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  1. hi mel.i send you a wrong link earlier.but here is another one with drkb 50 years http://www.snyderstreasures.com/eBay/Images/2009/07112009/GVLP011F.JPG
  2. hi there. interesting to see something about the nsrkb badges. this link is for my web site,there is some kyffhauser and nsrkb badges. have a look.my 50 year badge is marked 4 ges gesch http://www.freewebsite-service.com/jesperskou/NS+RKB+KYFFHAUSER+ikke+til+salg.php best regards jesper-denmark
  3. hello there. i have been looking at all the different posts of all kind of tinnies,and find it very great and interesting,so here is some pictures of my collection of tinnies. http://www.jesperskou.dk/32983590 greetings jesper/denmark http://www.jesperskou.dk