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  1. My May 1929 bible of Scotland Yard identifies 'A' Department was for Administration. A3 covered Promotions & Transfers, Pay Rates, Ceremonials, Special Duties, Medical & Sick, Police Orders. Previously called the Executive Branch A3 was mainly clerical duties, but also included Constables attached to Scotland Yard for special purpose such as motor drivers, and wireless operators. It also included the telegraph office.
  2. new member here- hello!

    Welcome to the forum
  3. Good morning Nick,

    just a quick question. Noticed that the numbers of the individual posts (postnumbers) have  disappeared. Is this temporary and due to work in progress? Hope so, as it tremenduously with referencing within a thread.


    Klaas /GreyC

  4. Unable to post in sales section

    What error message is coming up ? Ensure prices are added for all currency fields.
  5. Hi Nick, just tried to post "for sale" Two WW1 award documents to SS-Gruppenfuhrer Georg Schreyer will not let me, can you help, thanks, Paul

  6. What Currency Can I advertise in.

    Simon I have checked the issue you need to advertise in all three currencies but you can stipulate within the sale which payments you accept. You need to work out the currency price yourself based on current exchange rate. You can no longer just put ) for currencies you do not accept. My hands are tied with this as the software currently does not currently allow me to change it. i will update the FAQ
  7. What Currency Can I advertise in.

    I will look into it.
  8. Unable to post in sales section

    Ok this is now sorted.
  9. What Currency Can I advertise in.

    This will be reflected in the advert if you click on the Euro currency sign. Default setting is GB £ so it will show up as No value Specified until the Euro currency is clicked on.
  10. I updated the troubleshooting / help area post with the info - link you requested



  11. Sales have to be be advertised in the following currency types: GBP £ US $ EUR € As this is an international forum you need to fill out all three currency boxes using the exchange rate you will accept. If you only accept one of the currency types as payement you still need to fill out all the currency boxes but stipulate clearly within the sale text which currencies you accept for payment. The seller needs to establish exchange rates acceptable to them if selling in more than one currency and give a sale price for each currency advertised.
  12. Rules for Sale

    What are the rules for sale? Items Permitted for Sale: All collectibles, medals, orders, documentation, photographs, uniform, equipment and reference material associated with Military Collecting is acceptable for Sale. Stolen goods, firearms (including deactivated), ammunition, explosives, racist propaganda literature (i.e. Der Stürmer), hate organisation and neo nazi memorabilia (i.e. KKK, National Front), items directly attributed to the holocaust (i.e. Concentration Camp material), and pornography are NOT permitted to be advertised or sold through GMIC, whether through public advertisement or private sale through the Messaging system. Inert/spent ammunition and ordnance is acceptable for sale. Swords, Knives and Bayonets should STRICTLY only be sold to members over the age of 21 and are restricted to items of historical military interest only. Modern combat knives, zombie knives, bayonets, hunting knives, urban shivs and killing blades are not permitted to be sold on GMIC. Contract of Sale: The arrangement of sales and auctions is a private contract between all parties. GMIC is only a selling medium for members, it is not responsible for any items sold or advertised for sale and is not responsible for mediating between parties if a conflict arises as a direct consequence of a sale. Members are reminded that fixed price sales are an agreement between the buyer and seller. Sellers should always try and facilitate returns within a reasonable period, especially if there is good reason which supports the buyers concern over any item sold. Representation of Goods: If members are found to be partly or wholly misrepresenting items for sale, or are knowingly selling items which are either fraudulent or made or intended to deceive, they will be have their selling privileges removed or membership terminated. If considered serious or criminal the details will be past on to local law enforcement authorities. Sales: When submitting items for sale members are asked to either upload an image or post a link to a clear detailed picture of the item(s) being sold. The advertisement should clearly indicate the price of the item. The item must be advertised in at least one currency type of either GBP £, US $, or EUR€. If a seller accepts more than one currency type then the price for each currency needs to be included in the item price. Any postal charges including where the seller will post to must also be included. GMIC withholds the right to remove any items for sale without explanation.
  13. I can change your profile name and then disable you account but I will not remove posts which form part of a discussed topic, as this can be problematic.

    all the best



    1. jesper


      Hi nick that ok with me.thank you very much


  14. Hello Nick,

    Are GMIC badges still available?

    Best wishes

    ÖSTA (Paul Hudson)

  15. Rick's article has been archived for now and it was unfinished work. I will restore it at some point in the future. However all his images are still available here: http://gmic.co.uk/gallery/category/57-rick-lündstroms-german-ribbon-bars/