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  3. Very impressive! It would be interesting to see a photograph of the man. Thank you for sharing. Regards Brett
  4. Thank you Sir. I thought as much but had not heard that term used before. If this is a fake, it is very good.
  5. Very impressive display. Can’t wait to see what eventually lands in that upper right corner! Beautiful collection. Mike
  6. I have one of Koldunov's Soviet medals (incl. document) in my collection. Can't recall which one, a 'basic' one. Closest I'll get to a Soviet Marshall!
  7. Hello Peter, I understand .A question ,which kind of leather item you want to restore?
  8. I think it's generally taken to mean a fake, (Wring one's hands in anguish for buying a dud/clunker/lemon etc) The piece may be one of the very latest (And good) generation of fakes doing the rounds I could of course be completely wrong regards
  9. Yesterday
  10. Here are some more from my collection. Notice that Marshal I. Konev is wearing the American Legion of Merit award (the highest of it's type) on his neck. Also interesting detail about the photos is the lady (I believe in naval/or naval infantry uniform) she's wearing 3 battle awards (order of red star, order of glory III class and medal for bravery. Pretty cool!!)
  11. Very nice. I've not seen these before.
  12. I found this on emedals and thought it is interesting to share. This is a EK II 1870 made out of Gold with wihte enemal. It was used as 1st class cross once, What I think is weird is that the backpin was put there sideway. (Maybe because the ring for the ribbon, was attached with a hinge and therefore if the ring is put down, so that it can't be seen from the front, there wasn't enough space for the EKI hinge, if you don't want to dextroy the crown?) Has anyone ever seen such a cross before?
  13. WOW! there is a ton of BLING in these photos. the first one with a NAZI eagle in it is inked out. strange?? thank you it was a time travel. some historical officers on these pages! WOW!! there was rely some history shown on the 7 pages!! officers with a chest full of BLING!!
  14. Hi Matty, the Bavarian is LAPO Oberstleutnant Alfred Wanka. And yes, that is Major Kay/Kai Meyn. Regards Glenn
  15. I have this bar , think its quite unusual with a bow mount for a gentleman ? Could it be for a woman Bavarian nurse for example ??
  16. I saw a Mannerheim Cross for sale from Auono Kuiri at Bukowskis. a 2nd class went for 25 000 Euro ? Do not remember when 2011 The 2nd class awarded to Oiva Rönkä was out for 40 000 Euro ( but i couldn´t be exported out of Finland) And Tiainen says that 220 Mannerheim Crosses 2nd class where made against 8 1st class I think a genuine Mannerheim Cross 1st class should reach about 100 000 Euro probably ? Would love to see pictures of the 1 st class mentioned in this thread Does anyone know how many are known in Finnish Museums ? Christer
  17. Good to know. Thank you! I have just enough training in museum conservation to be a little suspicious of 'home recipes' but one would assume that a tanner would know.
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