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  1. He was captured at Mons, not wounded but in a field hospital, in August 1914. Have a look here https://grandeguerre.icrc.org/en/File/Details/1191975/3/2/ This site http://www.warringtonmuseum.co.uk/local-history/south-lancashire-prisoners-of-war-relief-parcels/ says he was held in Doeberitz (as does one of his POW cards) and Heilsberg, I imagine 33263 is his POW number. The POW cards from the ICRC are attached.
  2. Would he have been eligible for the Defence Medal if a POW since 1940, without having escaped?
  3. Tony

    Fool born every minute ;-)

    Shame about the spelling mistakes https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/WW1-FLIEGER-IMPERIAL-GERMAN-VICTORY-PIECE-A-PIECE-OF-PROPELLOR-BRIT-RFC/292602598361?hash=item44207953d9:g:nN8AAOSwVpVbIU9r And some of the other stuff he's selling. Edit: Not strictly an iron cross but thought I'd add it here anyway.
  4. The first group is to William Anscombe from Maidstone in Kent. He served from 1910 to 1928 starting as a Boy, then Diver and ended up being a Chief Petty Officer. As for the 2nd group, not knowing the name on the LSGC makes it a little difficult but as the 39-45 Star is there it's possible he was evacuated from Norway or France in 1940 and spent the rest of the war in the British Isles.
  5. Found the attached stating he left Salonica for demobilization 1/4/19. The war diaries for the 1/5 The Buffs, I don't have an ancestry subscription so can't view them. Oops, sorry! That link wasn't right so I've deleted it.
  6. Hello, I believe this is a RN submariner's badge but is it the type worn today and does the gold colour with red and greenish/black enamel denote a rank? Or is it simply a modern sweetheart brooch? Thanks Tony
  7. On 13th May 1919 Bertram Jones' death was official, he was presumed to have died on or since 28/3/18. Annie married towards the end of 1920, it looks like she may have waited for Bert.
  8. Today is 100 years since Bert’s official date of death so I thought I'd post a little info about him, if anyone’s interested. Bert volunteered in 1915 aged just under 18 but gave his age as 18 years 10 months and served in his local unit, the King’s Shropshire Light Infantry, until being transferred to the Cheshire’s upon his arrival in France in Oct. 1917. In March 1918 Bert’s unit moved from the St. Julien/Bixschoote area, catching a train from Roesbrugge (Poperinge) on 23/3/18 via Suzanne to their billets however, on the 24th orders were received to proceed to Maricourt to ‘engage against the great enemy offensive.’ 26/3/18 retreat of around 10km to Bray Meaulte Rd. 27/3/18 they were in Buire sur l’Ancre (2km SW of Albert). The following summery from the war diary will give a better idea of what Bert and his mates went through. The survivors were relieved by 37 Bn. AIF on 31/3/18.
  9. Hello, I?m hoping some of you can help me out here. I can?t tell the difference between a good cross (1st or 2nd class) and a Floch. What should I or anyone else who can?t spot them look out for? What are the characteristics of a Floch? I only own 1 WWII EKI which is pictured below, most people have told me it?s original and I hope that is true because it wasn?t cheap (depending on which part of the world you live). Tony
  10. Tony

    Somme related items

    Shame there aren't any photos of the diary and bayonet periscope to hand but that 1st pattern Brodie is a cracker. Has the chinstrap been replaced with a sliding buckle or is the prong just not visible in you photo?
  11. If something doesn't show it's usually because it's either not for sale to the country you're in or if being sold/auctioned in Europe, paypal isn't an accepted method of payment from the seller. Try the site/country it's being auctioned in e.g German ebay in this case by changing the .com to .de if you know what I mean. For France .fr etc. https://www.ebay.de/itm/Eisernes-Kreuz-2-Klasse-1813-EK2-Preußen-FW-Friedrich-Wilhelm-lll-mit-Band/332559729084?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 It runs another 7 days.
  12. Thanks very much for your reply and the link.
  13. Tony

    WW1 Commemorative piece

    That's bloody good mate.
  14. You mention several models of the 75mm Krupp canon, do you know if there is any online reference about the fuzes used? Or do you know if the Romanian artillery used an aluminium fuze?
  15. Tony

    Battle of Teutoburg Forest 9AD

    Bummer! I'm sure you'll get there sooner rather than later.
  16. It looks ok to me. I'll scan some details from a book later and send them on. That should help you determine which style of naming it actually is although you might need a ruler to be absolutely sure.
  17. Me too, anything Belgian is rarely seen.
  18. Mate, it isn't free so pm me your email and I'll send the papers over. There's nothing exciting there but it tells you a little about the man behind the medal. Tony
  19. Great lot of badges there Jerry. I started collecting various cap badges back in the 90s only to find at a later date that many were restrikes, that put me off them. Tony, do you know Hewitt has two sets of records online? Under his 61598 number and 39204 too.
  20. If the medals weren't issued/applied for originally then the next of kin can still apply for them. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/applying-for-medals As for naming them yourself well, if they're staying with you to remember your grandfather then engraving them would probably be better than stamping. Alternatively if you apply for his service record or already have it, perhaps placing his official medal entitlement with the medals will be ok. Personally I'd frame them with a photo of your grandfather but either way, they're yours so do whatever you feel at ease with.
  21. And being promoted from Bombadier to Corporal makes me wonder if Corporal was something between Bdr. and Sgt.
  22. Possibly. If you check page 4 of his record it looks like he was in Ahmdednuggur from 1885 to the end of 1887 although the writing is difficult to understand in places.
  23. A pity we're none the wiser about F/1 but do you have his medals? I can download the whole record if you like, just pm me your email and I'll sort it out in the morning.
  24. Ok, was he from Peterborough too? There’s a Cpl. William Hall Royal Artillery from Peterborough who was transferred to the reserve in Dec. 1888 after 12 years service. His promotions are interesting with respect to ranks in the RA: Gnr. – 1881 to 83 Actg. Bbr. -1883 to 83 Bombr. – 1883 to 1885 Corporal – 1885 to 1888 Served India 1883 – 1888 His Corps and regimental number changed from 1st Bde. RA, 9089 to F/i (or F/1) 14516 but I can’t tell if this happened after his transfer to the reserve in Dec. 1888 or previous to that. And I've no idea what the meaning of F/i (F/1) is on the attached extract is or if I've gone completely off track.