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  1. Thanks very much for your reply and the link.
  2. WW1 Commemorative piece

    That's bloody good mate.
  3. You mention several models of the 75mm Krupp canon, do you know if there is any online reference about the fuzes used? Or do you know if the Romanian artillery used an aluminium fuze?
  4. Battle of Teutoburg Forest 9AD

    Bummer! I'm sure you'll get there sooner rather than later.
  5. It looks ok to me. I'll scan some details from a book later and send them on. That should help you determine which style of naming it actually is although you might need a ruler to be absolutely sure.
  6. Me too, anything Belgian is rarely seen.
  7. Mate, it isn't free so pm me your email and I'll send the papers over. There's nothing exciting there but it tells you a little about the man behind the medal. Tony
  8. Great lot of badges there Jerry. I started collecting various cap badges back in the 90s only to find at a later date that many were restrikes, that put me off them. Tony, do you know Hewitt has two sets of records online? Under his 61598 number and 39204 too.
  9. If the medals weren't issued/applied for originally then the next of kin can still apply for them. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/applying-for-medals As for naming them yourself well, if they're staying with you to remember your grandfather then engraving them would probably be better than stamping. Alternatively if you apply for his service record or already have it, perhaps placing his official medal entitlement with the medals will be ok. Personally I'd frame them with a photo of your grandfather but either way, they're yours so do whatever you feel at ease with.
  10. And being promoted from Bombadier to Corporal makes me wonder if Corporal was something between Bdr. and Sgt.
  11. Possibly. If you check page 4 of his record it looks like he was in Ahmdednuggur from 1885 to the end of 1887 although the writing is difficult to understand in places.
  12. A pity we're none the wiser about F/1 but do you have his medals? I can download the whole record if you like, just pm me your email and I'll sort it out in the morning.
  13. Ok, was he from Peterborough too? There’s a Cpl. William Hall Royal Artillery from Peterborough who was transferred to the reserve in Dec. 1888 after 12 years service. His promotions are interesting with respect to ranks in the RA: Gnr. – 1881 to 83 Actg. Bbr. -1883 to 83 Bombr. – 1883 to 1885 Corporal – 1885 to 1888 Served India 1883 – 1888 His Corps and regimental number changed from 1st Bde. RA, 9089 to F/i (or F/1) 14516 but I can’t tell if this happened after his transfer to the reserve in Dec. 1888 or previous to that. And I've no idea what the meaning of F/i (F/1) is on the attached extract is or if I've gone completely off track.
  14. Doh! I didn't even think about that.