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  1. Hello All and Happy New Year! Here is a recent find from me. Unterseebootschule in wear from U33. Regards,Morten.
  2. Hello All! Any more contribution to this NARVIK Thread,thanks for help. Best,Morten.
  3. Very Nice Junker.Thanks for sharing With us. Regards,Morten.
  4. Thanks.Hunting evry day my friend! Never seen this before.Very interesting and thanks for sharing!
  5. Hello All! Merry Christmas from Norway! Best,Morten.
  6. Hello! MartinW,LarryT,dedehansen and Odulf. FISCHEREISCHUTZ BOOT ELBE and VERSUCHS BOOT STRAHL are these common or difficult to obtain. If someone have these please show me! Best from Norway,Morten.
  7. Wow,Your photos is stunning.Thanks for posting on this Nice thread.
  8. Wow,congrats With this very Nice photo.Thanks for sharing With us an Your Contribution. Best from vinter Norway,Morten.
  9. Hello! Hans Rowedden on the way to Narvik!
  10. Hello! Thanks for Your Contribution Gentlemen.Hope more can contributed to this thread!
  11. Hello! Anti-Aircraft range finder operator after 1940.Little hard to see!
  12. Hello JustinG! Wow,stunning my friend.Nice to see them all together. Best from Norway. KM-Norway.
  13. Glad you like my photo.Yes there is only one Chevron.Thanks for sharing these combination With us. Cheers,Morten HP.