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    • Mervyn Mitton   06/11/15

      I am sad to announce that Mervyn Mitton who has been Senior Moderator and friend to many of us on GMIC for several years passed away on Wednesday. He had been ill for many years, but he never let this get in the way of his passion for Militaria and Police Collectables. His knowledge of British Police history and collectables was immense and his death is a tragic loss to GMIC and the wider collecting world. Mervyn was always very proactive on GMIC and a real driving force behind the scenes amongst the staff. I will miss his old world charm, warmth, generosity and guidance. Yes he could be slighlty cantankerous at times, but that was part of his makeup, an old school English Gentleman a dying breed that are irreplaceable. I will miss him.


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    • Small collection of POW groups. ** REGIONAL ADMIN. AWARD & CERT. OF MERIT. *A RECOMMENDED POST
      Interesting Ephemera and Medals to Japanese POW Casualty

.  The medals and original paperwork all relating to Corporal 2031740 John Francis Charles Tibbs (known as Jack) served with the 40th Fortress Company Royal Engineers. The medals comprise of the 1939-45 Star, the Pacific Star and the 1939-45 War Medal. Plus a George V coronation medal and what is believed to be Tibb’s wristwatch. The medals and watch came in a tin found with all the paperwork.  He was stationed in Hong Kong certainly from early 1941 to its capture by the Japanese in the December of 1941. He became a prisoner of war and spent time in a camp in Kowloon and ultimately following his death in February1944 he was buried (possibly cremated) in the Yokohama Cemetery in Japan. The paperwork and letters give a brief time-line for Jack and include three letters from him to his father and family starting in early '41 up to July of that year, Honk Kong fell in the December and the other letter from him written in pencil on Japanese paper has no date and because of restrictions gives no information about where he might be and asks for photo's of family members along with tobacco and mentions that it has been six years since he was home.
There are two typed letters from a friend of the Tibbs family who had a daughter who was living in Hong Kong when the battle broke out and six months on was still in the same area, she was able to visit a man in hospital who had lost his arm in an explosion and when there she saw Jack and was able to report that although mildly wounded he was ok and imprisoned in a camp at Kowloon. 
Jack survived until 28th February 1944 and died at the age of 37, we all know of the deprivation these men had to endure and the likely hood is that Jack starved or died due to illness. The last two letters help to show where Jack was buried, in 1955 the Imperial war graves commission had to write to the families of men who had died in Japan to make them aware that a Priest at the temple in Osaka was holding remembrance services and in this letter it details Jacks final resting place within the cemetery and says ashes rather than remains. The final letter is from Jacks father complimenting the commission on the fine work they had done at the cemetery. This is a brief breakdown of the paperwork, there is a lot more to read, mostly day to day stuff but it makes these people real and interesting.
    • Link to German wounded?
      Hi, I lost the link to the site with the German WW1 wounded lists. There was a site that was better than ancestry... can anyone remember where it was?   Thanks Chris
    • Small collection of POW groups. ** REGIONAL ADMIN. AWARD & CERT. OF MERIT. *A RECOMMENDED POST
      It pays to do your research and the case above is a perfect one for how their can be confussion and wrong information in what are considered sound resources.  New information has come to light that confirms that the above medal was issued to Isaac Henry Hazzard and NOT his older brother John Hale Hazzard as I thought and as was indicated in the resources mentioned above.  Please not the service papers, which confirms that it was issed to Isaac and not John. It would be very interesting to see the naming on these medals, WO364 confirms the number 5231 belongs to Isaac Henry Hazzard and shows his entitlement to the medals, WO100/197 shows that there were actually three men with the name Hazzard rather than one.  Interestingly, RG11 confirms that Isaac Henry Hazzard was John Hale Hazzard's younger brother
      Isaac Hazzard died in 1953.   I based this mans identity solely upon two published sources, themselves, actually transcribed from returns in WO129 and WO108, which contain errors and omissions.  The "roster" I showed is merely a copy of the "phone book" that is a simple transcript, arranged alphabetically, it's redeeming feature is that it does contain a copy of The Last Post.  At the end of the day, the available evidence and the balance of probability, in this particular case, is that Isaac Hazzard is the only possible candidate as he was serving in the battalion, and he is clearly entitled to the medals with his particular service; moreover, how does one interpret a single letter when preparing a medal from a roll provided, is it a J, a T, or perhaps an I; not always an easy task and in this case, obviously one that lead to human error in naming the medals and then mistaken identity.  So, check all your sources and then some... : ) A recent find. A QSA with: Relief of Kimberley / Paardeberg / Driefontein / Transvaal / Wittebergen clasps named to:  300 TPR: J. SCOTT, R. H. GDS.  James Scott, was born in Selkirk and served 12 years; this is his only medal.  Hew as captured and a PoW at Sannah's Post on 31 March, 1900.  He was released later. This is a very scarce PoW medal as there were only 428 men captured along with seven artillery pieces and 117 wagons.  The clasps are verified as is his PoW status on the rolls and in his service record.  
    • Can you read this ?
      I should have got it, I have some maps with Jeperen on them.
    • Funny FAKE SS grouping....
      Pulled from Ebay by the seller due to "an error in the listing"... /Mike
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