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  1. Hi! Thank you my friends Martin and Larry for comments and interest in the KM Threads at the GMIC Forum. I'm looking forward to good KM pictures but have come to the goal with some wishes. It is also a pleasure for me to follow their purchases and interest for Kriegsmarine. Had the hope that the moderators and others in here could show more interest in Threads. Cheers, Morten.
  2. Hi! Today 10 new pictures came in the Post. Now I only need a picture of TORPEDOBOOT TIGER then I have Pictures of all TORPEDOBOOT Mutzenbands in wear photo. TORPEDOBOOT LUCHS. Cheers, Morten.
  3. This is STUNNING My friend.Congrats With Your New addition and thanks for sharing With us!
  4. Hello everyone! I think this is the same Book that is on the Navigation table at the Offizers. What do you think ?? Cheers, Morten.
  5. Hello everyone! Here is a Narvik inwear image I bought a long time ago. Image is taken in Norway and you see higher KM Officers. Hope that more people will continue to keep this thread going. Cheers, Morten.
  6. Very Nice pic my Friend.Thanks for sharing With us. Cheers,Morten.
  7. Looking forward for Your ne photo My friend! cheers,Morten.
  8. Very Nice My friend! Cheers,Morten.
  9. HelloAl! Post their photo to keep alive in the thread! Happy easter to You. Cheers,Morten.
  10. Hi Al! 2 Brother`s. On left arm Port Watch 2 Striper 4"division Bootsmann-Laufbahn Obermatrosen Anti-Aircraft range finder Cheers,Morten.
  11. Have not seen this before I either. Thanks for enjoying my new picture and want to see more. Post a image for the same seller. Cheer, Morten. Hi! KRIEGSMARINEDIENSTELLE HAMBURG. Cheers,Morten.
  12. Hi Larry! Promised to post some of my last purchases from the same seller as your last two posted photos. Matrosen Kraftfahrkompanie Wilhelmshaven. Cheers, Morten.
  13. Hi Larry! This list is new for me.Thanks for posting! Cheers,Morten.
  14. Hi Larry! Congratulations with super nice new pictures. My new pictures from the same seller are still on the way with the mail but I hope they will arrive soon. When they arrive, I will post some of them (9 Pieces). Cheers, Morten.