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  1. I have been updating a few of the back end functions of the software/server to bring it up to date and close a few security issues. It may have meant that some members received the occasional database error over the last few days, but I hope the bulk of the work has now been done. There should not be any real major front end changes. GMIC is still growing in size and despite some slow down in posting which is reflected across all military collecting forums (sign of the economic times maybe ?) the traffic actually has increased. This combination of traffic and database size can challenge the server. Of course if money was not an issue then a fast modern dedicated server would make a vast differences. As GMIC is essentially a free service then unfortunately this is not an option and I rely on voluntary subscriptions to pay for what I can afford to run. So speed is dependent on subscriptions, the more of you that pay a small annual subscription, the faster server I can afford and the better the service we all get ! If anyone has noticed any significant differences i.e. slow downs or speed ups in the forum please let me know as it is good to get feedback either way. GMIC is eight years old next month and there is a lot of images and information stored on the forum. Over the coming months I will be getting some of the moderators to do a bit of housekeeping as I intend to start archiving some of the old posts to reduce server space. The information will still be there and retrievable under searching, but because it is old and not regularly accessed it will be stored in a slightly different way to save space and make the forum run more efficiently. I have also changed my username to Nick rather than Chairman (although I still am the Chairman) as have the Vice Chairs as I felt titles were a little too impersonal and I want to promote the use of peoples real names. If you would like to adopt your real name (even if it is only your first name with a last initial or tag to retain a agree of anonymity) let me know as it makes it a bit friendlier than some forums where members adopt juvenile usernames as par for the course.
  2. Nick

    New Membership Levels

    As of Monday 5th March 2012 new levels of membership will be introduced at GMIC. To make it simpler to understand the new membership categories are listed below: Basic Bronze Silver Gold Platinum All of these membership categories can be achieved without cost and are based on a combination of active participation and time served on GMIC. There is also an option to achieve higher levels of membership on joining or by a reduced level of participation time. This is through voluntary monetary contribution which assists GMIC in remaining a free service open to all. To understand the different levels of membership please click here Enamel Membership pins are also now available for purchase. Cost is dependent on membership level but for basic members the cost is £5.99 including (worldwide) postage. To purchase a membership go to Members Store
  3. Nick

    Membership Lapel Pins

    This is the preview of the long time coming New GMIC Membership Lapel Pin. This will be available to all membership levels later this week for purchase. This will be included as part of the subscribing members package for all renewals, further details this week. The pin itself is a high quality metal and enamel pin, with a butterfly clip to the rear. It measures approx 1" or 25mm in height. Unfortunately the pictures really do not do it justice. It will be available in limited numbers so get your order in early.
  4. Nick

    28 February 2012

    Greg Interesting life. The badges are on their way !
  5. Nick

    Membership Levels & Images

    Membership Levels I am currently in the process of reviewing all of the membership levels at GMIC and what each level will offer. This includes subscribing membership as well as the incremental membership based on participation in the community. This will include: Changes in image uploads (detailed below) Offering more incentives to subscribing members including an enamel membership badge, and the ability to use images in signatures. Icons to support membership level Image Uploads This has been a difficult area to resolve and has caused much angst over the years. Following a recent discussion amongst the moderators over lost images in older topics, where the image has been hosted elsewhere, I have reviewed how we manage uploads. The simple fact is that images, if not handled correctly can unecessarily take up a lot of server space. Modern digital camera and phones can create image files that are HUGE and if not edited or compressed prior to uploading, a single image can unecessarily take up lots of expensive server space. I have tried over time to increase the allowance for all membership levels, to make posting images a lot easier to manage. A good image quality on screen can easily be managed well under 200kb. However this method of restriction has always put the onus on the member to edit the image prior to posting. This has ensured that the image fits the criteria for membership and can be uploaded to the GMIC server. I am more than aware of the problems this can cause some members, both in terms of time and lack of IT skills and as an alternative some members find it easier to host their images on their own websites or servers. This is fine in the short term, but over time I have found that links to images are lost and that topics can become almost irrelevant without the image to support it. I have therefore been looking at other ways to upload images to give incentive to posting on the GMIC server. What I would like to achieve is similar to ebay where a member can upload (within reason) any size file and the software automatically reduces and compresses the image to a more manageable size. This in turn will hopefully induce more members to post images here at GMIC than host them elsewhere. But this is not as straightforward as it sounds as there are limitations to the software, which I am still working on getting around. After several weeks of trial and error I am nearly there and you may have seen over the last week that images that are uploaded now display at a max of 300 X 300 px thumbnail, click on the image in a post and it will open to its full size. Hopefully this will be resolved by the time I announce the new membership levels next week.
  6. Nick

    Membership Lapel Pins

    There will be an update at the weekend.
  7. Nick

    Membership Lapel Pins

    It will depend on membership levels as some members will get a discounted rate. I will publish costs later in the week with the upgraded membership levels.
  8. All eligible persons (as of the 6th Feb) can wear the medal ribbon and miniature from the 7th Feb, no medals can be worn until the official celebrations starts on the 5th June. I would be surprised if he had his medal already, as only top brass and members of the Royal Household will be likely to get theirs prior to the event (and if the Golden Jubilee is anything to go by it will be days before, not weeks). But they may have actually got their act together this time round ?
  9. My ever expanding collection of Frauenschaft Badges makes me think its time to start a few threads to try and seperate the bewildering varaitions in type, size and design. If we use this thread to start posting perhaps we can start to split them into seperate threads when necessary.
  10. Nick

    Event & Show Calendar

    I have upgraded and developed the Members Calendar to allow members to post any forthcoming events which may be of interest to collectors and members. This is to be used for promoting Events such as Collectors Fairs, Shows and Exhibitions. Anything is allowed as long as it is related to Militaria. Can members put as much detail in the event and start the entry with the Country holding the event: i.e. UK: War & Peace Show
  11. A couple of updates for the forum over the last few weeks: The first is a New Classified for Sale Section. The old Sale Section is now closed and the new classified section is being tested. The main advertisements have to be listed in GBP Stirling Pounds but there is a section within the advert which allows sellers to advertise the sale in other currencies and specify what currency they prefer for payment. The reason for this is mainly due to software limitations and as this essentially is a British run forum then advertisements are going to be in British Pounds. However this main change in the future as the software is developed. Secondly, again as a trial run, I will be hosting a German Language section within the German section. This will be for topics relating to Germany (any period) and is to encourage German speaking collectors to the forum. I hope that as a consequence of this there will be some cross over in that forum between English and German collectors and that with encouragement, German speakers who have a lot to offer, but may have some language problems posting in English, may feel more comfortable initially testing the water there. Wishing you all a Happy and Prosperous 2012
  12. Nick

    Classified Section & German Language Forum

    I want to see how the German Section develops first !
  13. Nick

    WW2 RAF

    Yes a real shame!
  14. Nick

    2 November 2011

    Greg Nice photo. Don't forget to add the signatures of Mielkle to the German signature database.
  15. Look forward to reading your Home Office Circulars.
  16. Nick

    Various 'Bugs' in the system

    I have been working with IPB to fix the following issues which have recently come to light: Signatures not aligning properly within posts with images. I have rebuilt the skin and all is now fixed. Blog images not showing in blog posts. This is still work in progress. The following error was appearing if an URL was posted in a post or message relating to the gallery: Fatal error: Call to undefined method skin_gallery_global_23::bbCode() in /home/macmedal/public_html/admin/applications_addon/ips/gallery/extensions/bbcode/gallery.php on line 298 This has now also fixed. Any further ongoing issues please report them in the software errors and troubleshooting forum.
  17. Nick

    Signature Database ?

    I like the sound of what you are proposing. What we need to decide is how we search a database. Do we use names or pictures as the primary means to search. For example can we always get a name from a signature i.e. is there supporting plain text to support the name or are we relying on visuals to identify some signatures. For example an unknown signature which is indecipherable to one person with no supporting text to identify it which is recognised by someone else to be XYZ ?
  18. Nick

    An Introduction

    Welcome to GMIC and the world of Military Collecting. What a great start, look forward to reading more about Harry..
  19. Nick

    Updated Chat Room

    The Chat room can now be accessed by all members from the Tab marked Chat on the index page. It also can be accessed by the redirect next to the lounge. When people are in the Chat room the tab on the index page will have a red box with a number in it indicating the number of members currently in the Chat Room. Also on the bottom of the index page under members currently online it will show the members who are actually in the Live Chat room so you can see who is chatting and decide if you want to join them.
  20. Have a look at the New GMIC Chat Room for live chat, open to all members,

  21. Nick

    The Nook. Chat Room

    I have just opened a Live Chat Room for all members. Access can be gained from the Tab marked 'Chat' on the Forum index page or from the redirect above the lounge. There are limits to the amount of members that can use it at one time, but IF that because a regular issue, I can upgrade the licence to resolve that. The usual rules around posting apply in the Chat room so please keep the conversations appropriate. Enjoy !
  22. Nick


    Captain Albert why not start your own blog and I can move this bio to it ??
  23. Nick

    Tags & Prefixes

    Many of you may have noticed the Tags box (and in some areas a prefix box) on the posting form which has replaced the sub title area. Sub Titles in topics are no longer supported and I therefore have added a Tags and Prefixes module. At the current time I am starting to test this within certain areas of the forum. For members information this is work in progress and unless there is a requirement to enter pre configured tags or prefixes then please for the moment ignore the boxes as you can't create or input tags or prefixes unless they are pre configured. For those of you who use the Imperial German Section you may find that you are required to input a prefix or tags. In the case of prefixes there can only be one choice and you should choose the most relevant prefix for the topic being posted. As for tags you can add multiple tags but a minimum of one is required and again these should be keywords which highlight the topic content. The purpose of tags and prefixes is to categories topics by the use of keywords which then enables you as members to quickly and easily search for other related material which also has the same tags or prefixes. For example in Imperial German Medals, the Prefixes categories the topic into States or Duchies. In the Imperial Uniforms and Equipment forum the tags categories the content further i.e. uniform, helmet, insignia etc. If you then click on a prefix or tag it should automatically sort and list topics with the same prefix this can then be further sorted by clicking on tags. Any questions just ask.
  24. Nick


    I agree come on Mervyn we want to read what you have got so get publishing...