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  1. Hello! To you who contribute to this thread as well as to those who are watching. Here's one of my newest photos that I want to contribute to this great one good thread. Helsman (Steuermanns-Laufbahn) Cheers,Morten.
  2. Hi Larry! Very clear and detailed your new picture. Congratulations on your new purchase for your already great collection. I placed more bids on photo but it became too expensive but I'm glad you received the award on your bid. Cheers, Morten.
  3. Hello Al! One thanks to Larry T who discovered this one: Wearing Wehrersatzwesen (Replacement service carrer Patch) Cheers,Morten.
  4. I overlook the badge so thank you for enlightening me. Cheers,Morten.
  5. Hello! I have had this for a while. 2.SCHIFFSSTAMMABTEILUNG........? Cheers,Morten.
  6. Hello Larry T. Here is a section of one of my pictures that shows Unterwasserhorcher (hydrophone operator-blue uniform) Also has a picture showing this on white uniform. Best,Morten.
  7. Hello Larry. Now you have to hunt for pictures that show all these in use! Cheers,Morten.
  8. Wow Very Nice.Congrats with Your new addition and Thanks for sharing with us!
  9. Thank You Very much Larry! Cheers,Morten.
  10. Very nice picture you show. The thread is still growing and many are within it, but had hoped more would contribute with their pictures. Cheers,Morten.
  11. Some new Narvik Pictures came in today's post. Post one of them here. Cheers, Morten.
  12. Hello! Some new arrivals: Zerstörer Division 4. Cheers, Morten.