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  2. Bill, It's difficult to tell from an image. The maker mark is raised and MAINZ 3 is engraved. --dj--Joe
  3. Yes, I'd say that it is the same star. Romanoff used the so called Royal Collection of the Bulgarian Monarchy for reference, hence the unique pieces which he shows in his book.
  4. Agree, fake. Safe your money.
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  6. Hello Ulrica! Beautiful 3rd class libertycross! Was your grandmother from Finland or was she a volunteer? These liberty crosses with red cross in the center was awarded to doctors, nurses and for medical merits during the winter war of 1939. An original award certificate makes the lot worth more money since the few awarded (48) pieces.
  7. Hi Morten. Nice photos. Thanks for sharing. Cheers, Larry
  8. Guys, have this nice digital portrait of an Oberst. It came to me as Kdr. Kgl. Sächs. 1. Fußartillerie-Regt. Nr.12 (Metz), dated 1908 Can't find his name. Who was the commander of Kgl. Sächs. 1. Fußartillerie-Regt. Nr.12 at that time? Thanks !!
  9. Trooper_D

    Monaco badge

    Interesting item, Jeff. Thanks for showing it to us and for clearing up its purpose. Do you now know any more about the silver gilt version you have seen?
  10. A little update since I've acquired boxed and documented unnumbered IKOM type if I'm not mistaken.
  11. JBFloyd

    Monaco badge

    After some back and forth with the Embassy of Monaco here in the US, the Ambassador has confirmed that this is the badge given to Consuls of Monaco. The Ambassador is herself a past consul and consul-general.
  12. My grandmother was awarded this medal. Naturally, I am very curious to know more about it and you all seem so knowledgeable. I am not sure if a certificate exists, is that important, or not so much? Thanks in advance.
  13. Jurgen Fritz

    "Radium" 6,35 Cal. Pistol

    Thanks Bayern for y' Interest Yeah had the Ruby 7,65 myself,but was "unsafe to handle" Regards Jurgen
  14. Veteran

    The Value of a Collection

    Hello Brian, Your collection is part of your estate. The question is therefore : how do you handle your belongings ? The value of your collection is simple : it's worth what it can be sold for. How can you tell ? Offer it for sale, to a dealer, at auction, on eBay, whatever. But you don't want to sell it away. How could you tell what you can get for it ? You can have it valued by a competent auctionneer and pay him (her) a fee for the effort. You don't want to get into that sort of expense ? Have a complete inventory of your collection and keep posted on the prices you see offered in the trade, obtained in successful auctions (including cost to the buyer), or such places as eBay. Add up the prices you found. AND TAKE 50%. You might make more, but you will not make much less. I personnally would be happy to hear of an other approach. Veteran
  15. Veteran

    WWI Medal Group & War Chronicle

    Hello turtle, This group is typical of post WW1 period. The only way to get this man's records is to find the "departement" (i.e. county) where he was born and probably draughted. The local archives would then be the place to research. A difficult task genealogists overcome when they are lucky. Sorry I cannot be more constructive. Veteran
  16. Joe I agree also you are right about the e and r in Berlin. The DRK badge and Frauenhilfdienst have the same markings. I don't recall exactly when and why the marked Frauenhilfdienst were deemed copies. I know Stubbe had a contract for RDK. If someone or even Stubbe for that matter would keep producing postwar why would they not keep producing DRK?? Thanks all for the input. This is the most action Ive seen on here in quite a spell. Its great. Regards Robert PS 10 more posts to 1K.
  17. Egypt 1882 medal made into pin broach, 3882 Pte G Weatherdon 10th Co. C&TC. Looking up his records states `Deserted` but no more information on that. He enlisted for 12years but no mention of territorial. He came from Exeter, also found the same person as T3882 and came from Exeter but no mention of `Deserted`. Can anyone explain 2 records for the same soldier and if there is any information available for deserters in that period?
  18. Hi Paul, Thanks for you comment. Kirton would have been eligible for the 1939-45 Star, the Africa Star and the War Medal but as these were issued un-named, It is very unlikely that these will ever be reunited. I am hoping that the Royal Signals Museum will be able to get back to me and give me some more information. Maybe he stayed in the service long enough to get his LSGC! Ive got some more interesting posts coming soon, time is the only issue!!
  19. When you reach 35.... everything is downhill from there ;-)
  20. Fake. First there is no Juncker spange stamped with their name, second the date box is wrong, last it is a one piece construction which is an immediate give away. Jim
  21. Hi Larry, Odulf, Martin, GrayC, Dedehansen and others, This picture came in the mail today, hope you like it! Unterpersonal der Stäbe Schreiber-Laufbahn Obermatrosen Cheers, Morten.
  22. 1812 Overture

    Leopold orden badge for officers

    LOOK!I happen to have a picture of it wearing it. This version is very rare and I hope to help you.
  23. Thank you! In post #69 Graf said "Notice the Swords they are mounted upside down" - that's exactly what we see in the 2nd photo you posted. It seems to be identical star to the one in the Romanoff's book.
  24. 1812 Overture

    Small collection of Leopold

    Wow, this is so beautiful, I like it, it is a bit expensive
  25. Hi Nicolas,this is Goldene Hochzeits-Jubiläumsmedaille Golden Wedding Jubilee Medal Goldene Hochzeits-Jubiläumsmedaille was instituted on December 20, 1918 by the last King of Bavaria Ludwig III (07.01.1845-18.10.1921) to commemorate the 50th anniversary of his wedding to Marie Therese Henriette Dorothea von Österreich-Este (02.07.1849-03.02.1919). The wedding ceremony itself was held on February 20, 1868 in the imperial palace of Hofburg in Vienna. Decoration was presented during celebrations in Munich to all the Royal Court officials and servants, bodyguards of the Royal couple as well as to subjects who distinguished themselves during preparation for solemn ceremony of the Golden wedding and its implementation. Totally 2,711 medals were bestowed. Golden Wedding Jubilee Medal had a shape of a vertical oval with slightly raised border. Design of an obverse was based on a work of art of the famous sculptor and medalist Theodor Georgii (30.04.1883-21.08.1963) – bas relief of the royal couple he created from June until December 1917 before the Golden wedding ceremony. Apropos, during the celebration of the King’s birthday on January 07, 1918 Theodor Georgii was given the rank of the “royal professor” (königlicher Professor). Thus, an obverse showed portraits of the Royal couple facing right encircled by a thin laurel wreath tied with ribbons on each side. Three rosettes surrounded with multiple raised dots were situated at the top and at the bottom of the wreath. Design of a reverse was elaborated by the engraver and medalist Alois Börsch (Boersch) (01.03.1855-10.04.1923), who previously engraved König Ludwig-Kreuz. A reverse bore an inscription “In Commemoration of the Golden Wedding” (“Zur Erinnerung an die Goldene Hochzeit”) in capital letters of different height running in five horizontal lines. The date “February 20, 1918” separated with dots (“20·Febr·1918”) was placed below. Two heraldic shields of the royal couple, both topped with the Bavarian crown, were placed at the bottom of a reverse – lesser coat of arms of Bavaria and that of Austria-Este (Österreich-Este). Two branches of the blooming myrtle with three flowers flanked the whole composition. Initial of Alois Börsch, “B” was placed at the very bottom of a reverse, just below the central flower. Goldene Hochzeits-Jubiläumsmedaille measuring 37x26 mm and weighing 10,1 g was struck at the Hauptmünze in Munich of the so-called “Kriegsmetall”, i.e. zinc. Decoration was worn on the left side of the chest suspended from a 21,8 mm wide silk ribbon divided into sky blue and white halves, thus symbolizing Bavaria, with a central 3,4 mm wide golden stripe. In addition to this decoration two more awards were instituted in conjunction with the Golden Wedding of the Royal Couple: Erinnerungszeichen an die Goldene Hochzeit des Königspaares and Goldene Hochzeits-Erinnerungsmünze. The above information comes from other websites
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