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  2. I have tried to contact Michael Autengruber [including email to michael.autengruber@orden-der-welt.de and telephone 49 (0) 75 31 28 29 059] for the past 3 weeks without success. :Has anyone different contact points? Or if Michael reads this, please send me a PM. Thanks to all!
  3. Thanks Paul. I was guided by guts feeling ...
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  5. The hierarchy between Belgian medals (with exception of the National Orders) is not very clear. In some decrees that create a medal it is stated in the form of "worn behind the ... medal" of "worn behind all medals created before this decree". I have looked but never found an official list. In my opinion the hierarchy behind the National Orders is more out of custom than regulations. Even if there is a reglation for these medals it is not strictly followed or enforced. Usually you see medals in this order: Belgian National Orders (see link below for their hierarchy) Foreign Orders (in order of receiving) Military Medal (art. 4) -- Now known by a different name that keep forgetting -- and maybe it civil counterpart (not sure) Decorations received for wartime actions Military decorations Civil decorations Unofficial decorations (not allowed but worn anyway) see also: https://diplomatie.belgium.be/en/services/Protocol/nobility_and_honorary_distinctions/national_orders/wearing_decorations (official) https://hmc2.pagesperso-orange.fr/en/belgium/e-precedence.html (made by medal enthusiast and If I'm not mistaken a member of this forum) In short: No problems with your medals. Kind Regards, Vincent
  6. Marine-Ober-Ingenieur Ernst Sprenger (1884 - 1960) pilot licence No. 426 on 04.06.1913 on an Albatros - Zweidecker at Johannisthal. 1913/1914 Marine-Flieger-Abteilung Putzig 1915 Stab Befehlshaber der Luftfahrabteilung (B.d.L.) 1915 SFS Holtenau for training to see pilot 1916 - 1918 Seeflugzeug-Versuchs-Kommando (SVK) (Warnemünde) 06.08.1915 -- see pilot badge
  7. I would have to disagree with the first paragraph. I've followed the on-line commentary of this season's episodes and it is often stated that the acting, cinematography, and music are great - the only thing being criticized is the horrible writing. It's been specifically mentioned that calling for a redo honors the greatness of the actors and crew, who have been insulted just as much as the viewers by the collapse in quality of the script. You're right - the connections between GRR Martin's world and real history are legion.
  8. Imperial "sash quadruple" - the first and only time I saw that in this painting. Do you now other paintings or pictures were all sashs are worn?
  9. Always good to have a reunite, good luck finding the other two.
  10. I agree with your comment about the petition and think it's an insult to the cast and crew to have the audacity to ask for a redo. I went on the petition website and laid into the guy who started it and the people signing it, most of whom seem to be from that entitled, hyper-sensitive,self-centered generation, the millennials, a generation of privilege that has been over-parented and over-indulged. Anyway, enough of that. I thought all in all the show was amazing. I'm no expert on the War of the Roses, but the starting point for the inspiration is all the houses that either aligned with the Lancasters (Lannisters) or with the Yorks (Starks). That was supposedly George R.R. Martin's jumpining off point. Westeros is the UK and Essos is Europe and Asia as I understand it. The Wall is Hadrian's Wall and the land beyond the wall is Scotland and the wildlings are the Picts or the Vikings. The Dothraki are the Mongols and The Unsullied are the Janissaries. It would be interesting to try to draw lines between historical events and peoples and GOT.
  11. Cant see any obvious problems Paul
  12. The conversion is important, as it implies a lengthy period of service. On later firearms - late 19th, 20th century, it is not uncommon to find anywhere up to a half dozen marks or sets of marks, resulting from the same weapon having been issued to multiple owners in multiple units. So, for example, a Victorian era carbine might have multiple marks and rack numbers indicating the times it had been issued to and inspected for a line regiment, plus marks showing service with militia or cadet units. A long answer to a short question! Yes, the marks may have been put on the piece at different times.
  13. Here they are, thanks for your comments;
  14. Thank you, Andy. I collect old photographs. I have a CAB of Leichtenstern and I want to post it on Wikipedia. So, I try to write a short biographical article about him. I hope Wikipedia will accept it. Leichtenstern must be a relevant person. I am not sure if he is. One of his brothers was a well known physician. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Otto_Michael_Ludwig_Leichtenstern Hermann
  15. Thank you Johan. It´s really a big job to look thrue all the matriklar and make it searchable. When i looked thrue them for all 'Thai citizens it took me some time and i think i missed some anyway just because it was hard to read the names sometimes. Its easier with the order of Serafime.. there all names in wikiepedia in a list and they are not so many... I really hope you will finnish this project, im very interested in it. I know some people in KMO, Kungl. Maj:ts Orden, and i will ask them if i can go there and look thrue the Matriklar in real , so to say... I would like to finnish my list of thai citizens and try to keep it up to date. After 1974 it becomes more easy because of the reform of the swedish orders. It´s only one order to look at.
  16. Very informative info Brian - thank you ! I wasn't on the forum for a while … or a bit longer .. If we are talking about Freikorps Caspari , I have few pieces from one of his former officers ( I bought them from his son ! ) - they are from WW I and WW II era , nothing from his Freikorps time … I was told he was participating in this particular Freikorps . His name is Rudolf Sies and he was very interesting man - after his Second World War he was President of the organization of German porcelain makers and one of the highest managers at Huetschenreuther Manufactur .. I'm sorry it's bit off topic .. here you have his few belongings .. I also have somewhere packed his WW I officer's shoulder board. best Kornel
  17. Great photo !! Seeing this type of sweater in wear on a KM photo is uncommon. Cheers,Martin.
  18. Yesterday
  19. Hi larry, Odulf, MartinE, GreyC etc, Here is a new Vorpostenflottille image that is not scary.Bought the picture because of this little messy sweater the man wears. Vorpostenflottille Mützenbander in wear. Cheers,Morten,
  20. Nice selection of pieces my friend look forward to seeing your collection grow best wishes martin2
  21. Fleece from Louis XV of France (stolen 1792) with the legendary French Blue Diamond, which was most likely (i think it's already proven but I am not shure) the diamond from which the Hope-Diamond was cut out REPLICA:
  22. … Plus the fact that the seller (pseudonym KORSHUN on eBay) did not even bother answering me when I questioned him about all that ! Does anyone know him ? Should this guy be put on the buyers' black list ?
  23. Hi, your new purchase looks very nice, and thanks for the kind comments, does your posted image just show the complete medal or just the ribbons, I can't seem to open the entire image? Regards Hi Gordon, thanks for the kinds words, in hand, they really do look as amazing as on the images, regards
  24. Hermann, Here are a few dates to help with your research. Andy Karl Leichenstern (29.03.1847-30.11.1924) 01.04.01-16.05.02 Kom. d. 10. Inf. Brig. [01.04.01 Nummertausch] 02.06.99-01.04.01 Kom. d. 8. Inf. Brig. 17.07.96-02.06.99 Kom. d. 10. Inf. R. 1871 in 5. Jäg. B. Gen.Maj. 02-06-99 Oberst 17-07-96 Oberstlt. 12-04-94 Major 19-12-88 Hptm. 30-11-79 Prem.Lt. 01-08-66 Sek.Lt. 20-05-66
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