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  2. Hi JohanH As you know its hard to read and understand the wrighting in the Matriklar..... I looked up the commanders in chief of the Royal Thai Navy. The one who was commander in chef in 1965 was Admiral, Prince, Kanchitpon Apakorn between 1964-1966.
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  4. Alex K, Nice awards. Thanks for showing us pictures of them. Regards, Gordon
  5. I am seeking information about Karl Leichenstern, b. 29 May 1847, major general in the Bavarian army, 1899-1901 commander of 10th Königlich Bayerische Infanterie-Brigade. I only know that his father was Ludwig Leichtenstein, d. 1866 at fortress Rosenberg, lieutenant colonel. The Prussian Maschine doesn’t list him, perhaps he retired before 1914. I found an entry of him from 1906 where he was categorized “zur Disposition”. Kind Regards Hermann
  6. Friend, I am honored to discover this article, and I am very happy that you have been active in this forum for so many years. I have just purchased a cross from the Kingdom of Hungary with a mini breast star.
  7. Here are the Coronation medal for King RamaX.
  8. Hi As you know it was 4 Grand crosses of the order of the Sword given that date. The two you looking for i think are Admiral Chief of the thai navy Kanjitpol Abhankorn, and General, Suit Suityuthakorn Dagananda, second i command of the Thai Airforce. The other two was General Prapas Charusthuka, Deputy Prime Minister, and Air Marshal Dawee Chullasapya, Deputy Defence Minister. Just for "fun" there where given out other classes of the order of the sword that date.............. 3 = Commander 1cl (KSO1kl) 1 = Commander (KSO) 1 = Knight 1cl (RSO1kl) 9 = Knights (RSO) I made compleat spreadsheats of all swedish orders given to Thai from 1748 to 1979. You can find it on my home page http://www.silvermedaljen.n.nu/svenska-ordnar-utdelade-till-siam/thailand
  9. Picked up at a used book store today. The sign has tape on the reverse where the bark has split, but otherwise perfect.
  10. Hi, the only thing that worries me a bit are the shade of blue, but that is probably due to the lighting... can you take an outside pic?
  11. Hello Duncan , the medal is of the time of the Partisan Struggle against Germans in Italy. not the Spanish Civil War the Garibaldians were the communist party Brigades , the emblem of the obverse is a Scarf tied as the partisans weared it . the garibaldians weared red scarfs .
  12. Hi Peter, Thanks again! I wonder if it’s relevant that it’s a lower case ‘g’ also the g and 50 seem to have been engraved, whereas the W (if it is a W?) and the 1 have been struck by a chisel? Another relevant point might be is that this pistol has been converted to percussion. Regs
  13. Hello Sajkaca, The hussars pogoni is that of a Full captain or that of a Sub captain ?
  14. Hello, doesnt matter, the cap looks good but some details dont fit well ,the sweatband appears to be of waxed cloth a cheap material but the cloth of the upper part of the cap looks as good quality .. not the red cloth of the band. en fin as the French says ,much care with the cap
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  16. Some of his stuff apeared at Weitze He doubled the price that isn't meant negative, he doesn't know how long it takes to sell it, the money is bound
  17. Duncan, Hope this link gives you some information which helps: - www.lensculture.com/projects/104977-partisans-there-was-no-time-f Regards, Graham
  18. i think I got myself a new hobby. These are my first attempts in colorising
  19. Hi Roman, very nice. With regard to Lippe I only have this photo of the other principality, Schaumburg-Lippe. It´s a private photo that shows Prinz Christian of Schaumburg-Lippe on his tricycle in the year of 1911, 5 years old. GreyC
  20. I always thought this medal was for members of a WW2 partisan unit called the Garibaldi Brigade. Looking on google though I think though I may be wrong and that the Garibaldi Brigade was in fact from the Spanish Civil War and this medal was for members of that unit for the Spanish civil War. Can anyone enlighten me? Also, what on earth is the image on the obverse supposed to be? Regards Duncan.
  21. Bernie There is just enough glare off the photo that I wasn't sure of the 'W' [old eyes]. Sadly, that doesn't get us an forrader! Can't think of any likely regimental title in English which would contain two words beginning with G and W.
  22. Hi I just added this nice medal to my collection and also a very important and interesting Star, which was a part of a group of the British Admiral of a fleet Sir Colin Keppel It is believed it was given to him after the visit of the Sweden Royal family
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