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  2. WOW! killer, great score!! and in a book store of all places?? one never knows, does one??
  3. Peter Thanks for your thoughts, the use of a ‘Trooper’ hilt and ears had puzzled me on what is clearly an Officers Sabre, after a bit of a hunt , found this example, though clearly mine wasn’t made by such an illustrious maker, it does show that many variations were made to Officers Sabres of the period.
  4. Yours is chipped as is usual as the enamel work is quite brittle. They are readily available on the market as they were awarded in huge numbers. They can be purchased for no more than 50 dollars Paul
  5. There is no Captain in hussars, equivalent rank is called Rotmistr. Shtabs Rotmistr of 12th Hussars is on the picture and Rotmistr (full captain) would be with no pips (stars).
  6. Holocaust Memorial Center for the Jews of Macedonia, Skopje Panzer uniform of the Fallschirm-Panzer-Division 1. Hermann Göring
  7. Hi Gunner thanks for that will contact him regards Caz
  8. Yes, there is a French officer. I think that person was part from Henri Berthelot's French Military Mission in Romania.
  9. Hi Bayern, Thank you for noticing the typo mistake. It is human. As interesting fact -few months ago Australia Mint printed new 50 Dollars notes It took more then 6 months till a collector discovered a spelling mistake, which was repeated three times in the small print (noticeable only with high magnification) The Australia Mint already printed 400 000 000 notes valued 2 Billions Dollars Because of the high volume this note will be not a "rare" bird The Spoke person for the Mint stated that it will not be removed from circulation, however the next print will be with the correct spelling I know it is with C not S I have seen recent makes of the Cejalvo Firm of mainly Spanish Orders, however the quality is not as good as the items made by the same firm long time ago Regards
  10. The then prince Carol firing a French Chauchat LMG near to him ,a french officer
  11. Hello, Bundespolizei is the Austrian Police , and Hoherer polizeidienst means Superior Police service the Upper class of Police functionaires, The badge is probably destined to use with civilian dress . regarding the German connection , Its true that in Germany exists a Bundespolizei but it was created in 2005 from the Old Bundesgrenzschutz . and the badge looks older
  12. Gentlemen ,Cejalvo with C and not S is a old Spanish manufacturer of orders and medals I suggest a visit to the site www condecoracionescejalvo. es /
  13. Boris is certainly wearing old style star. Look how dark are wings around the head in the center, they are dark (red) color like on old designs, not grey color like on new star.
  14. I am looking to sell this here on GMIC and was wondering what a fair price is to ask. I don't want to give it away, but I am not looking to sell higher than market value either. The sooner the better.
  15. That's great news! Thank you so much! I was looking to sell this on GMIC because this has always been the place where people seem to have a genuine interest in medals. What would be a fair price to ask for this? I don't want to give it away, but I am not looking to sell it for more than market value either. I would rather sell it sooner than later.
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  17. I believe, but am not 100% certain, it is a code for the department number of the product approval unit (Prufstelle)
  18. Dear all, Does anyone know where I could obtain 16mm wide UK Order of Merit ribbon (military type)? It would be a miniature type ribbon I am looking for. Many thanks, Pierce
  19. Hello gentlemen, this photo is in my collection for a longer time now. Unfortunately, I was not able to identify the orders / awards which the portrayed gentleman is showing. Also I am not very good when it comes to read writings like this - does anyone have a clue what is written on the bottom of the photo? Besides a close-up of the awards, I have also attached a more detailed scan of the bicorn and the sabre. Maybe those help. To me the uniform looks more like one for an official rather than for a military officer? Thank you in advance! Kind regards, Leonard
  20. Hi Odulf, Thanks for suport to this thread! Cheers,Morten. Hi Larry,MartinW,GreyC and Odulf, MARINEARTILLERIEABTEILUNG 4. Cheers,Morten.
  21. It's been awhile since I've posted and in the mean time I bought a series of 7 miniatures so here is a complete list of my medals: Full Size: 1. George Cross (UK) 2. National Defense Service Medal (US) 3, Pro Partia Medal (South Africa) 4. Pour le Merit (Prussia/Germany) also known as the Blue Max Miniatures: 1. Victoria Cross (UK) 2. Military Cross (UK) 3. MBE (UK) 4. Honoris Crux 1975 (South Africa) 5. Military Merit Medal (South Africa) 6. Pro Partia Medal (South Africa) 7. Southern Africa Medal (South Africa) 8. General Service Medal (South Africa) 9. Unitas Medal (South Africa) 10. John Chard Medal (South Africa) 11. de Wet Medal (South Africa) I also had to replace an order for the following due to a parcel that got lost in the postal black hole (oops, I mean system) US Legion of Merit Medal US Purple Heart UK Distinguished Service Cross
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