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    I am collecting Red Cross orders and medals from all ower the world. So far my collection contens 550 items.
  1. Thank You Balkan Collector It is very rare and hard to finde order. You can finde lot of original boxes for this order so I think it is withdrawn the whole series or it is very little Awarded. This type I saw only in III class.
  2. Dobar dan

    voleo bih da ostvarimo direktan kontakt ako mozete pozovite me na moj mobilni broj 064/8167-186 ili pisite na moj Facebook Jovan Mara.



  3. For Natalija the oldest paper for Red Cross Knjeginja Natalija 1877/8 th
  4. Rare type of Order of Labor . Length 45 mm width 41 mm made in the Belgrade Institute for Manufacturing Banknotes Red box in the previous publication has been made for this Order
  5. I am sorry I can not put the photo of the Natalia's Ramonda but You can see it on my facebook Jovan Mara.
  6. The Armistice Day in the First World War is celebrated in Serbia as a national holiday, a day when we pay tribute to our ancestors and lay wreaths at memorials in memory of all the innocent victims of the war from 1914 to 1918. Badge which people carry on 11 November is a combination of the legendary Memorial medal for the withdrawal of the Serbian army through Albania and a unique flower that grows on Mount Kaimakchalan. Natalia's Ramonda is a flower that has multiple symbolism, which tells the story of the Serbian people and temptations through which it had passed. It was named after Queen Natalia Obrenović and in botany it's also known as the Phoenix flower. Even completely dry, with very little water, it can revive and continue its life. It was chosen to commemorate the resurrection of Serbia, which rose from the ashes of the World War I and continued to live.
  7. Great collection I am collecting Red Cross orders and medals and few nice items You hawe from red cross. Do You haw knowledge of red cross O/M of German States . KIND REGARDS Jovan
  8. Rattle's US collection

    Hello Rattle The presentation is wonderful and this is in my opinion AAA+ standard for presentation the collections .The photos are inspiring and I will tru to reach Your standards. It is sad that nobody make a comment since 2009 . Maybe it is time for administrator to open one special topic the best presentations or good collections and to be like small scholl for all new collectors to learh or tu upgrade their collections . I will shurly suggest this to the administrator. NICE TO HAWE GMIC MEMBERS LIKE YOU HOPE IT WOULD ME MORE IN THE SAME OR CLOSE TO YOU STANDARDS KIND REGARDS Jovan Mara
  9. Nice collection But it is always problem watch some others collection because You see an item that you do not have and collector's fever will start. I am collecting Red Cross and Your Cross is beautiful. REGARDS Jovan
  10. Hello Frank Hello again Your last name is Draskovic maybe you know Serbian language for me it will be much easer to anwser in Serbian on my e-mail. REGARDS Jovan
  11. Hello Frank I bought this medal from the seller in England and he inform me that he bought on auction. I am looking for more information , Is it in 1914-18 London branch of Serbian red cross I am not shure if it was people from England would have a written record. I am collecting Red Cross orders and medals and this is not common medal I am from Serbia and have lot of friend collectors and traders and only 2 items are in the collections one without the rebbon. If you have any question about orders and medals from Kingdom Serbia, Kingdom Yugoslavia and SFRJ Tito ask me I would be glad to help. My e-mail jovanmara@gmail.com KIND REGARDS Jovan Mara
  12. Hell Please could someone tell me something more about this medal.
  13. This is reverse side I am sorry this is my first topic with the photo. THANKS Jovan
  14. Armistice Day or Veterans Day

    Hello Radmilo Jes You are right. I hope nex year it will be more official and given to more people. REGARDS Jovan