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  1. Tim

    Thanks for the positive comments. It is still very much work in progress. I agree the search needs work and I am slowly working on ironing out the issues. It has been quite a leap of faith  trusting in the developers who have been creating this new platform from scratch. Lots still to be done but slowly we are getting there.



  2. Brian

    I was going to post my own contribution to the GMIC 10 year Anniversary. But Brian beat me to it and in such a way that says it all. The only reason that we can celebrate today is YOU the members who contribute and keep the forum alive. Without you we would not all be here 10 year since it started. I would also like to give a special thanks to all those that have financially contributed over the years, to keeping the forum alive. Quietly operating in the background, there have been many regular contributors who quite frankly have been the prop that allows us all to enjoy GMIC as it is today. The costs of running the forum back in 2004 were a fraction to what I pay today, mainly due to increases in server size and capacity. But software licensing has also played its part.

    To celebrate our 10 year anniversary I will be implementing a few positive changes over the next few months. The first thing will be a new Sales and Auction section which will be going live in a few weeks time. This will be major improvment over the current system as it will allow users to define a currency of sale as well as sell by auction similar to a ebay style.

    My thanks again to you all for keeping GMIC alive.


    Chairman GMIC

  3. I have witnessed some strange things at big auctions. Certainly not saying anything illegal, but there does seem to be, lets say an 'understanding' amongst dealers around who to bid against or not. It seems the big guns do not take on each other, but if there is a private purchaser on the floor they seen to be fair game. Pushing prices well above anything most mere mortals can afford.

  4. Excel is now supported but it will need to be saved as a .xml .xls or .xlsx file. I can format other file types so let me know what type of file extension is being used.

    The system is designed to allow uploading of new versions. It is easy to update with new versions and by default the system will archive the old versions. To keep track the system asks you to apply version numbers to the files to make things easier.

  5. I like the sound of what you are proposing. What we need to decide is how we search a database. Do we use names or pictures as the primary means to search. For example can we always get a name from a signature i.e. is there supporting plain text to support the name or are we relying on visuals to identify some signatures. For example an unknown signature which is indecipherable to one person with no supporting text to identify it which is recognised by someone else to be XYZ ?