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  1. Hi friends, Long since I've posted something. Unterpersonal der Stäbe and Fernschreiber badge on white uniform. Cheers, Morten.
  2. Hello my friends, Is anyone who has information about Führerboot des B.d.M (Befehlshaber der Marine) Mützenbander in wear. Thanks for help. Cheers, Morten.
  3. Hi hucks216, Nice photo sharing Edelweiss,Thanks for posting Your Narvik Group here! Cheers,Morten.
  4. Hello My friend. Look at Your Messenger at Facebook! Cheers,Morten.
  5. Hi Martin, Your New photo is very Rare and hard to find My Friend.Congrats and thanks for sharing With us.Nice You still Collecting Martin! Cheers,Morten.
  6. Hi Larry, Nice Potrait! Cheers,Morten.
  7. Hi Larry, Thanks for sharing these Nice photo With us! Cheers,Morten.
  8. Hi Larry, Very Nice my friend! Cheers,Morten.
  9. Hi Larry, Thanks my friend! Cheers,Morten.
  10. Hi Larry and Odulf, This photo arrived today in mail! BEGLEITSCHIFF ERWIN WASSNER. Cheers,Morten.
  11. Hi PaulR, Glad You like my photo.You need spend a loth of time on E-bay.. Cheer,Morten.
  12. Hi, Administrative (Verwaltung) from 1935 Grain blue on white bottom sewn on Work uniform Seamann, which is on the right side of the picture. In the middle Vervaltung patch Blue with yellow thread on blue uniform. Cheers, Morten.
  13. Hi PaulR, i hope You like this Photo! Cheers,Morten.
  14. Hi PaulR, Hope you will be active again on your thread. I have some new "GL" images that will strengthen this skeldy department in Luftwaffe. Cheers, Morten.