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1990s Hollywood Nazi Frauds From The Front

Rick Research
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These are typical of the junk mass produced and sold everywhere by the All Brass Hand Made Frankenstein of ribbon bars fakers in Ohio.

Signature idiocies of his heyday include the Red Eagle Order "bow tie" device (over a PAINTED crown :speechless: ) on a hand snipped loop that are virtually never found-- since that grade was generally awarded only to COLONELS BEFORE 1914. Originals I can count on the fingers of one hand after 30 years collecting.

The up and down wriggly devices-- which should all be centered on an even line across each bar's ribbons is another sign of the "skill" of this mass forger. No time for neatness, churning 'em out by the thousands!!!!

Note the absurd DOUBLE long service SS runes-- hey, one is really a price booster, why not two? :speechless:

The Mashed Marshmallow Easter Chick phony EK2 Spange is another tip off on frauds this "old."

Precedence regulations are completely ignored on most fakes this "old," as is the overuse of never-used up WW1 Austro-Hungarian ribbon bar devices that no GERMAN could have worn.

A blacklight will reveal that many of the ribbons have white that will flash bright electric blue-- the color of fakery revealed.

At the bottom is the completely hand made out of sheet brass "skeleton" used on these fakes. Note how sloppily they were drilled, and only where the forger KNEW he was going to place devices. 1930s+ bars are almost always found on steel backings with a generic hole punched in each space of the blank stock. That is, alas, no longer an automatic sign of GOOD ribbon bars, since the current manglers of ribbon bar sausage in Austria and elsewhere have obtained vast quantities of original backings to aid their felonies.

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From the album:

Fake Ribbon Bars & How to Spot Them

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