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  2. Picked up at a used book store today. The sign has tape on the reverse where the bark has split, but otherwise perfect.
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  4. Hi, the only thing that worries me a bit are the shade of blue, but that is probably due to the lighting... can you take an outside pic?
  5. Hello Duncan , the medal is of the time of the Partisan Struggle against Germans in Italy. not the Spanish Civil War the Garibaldians were the communist party Brigades , the emblem of the obverse is a Scarf tied as the partisans weared it . the garibaldians weared red scarfs .
  6. Hi Peter, Thanks again! I wonder if it’s relevant that it’s a lower case ‘g’ also the g and 50 seem to have been engraved, whereas the W (if it is a W?) and the 1 have been struck by a chisel? Another relevant point might be is that this pistol has been converted to percussion. Regs
  7. Hello Sajkaca, The hussars pogoni is that of a Full captain or that of a Sub captain ?
  8. Hello, doesnt matter, the cap looks good but some details dont fit well ,the sweatband appears to be of waxed cloth a cheap material but the cloth of the upper part of the cap looks as good quality .. not the red cloth of the band. en fin as the French says ,much care with the cap
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  10. Some of his stuff apeared at Weitze He doubled the price that isn't meant negative, he doesn't know how long it takes to sell it, the money is bound
  11. Duncan, Hope this link gives you some information which helps: - www.lensculture.com/projects/104977-partisans-there-was-no-time-f Regards, Graham
  12. i think I got myself a new hobby. These are my first attempts in colorising
  13. Hi Roman, very nice. With regard to Lippe I only have this photo of the other principality, Schaumburg-Lippe. It´s a private photo that shows Prinz Christian of Schaumburg-Lippe on his tricycle in the year of 1911, 5 years old. GreyC
  14. I always thought this medal was for members of a WW2 partisan unit called the Garibaldi Brigade. Looking on google though I think though I may be wrong and that the Garibaldi Brigade was in fact from the Spanish Civil War and this medal was for members of that unit for the Spanish civil War. Can anyone enlighten me? Also, what on earth is the image on the obverse supposed to be? Regards Duncan.
  15. Bernie There is just enough glare off the photo that I wasn't sure of the 'W' [old eyes]. Sadly, that doesn't get us an forrader! Can't think of any likely regimental title in English which would contain two words beginning with G and W.
  16. Hi I just added this nice medal to my collection and also a very important and interesting Star, which was a part of a group of the British Admiral of a fleet Sir Colin Keppel It is believed it was given to him after the visit of the Sweden Royal family
  17. 9th Kievski (of the Edward VII of England) and 12th Akhtirski Hussars
  18. Thanks for your reply. I did some research when I got the painting in , and found that link as well. But not much more. She did not only ad the feathers, but; cords, medals and buttons too.... The reason she did so must have been because was this like a art form, to here... To me just as bad...
  19. Hi Toot, Yes, that was the practice on the field, however unless the items come directly from the family with a very strong "Provenance ( better with Photo of the awarded person wearing the converted EK2)' then the door is wide open for speculations. Because the "converted' EK2 to RK demands bigger price it is quite temping for certain people to do so now and claim that it is a period conversion. I even would not trust "reputable" dealers because even they can be tricked or worse knowingly selling such item as "period conversion"
  20. Hello, two questions,first about the sweatband .is made of waxed cloth ? second, the peak is made of fiber ?
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  22. Hi Relentless, Welcome to the Club. Thank you for the nice pictures The other Orders are amazing Especially the Order for Civil merit 1st Class for ladies Set with original box and picture of the awarded person Regarding the SS Cyril and Methodius Cross I agree with you that the Star on the photo with King Boris looks the same, however we have been discussing for a while a strange Set with blue enamel inside the both central medallions -similar to the one in Tallinn Museum Such sets appeared in the market 2-3 years ago One of them was sold in Holland The Set had the same Sash as the one in Tallinn About the same time was reported by one of our members Now a similar Set appeared for sale as "Collectors copy" The good news is the seller provides very detailed pictures and we can compare it with the well known originals All those Sets have also one thing in common the back of the flames on the crosses are not enameled The discussed Sejalvo Cross and supposedly existing Stars are also considered as original, however more modern version. They were ordered by the current Monarch King Simeon in around 1970s. At that time he was living in exile in Spain The official maker of this Order The Austrian firm Rothe made them during the both King Ferdinand and King Boris period up till the end of WW2 There were fiw Sets that were made after the war up to the 1960s for the collectors market using the original dies and supposedly left over materials After the firm was closed there is a big question what has happened with the dies for many Orders not only Bulgarian ones Supposedly those post war sets by Rothe had marks that they deffer from the old oriignal to reflect the time they were made, however nobody has had a detailed research of those facts Our tusk is to find out whether those crosses and sets were made more recently using the original dies or made by this purpose new dies i.e words whether those Sets are copies with less little value for the collectors and the market. Once this is identified it is up to the collector to decide whether he/she can have them in their collection and how much they are willing to spend We here on those forums try to establish the truth using our knowledge and the existing facts Regards
  23. That was very interesting, he was a man with great taste. What I noticed and think is interesting in picture 6 he wears the Bavarian Hubertus star in precedence bevore the Prussian Black Eagle star, although Lippe was more or less surrounded by Prussia. EDIT: Inspecting it again I saw it is a RED EAGLE star - so the precedence makes sence
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