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  2. Lauer delivers the Ordenskanzlei till 1916. So you won`t see red boxes for the Lauer-crosses. This type was the first from beginning. The second type has smaller swords. Type 1 up Type 2 down
  3. nice medal bars guys! here is my small contribution. Got it a few days ago. looks like someone put lacquer on the medals.
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  5. Bulgarian St Alexander Grand Cross badge?

    Thanks Ilieff, this one doesn't have any trace of gold, so I assumed that it was originally just silver... Now Gents, I would like to sell this badge, but I don't know the price of this order, I got it in a big trade several years ago, so I never knew it's real price. What would be aprox. current price for this order? Any info is welcome! Regards Alpha
  6. Time Left: 27 days and 22 hours

    • WANTED

    Looking for any medal bars or groups either finnish medal bars & groups or foreign medal groups with finnish awards, happy to trade for or buy! email me at knightofengland@hotmail.co.uk Dave


  7. Awards to Enver Hoxha

    These are the medals and orders displayed at the funeral of Enver Halil Hoxha
  8. Good Morning Peter....... I am sorry to say that there were no QSA;s issued to the South African Constabulary with the raised dates...... The ones I have are to Strathcona's Horse...... From my records Dated medals known to exist....... 1. Strathcona's Horse: 59 Medals (plus 2 in-named) for a total of 61 2. Strathcona's Horse issued with dates but the dates were removed by jeweler at a later date: 48 Medals 3. One medal each to: Lt.Hon. F.H.S. Roberts, V.C., Natal, Relief of Ladysmith, Killed-in-Action, Colenso December 15th, 1899. This medal is stated to be Un-Named and is located at the National Army Museum. Col. C.F. Mooses A.S.C., Belmont, Modder River, Relief of Kimberly, Paardeberg, Driefontein, Johannesburg, Diamond Hill, Wittebergen, South Africa 1901. 19467 QMS H. S. Smith, RE, Cape Colony, Paardeberg, Johannesburg. 25837 Driver E.J. Budd, 66th Battery Royal Field Artillery, Cape Colony, Tugela Heights, Relief of Ladysmith, Transvaal, Orange Free State. One badly damaged with suspension and name removed so unknown who it was issued to but most likely a Strathcona...... Mike
  9. Time Left: 27 days and 21 hours

    • FOR SALE

    Luftwaffe ww11 dagger 1st design, email for more images.


  10. Some of the Canadians who went to SA were among the very few awarded the QSA with the original dates on it. Such things are higly collectible, of course, and I believe Mike has one!
  11. No need for that Tony. I only meant that if you didn't want to keep it I'd be happy to give it a home. But thtnks for the kind thought! Peter
  12. The Maltese cross on the below picture (circled). It's the same as shown on the uniform from post 27 in this thread.
  13. Your cross should have been gilded, too. I assume the golden layer has worn off with time. All classes except 5th and 6th had gilt.
  14. USA Ribbon Bars

    Thanks for the hi-res image of the back of this unusual ribbon bar. At first glance, the stitching looks good, but on further observation, it doesn't look like the stitching is 75 years old. Stitching looks more recent, so still leaning towards someone adding the US WW2 Victory Medal ribbon to fill an empty spot/missing ribbon on this ribbon bar. Jean-Paul
  15. Saxon ribbon bar from WWII I like the order of precedence on this one.
  16. USA Ribbon Bars

    HI JPL Please see attached for the reverse of the bar
  17. Tony, the first one is welsh brigade form the 60's or Gurkhas, second is welch and is possibly ok, last is the welsh with the bottom scroll cut off
  18. Chinese Red Cross Medal

    Time Left: 27 days and 16 hours

    • FOR SALE

    For sale a Chinese Full Member Red Cross Medal, made of silver, pretty rare. Unfortunately no ribbon, The enamel on the cross and the wreath are still very good, Sold as is. Included shipping worldwide using economic post USD 50/GBP 38/EUR 43 If you interested please drop a message


  19. I have learned some about the Military Order of Maria Theresa. It was the highest military decoration of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, awarded only for exceptionally meritorious deeds. So i think this would be on par with the VC. In this case to be awarded, the officer(s) had to write an application, explaining the heroic act and they also had to attach witness testimonies to this form. These applications were sent to the council of the order and they decided if the act had been worthy of an award or not. About 30-35% of these applications were accepted and granted either grade of the order. Before and during WW I this number was even lower, because the council did not want to grant too much awards to maintain the high prestige of the order. I think that something liket this would be in the case of the VC as well, but i know that in this case there is no "self-made applications". The DFC awards can be much higher, because after several years of active service during war times on a bomber or fighter the pilot (in some cases the co-pilot or the gunner) recieved a DFC. You are pretty right, it would be great if this award % database existed. I would be interested in the DSO and the OBE statistics. I think we would find very low numbers.
  20. Marse, I would like to see opinions on your Partisan as well. I hope that someone will revive this thread one day...
  21. Hi Bayern, thank you for your suggestion. As I am not quite sure what badge you are referring to, can you give an example, please? Thanks, Deichkind
  22. Canadian memorial cross

    Time Left: 27 days and 9 hours

    • FOR SALE

    have the papers for this somewhere... I think he was a fisherman from Nova Scotia with 6 kids who volunteered for service, Gassed at Lens in June 1917, died of his gas wounds years after the war, a QE2 memorial cross, with its case 8George crown on the lid) and his badges... EUR250


  23. Superb Meuse Crossing Silver Star group

    Time Left: 27 days and 9 hours

    • FOR SALE

    A wonderful Silver Star group earned while trying to cross the Meuse. For an account of the fighting see here... http://kaiserscross.com/257543/262901.html it includes a link to the exact spot where the medal was earned and a Photo of the award "on Tour" visiting the site a few ears ago. EUR750


  24. House Order of Hohenzollern by Fr

    Time Left: 27 days and 9 hours

    • FOR SALE

    How much nicer can you find? a Fr made cross removed from a bar. EUR750


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