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  1. Great pic. Have you ever seen an original anywhere? And, have you seen the many so called MG chainmail face protection masks coming out of the cracks over the past few months?
  2. I think France has the standard grades of gold like 18 and 22 ct.
  3. That's a great find! I read somewhere that some of the Russian mutineers were eventually imprisoned in Algeria.
  4. Thanks for the tip on the book Rob and good to see a French addition to this thread.
  5. I can't help you with your question but that's a great lot Mike. All I can pick up on is three of them appear to have the Queen's crown. Is that 20ct on the gold wing? Might that suggest it was made outside of Britain? Apart from having no hallmarks, 20ct isn't standard there.
  6. Great to find a pic. Where did you come across the ID card (Kennkarte)?
  7. Thanks anyway Kris. If I find anything worth mentioning when I'm there I'll post it.
  8. Yeah, I think it would've made it more interesting to say it was Free Belgian issue. Next time I'm round his place I'll check the buttons myself, just in case he missed something. Do you know how soon after liberation the Belgian army changed back to their own style of uniform?
  9. Unfortunately he can't see any maker stamped on the back of the buttons.
  10. Thanks for the lend lease confirmation Pete. Just need to work out if the Belgian buttons are possibly Brit pre 1945 made or post 1945 issue.
  11. Pete, US made but who for? It looks Brit pattern to me but as said, I'm not knowledgeable when it comes to WWII gear.
  12. Chris, I haven't bought anything Imperial for quite a while however, that's a cracking lot that can make a bloke a little jealous. Its coming from the family that does it for me. I also have an EK with case and card outer box but the name was pencilled and it's a little too faded to make out who he was. Was your grouping local?
  13. No worries mate, give me the address and I’ll tidy up for you. 😊 It’d be interesting if they are Brit made, if so perhaps for the army after liberation. Still waiting for him to get back to me about anything on the back.
  14. Thanks for the prompt reply Kris. I don't have the coat and didn't look at the back of the buttons either, I'll have to ask. I actually thought the buttons may have been British until searching online. Is there any way of dating the buttons to WWII? Or could they be either 1940s or 1950s?
  15. Hello, This great coat belongs to a mate but as I have very little knowledge about WWII uniforms I'm hoping someone here can help me. Would have been used by the Free Belgians during WWII, the Belgian army in the 1950s or is it just a Brit great coat that someone has sewn Belgian buttons on? I'm assuming the buttons are Belgian. My mate wants to move it on and would like to know exactly what he has before doing so. Thanks for any advice.