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  1. It's lucky you bought it otherwise that lining might have ended up inside the lid of an old cutlery box ..... That would be absolutely shocking.
  2. Yeah I don't think you'd find anything better, really nice.
  3. I've only ever seen the French former POW badge, I should try to get out more. Did you notice the glider pilot POW territorial medal on Brit ebay recently? I wondered if you or Rob bought it.
  4. I like that Doug, please show a few more. And welcome to the forum. Tony
  5. William, I’ll echo the above. That really is a very nice find. A year or so ago I only found out that a great great uncle of mine was killed in Princes St. during the fighting on 19/7/16.
  6. One man may have served on several ships so checking the papers in the links Michael provided is a good idea and thinking about the cost of medals, those to men who took part at Jutland will increase the price as will any medal to men serving with the RAN. I'm not about RCN medal prices. Just a question - why only the VM? A man may be entitled to a trio or pair depending when he entered theatre and if discharged through wounds/sickness he'd also be entitled to the silver war badge. Sailors who fell will have a memorial plaque. However, hunting down a broken group may be a never ending task. Is the MN of interest? They also received the Mercantile Marine War Medal. The book Paul mentions is a very good idea, not cheap but perhaps 2nd hand copies are available online
  7. Very interesting, there are always German letters to be found but rarely any to Commonwealth troops. Is that D E Parker who was captured in 1940?
  8. Me too, both you and John just keep turning them up. The above group has to be a very lucky find and just goes to show that dealers don't always do research. I recently bought a boxed group of 3 from a dealer to a man wounded in Normandy, Aug. 44. It had to be Falaise and after checking the diary I found he was wounded on a day his inf. Bn. attacked 3 Tigers. Good old FMP.
  9. I'm all for it being a put together, someone (maybe George?) at some stage has married up the medal and ribbon. A quick look at the service record shows R8840 George Crow attested in Jan. 1915 at the age of 19 years and 26 days and was discharged because of sickness as he suffered with gastritis. He served in the KRRC, Northants. Regt., 1/6 Sussex Cyclist Bn. and Royal Sussex Depot Bn., being discharged with chronic gastritis 29/9/17. 4480 G. Crow was from London and joined the army in 1902 whereas 8840 G. Crow was from Newcastle. Does the passenger list show an address?
  10. You did ok for 40 euros having a POW included. I hope these links to the ICRC work: and It's PA37641 you need. He was captured unwounded in Armentieres 11/4/18, a look at the war diary will help with any research. There will also be a memorial plaque out there somewhere but even though there are no doubt several to men with the same name, it won't make it any easier to find.
  11. I can't speak for the badge itself even though the reverse looks a little fresh around the edge to me, but I always thought the prongs had rounded ends rather than square and that the soldering was done near to where the prongs would be bent, or from top to bottom rather than one join in the middle. My thoughts are based on several original French helmet badges I've seen. Tony
  12. Thanks mate!
  13. I've had another go, just couldn't resist even though I still find the background a problem. Civil Service Rifles Commonwealth POWs Some Germans (not sure if the red tabs on the greatcoat are correct) More Germans, probably 1940 and I'm not convinced I got the uniform colour right Brit POWs probably 1940 A nurse, possibly Red Cross French infantry Gurkha POWs