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1990s Hollywood Nazi Frauds From Behind

Rick Research
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Typical of the all brass hand snipped Ohio fakes are the wide flat phony catchs. Various backing materials will be found-- no correct for cloth of that period.

The ONLY original ribbon bars that actually DID have brass backings, brass pins, and brass (STAMPED !!!) catchs were the half height, 9mm high variety-- apparently a structural strength issue. "Normal" 18 mm high ribbon bars should NEVER be found with ALL BRASS BACKINGS. Hinges (STAMPED!!!) and pins MAY be-- but the backings will be STEEL.

Once you have seen a felt one of these, you've seen and felt them all. There are tens of thousands of thes eout there.

He TRIED to "go straight" churning out "display" Manfred von Richthofen, Rommel, and Himmler "replicas," but those are as inaccurate as these fantasy bars. Any large show will generally have fistfuls of these-- being offered as originals.

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From the album:

Fake Ribbon Bars & How to Spot Them

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