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  1. Just a thought, but would the stitching look that bright on a well worn cover?
  2. I think you'll find that bobandfred sell under many names from different locations in the Essex area. Flags, flechettes, camouflaged helmets as well as helmets with insignia being regular.
  3. Tony

    Ditherington, Shrewsbury

    I've just searched 601437 (1 through to 9) and only got hits for the RA and Essex Regt. Good luck with your research and anything else you turn up.
  4. Thanks, that's a new one for me and good to know.
  5. Here's the entitlement for British forces, it's different for other Commonwealth troops as far as I know: 1080 days (3 years) service in the UK between 3 Sep 1939 and 8 May 1945 1080 days (3 years) service in the Home Guard between 14 May 1940 and 31 Dec 1944 360 days (1 year) non operational service overseas between 3 Sep 1939 and 2 Sep 1945 180 days non operational service in an overseas area deemed to be closely threatened or subject to air attack between 3 September 1939 and 8 May 1945 In more detail here https://www.gov.uk/guidance/medals-campaigns-descriptions-and-eligibility#world-war-2-medals I don't think he'd have been the son of the Gnr. GJ Smith as the NOK are the parents rather than a wife. Perhaps a nephew but that's just me thinking out loud.
  6. The WWI group is only missing its memorial plaque so a very nice, almost complete find. According to Soldier Died he served in the ASC (RASC) too but probably before arriving in France.
  7. Just guessing here - could it be for a female soldier?
  8. Tony

    Hobnail trench club and bayo

    Has someone sprayed the sheath silver? The knife itself is very similar to the WWII boot knife that my wife's grandfather had but the blade is unmarked. Have a look here, the third post shows your sheath http://www.warrelics.eu/forum/imperial-germany-austro-hungary/wwi-german-occasional-austrian-trench-knife-370751/ I suppose the next question is if you can tell the club is original or not.
  9. Tony

    Hobnail trench club and bayo

    Don't forget to have your camera ready and don't break it in the meantime
  10. Mate, I'd leave them but they're yours now so do what you feel is right, so long as you realise what effect over polishing has. Welcome to the forum by the way.
  11. What a numpty I am! I've always wondered what a beer tip (my translation that has only ever made sense to me) was for, and now I know. Thanks for asking the question Simon and thanks for the education Chris
  12. Yes I noticed that in his record but wasn't sure if that was the reason for discharge. Disembarked at Melbourne MU. Non-venereal 8/8/15. I bet he didn't mention it to his future wife.
  13. Are you sure he made it to Gallipoli? His record only shows service in Egypt. Nice trio and photo wherever he served.
  14. Tony

    Somme related items

    Thanks for adding that Steve.
  15. I believe records can be found online up till sometime in the 1920s however, if you're not able to check online and no one here is able to help, then the National Archives is probably the only option. If your grandfather served at a later date, contacting the MOD is the way to go https://www.gov.uk/guidance/request-records-of-deceased-service-personnel As Owen has mentioned, details will help.