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  1. Hello Larry! Here is the Luftschutz Polizei Portrait i Promise !!!!
  2. This is a Stunner my friend.Thanks for sharing and congrats With New addition to Your Collection.
  3. Hello All! Here is one of my recent find.I think these is ;UNTERSEEBOOTSFLOTTILLE SALZWEDEL? Regards,Morten.
  4. Hello PaulR! Next week i want post a New Luftschutzpolizei Photo!
  5. Hello Monsun! Any New update on this thread!
  6. Hello LarryT! Sorry no name and text buth on the Photo is a Die Dienstelle Feldpostnummer 4398! Best from Norway.
  7. Another Nice photo from Your great Collection. Hello All! One more from my KM Photo Collection!
  8. Very Nice and interesting Photo.Always glad to contribut,contributing creates activety.