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  1. jovanmara

    Bulgarian Red Cross Medal

    Hello Graf Do You have Facebook profile it is for me easy to communicate on FB. my profile is Jovan Mara Serbia BR Jovan Mara
  2. jovanmara

    Bulgarian Red Cross Medal

    Hello Graf Yes all fotos are from my collection You can see on my Facebook I am posting every day Red Cross orders and medals Jovan Mara and on photos -albums-timeline there is collection of all my posts . I do not post Bulgarian ordersa simply because this is badge page but they are beautifyl I have lot more. the gold one is stunding I never see it. Best regards Jovan Mara
  3. jovanmara

    Queen Marie Cross

    Part of my Romania Red Cross collection Last one is Princes Maria but I need identification please for all , Best Regards Jovan Mara
  4. Hello redcross

    Are you still interested in the red cross?  I am collecting red cross too.

    my email    jovanmara@gmail.com  please write 


    Best regards

    Jovan Mara


  5. jovanmara

    New Thailand Orders and Medals

    Hello ThaiDave Please could You inform me when You see on the market something from Red Cross specialy this first class. BR Jovan
  6. jovanmara

    New Thailand Orders and Medals

    Hello ThaiDave Stunding foto, is it possible to buy this medal. One more question I see on the foto indochina medals com do You have more foto of Red Cross or Red Crescent or Red Lion from thet region. Best regards Jovan
  7. Thank You 922F I am trying o present my collection and I am allso learning from many comments that I received , please ask if You have any question. Kind regards
  8. From My collection All lot form one person Maria Louisa Torres de la Cruz nurse and than president of the Red Cross Chile. 1. International Red Cross Florens Nightingel 2. International Red Cross Henry Dunan 3. Spain Red Cross 4. Venecuela Red Cross 5. Panama Red Cross all others Red Cross Chile
  9. Hello Part of my Red Cross collection Portugal
  10. Yes the miniature is 1939 Could You send a foto my email is jovanmara@gmail.com Best regards Jovan
  11. I'm sorry, but I do not know , I bought it many years ago,I am collecting only red cross this is my Finland collection
  12. Thank You Christed Any foto if it is possible or link please
  13. jovanmara

    New Thailand Orders and Medals

    Hello Tai Dave This is from my collection ,please if it is possible post the foto of the 1st class Red Cross
  14. Hi This is mine Red Cross.It looks like bronze one could somebody post a foto of all Finis Red CRoss medals how many classes and year variants Best Regards Jovan Mara
  15. Beter fotos of Red Cross from my collection same as Mr. Mitar Medovic is wearing anly I add silver medal of Red CRoss silver one was not shown just to compare there is lot more Red Cross medals semy official
  16. Hello Yes this is Belgian medal from my collection diploma is not mine sorry I have only this foto for my arcive
  17. jovanmara


    Red Cross medal from that period according to the ribbon Red Cross medal from that period according to the ribbon reverse
  18. jovanmara


    This is not Red Cross badge , Russian Red CRoss newer come with the swords. This is regiment badge for servising on Kavkaz .
  19. jovanmara

    Bulgarian Red Cross Medal

    It has golden crowne I allways see silver that look strange to me and now is in my collection I post only the rare model all others are more les common variations But orders are much nicer
  20. jovanmara

    Bulgarian Red Cross Medal

    Bulgarian Red Cross badge from my collection I have more but I can post only one foto. I found a sistem hehehe not wery good in computers
  21. Part of my Red Cross collection
  22. Thank You Balkan Collector It is very rare and hard to finde order. You can finde lot of original boxes for this order so I think it is withdrawn the whole series or it is very little Awarded. This type I saw only in III class.
  23. Dobar dan

    voleo bih da ostvarimo direktan kontakt ako mozete pozovite me na moj mobilni broj 064/8167-186 ili pisite na moj Facebook Jovan Mara.



  24. For Natalija the oldest paper for Red Cross Knjeginja Natalija 1877/8 th