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  1. coastie

    info ww2 us coast guard visor cap

    Sorry to take so long in responding, I've been racking my brain as to where I've seen this before. The smaller verison of the insignia was used as collar devices for SPARS (women Coasties) But they didn't use the large insignia at all for a hat device. So, what was it used for? Check this page in the Offical Coast Guard web site http://www.uscg.mil/history/uscghist/USCG_...Photos_1941.asp You will see in the article a CPO that was a surfman apparently used the same hat device as the enlisted. This could explain why it's on a khaki hat. So bottom line it appears you have a unique CPO hat. Here is a picture of an enlisted man in a surfman's uniform.
  2. coastie

    American Defense Medal (series)

    The limited emergency was in reaction to the war in Europe which even though we were neutral we did provide support to the allies by way of "Lend Lease" and protection of convoys. Also it was necessary cut loose funds and to gear up arms production. The medal was a morale booster to give to the troops something to show for the effort. I guess you can say that this is really the first "gedunk" medal for just being in the service and not really doing anything to earn it. It's been a while since I had looked at this thread. I forgot to include the "A" that goes on the ribbon bar that denotes Atlantic Fleet service.
  3. coastie

    American Defense Medal (series)

    Sure Megan by all means.
  4. coastie

    What are these bags?

    I hear you. My limit about Swedish is Volvos and Viggens. Oh yes that great mystery of the road - Saabs
  5. coastie

    What are these bags?

    That's my guess but would like to know what all the stamps mean and why is there just one crown on the front? How are you doing?
  6. coastie

    What are these bags?

    more of the second bag:
  7. I picked these up a couple of days ago and have no idea as to country of origin and their use. The first bag (the white one) may be Swedish, there are the three crowns stamp inside the flap. The second, no clue, no markins other than some stamped numbers, color is a cross between khaki and brown.
  8. I thought the Kukri was out of place. Thanks about the Reichsbahn tip.
  9. Up next are some flags. Here are two wehrmacht flags but I'm confused as to the size of the swastika. Is one Wehrmacht and the other Kreigsmarine?
  10. Next a party arm band but don't know what the collar tab is. The cloth breast eagles(?) Luftwaffe? but why do they look like vultures ?
  11. A co-worker has asked me to identify and if possible place values some items here. The story I'm getting is that this is stuff brought back from the war, maybe yes maybe no. I know the pictures don't show maker marks and such. This may come later but just need a point to start. The only things in the picture here I recognize is the HJ badge and the Frauenschaft badge. Everything else I'm drawing a blank.
  12. coastie

    Sword use in WW2

    I have not heard any stories of swords in combat in WWII but there is a story floating around (even heard this before the internet) that North Koeans/Communists/Chinese overran a base and a Marine without ammo grabbed a cutlass that was on display and whacked a few of the enemy with it. I've not be able to confirm this story but it's out there.
  13. coastie

    How many of us are Brothers ?

    Paul just find yourself a Lodge and ask. Nobody asks you to join, you have to seek us out.
  14. coastie

    Samurai Sword "Secret" Gold Inscription

    Might I suggest laying a piece of thin paper (rice, vellum,tracing paper) and do a pencil rubbing of the engraved writing. In the old days before scanners that's how it was done.
  15. Ah! must be the new Navy I hear about.