baltic states gets nada... Notice the new SSM? Not the old rudely casted, barely filed down before triple plating like mine but new crisp, minted ones from the RCM.
  20. Hello All, According to Neal O'Conner (Aviation Awards of Imperial Germany, Volume IV, pg16.) their is no formal order of precedence for civilian even though the Crown Order was worn in practice ahead of the Military Merit Order. To confuse the lack of published guidance a 1905 inquiry to the order chancellor states the Military Merit Order was worn in front of the Crown Order with Swords on the Orders Schnalle for officers. Interesting?? Chuck
  21. Nice to see these service medals. My grandfather served in Cuba and the Philippines for both Spanish wars, and I just recently got his service medals back from a framer who had them on a slow 3-year plan of completion. Attached is an image of the obverse of the Spanish-American War service medal. Below that is the obverse of his service medal for the Philippine Insurrection; an image of the service ribbons bar; & an image showing both medals and ribbon bars. They are framed with cut-outs so the reverse sides of the medals can be seen. I'll try to post an image of the Philippine Insurrection reverse soon.
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  23. Hello Paul thank you Kind regards Caz
  24. Update! Well, as much of an update as I've been able to uncover, which isn't very much. Professor Google was able to provide a hint here and a hint there, but placing an artifact in the hands of an actual person is very difficult indeed. Presuming that this tipstaff was used between 1842 and 1877, based on the maker's mark, and searching for a T WILSON who was active in political circles around that time, produced only two possibilities. One was a Thomas Wilson who was a leader of sorts within the clergy. As he was active mainly in and about London, I ruled him out as a likely candidate. The only other possibility that the internet was willing to offer up was another Thomas Wilson. This one seemed promising, but with some serious reservations. Thomas Wilson (1773-1858) was born in Gateshead (actually Low Fell). He worked in the collieries of Newcastle-upon-Tyne as a child and was a serious student in Sunday School, which was the only institution for higher learning available to most working people. He landed a job in a counting house, and soon became a partner in the firm Losh, Wilson, & Bell, which was also located in Newcastlle. He was also a noted poet. In 1835, he was elected to serve as one of the Common Council members in Gateshead where he lived, across the River Tyne from his place of business. In addition he was also appointed to the post of Alderman, a post in which he served for eighteen years. He surely was entitled to display a tipstaff, and being a man of some wealth, he would have had the means to have a 'better than average' tipstaff. The problem I have in declaring a "match" is that the tipstaff bears the arms of Newcastle rather that those of Gateshead , as one might expect. Why? When I asked the folks at the Gateshead Heritage Group what they thought, I was told that my tipstaff had nothing whatever to do with the poet Thomas Wilson, because of the Newcastle Arms. I thought, at the time, that maybe their conclusion was swayed just a little by some friendly civic rivalry. The Tyne and Wear museum, for a small fee, conducts research on historical persons, etc, and after some digging, they weren't able to produce any other alternative theory. They did search the minutes of the Newcastle Council meetings of the time period and were not able to find any other T WILSON. A request for help from the Northumbria Police was not answered. Presumably, and understandably, they haven't the time or resources to investigate such a 'cold case'. Back to the Arms. Perhaps Mr. Wilson felt that the Newcastle arms appeared more regal than that of Gateshead, which at the time displayed the severed head of a goat. After reading about this man and enjoying his poetry, much of it in the Geordie Dialect, I have a feeling that he wouldn't have cared about appearances, regal or otherwise. On the title page in his book of poems, is a picture of the seal of the city of Gateshead, (an identical image is in the British Museum) showing a castle with three doors. As the Newcastle arms shows three castles with one door, maybe a mix-up in the initial order to Parker, Field & Sons, was to blame. Maybe we'll just never know. If there's a resource that I might try to take advantage of, please let me know. There is another alternative, but it's a long shot. During the Big-Band era of the 1930s, Benny Goodman aka "The King of Swing" had a terrific piano player named Teddy Wilson. You don't suppose…. Nah… Cheers, Mike.
  25. Hi, This is the Order of the Crown which is the first order of the Kingdom of Wurttemberg Christophe
  26. In my opinion French, anyway a great piece! Damaged enamel adds some character to the order
  27. Being interested in all things about Mercenaries through all the times (their backround, motivation, life, etc.), I found Mike Hoare (his books about Africa, the time back in the 60s). Reading his "Congo Mercenary" was a joy. So I tried to get more indepth information. A few days ago I got this beret insignia. I think it's an orig. but would like to know it for sure.
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