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  1. You can download his service record at the Brit national archives for a few bucks It might not be exciting, date of discharge and ships served on etc. but knowing the ships will give a clue to any sea battles or patrols he took part in.
  2. I'm with Peter, the last one is a cracker and must've been difficult to get back into shape.
  3. Apart from having a lot of experience with German docs, what's the major sign you see? Is it the rubber stamp, the handwriting or the poor looking quality print? All three look dodgy to me but I only have one or two German docs.
  4. He gave his NOK address as 26 East Newell Ave., Rutherford when in the RAF so that'll be where you got the US address.
  5. Mate, definitely worth going there yourself otherwise you'll always be wondering if you really did receive the whole file or not.
  6. If you have WO374/51003 is there no indication at all of the unit he served with while overseas? This doesn't help your search but I imagine you've seen the London Gazette entry stating he's to be 2nd Lieutenant 9/6/15. I had a quick look at the 1939 register, it gives his occupation as Army RGA retired and ARP Dover DC, is there perhaps anything to do with the RA in Dover where he may have worked behind a desk? If so it might be worthwhile asking there, that's if he's the correct GF Nuthall.
  7. You've done a good job there, it looks great. Vintage bottles is an idea or even something like the label on Poilu beer, I'll have to keep 'em peeled.
  8. Francois, do you know the meaning of EV 1916 on his ID tag? Tony
  9. Here you go mate, it works for me won't be everyone's cup of tea.
  10. Are you just painting the helmets or making them half scale too? I've started to cut down wine bottles to use as helmet stands as I find it quicker, easier and more fun. The bag of old glass is easier to carry too when only the top third of the bottles are in it.
  11. I don't know much about French ID tags but think this type came into use about mid 1918, authorised in May 1918. However, the way it's stamped makes it appear to me to be tag used much later. 1916 should indicate the class year but I believe EV indicates a volunteer rather than a conscript. I have no literature to back this up, it just things I've heard in the past. Here's a site with a few examples pictured Hopefully someone can give you a better reply. Tony
  12. It's lucky you bought it otherwise that lining might have ended up inside the lid of an old cutlery box ..... That would be absolutely shocking.
  13. Yeah I don't think you'd find anything better, really nice.
  14. I've only ever seen the French former POW badge, I should try to get out more. Did you notice the glider pilot POW territorial medal on Brit ebay recently? I wondered if you or Rob bought it.
  15. I like that Doug, please show a few more. And welcome to the forum. Tony