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  1. Hello gentlemen, I just offered this KvK with sword 1st class, unmarked. Is it original? One of my concern is the pin on the back, have it been repaired or changed? Here's the photo: Best regards, Windu
  2. Chinese Red Cross Medal


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    For sale a Chinese Full Member Red Cross Medal, made of silver, pretty rare. Unfortunately no ribbon, The enamel on the cross and the wreath are still very good, Sold as is. Included shipping worldwide using economic post USD 50/GBP 38/EUR 43 If you interested please drop a message


  3. Different Style Red Cross Medal, what is it?

    Thank you very much Nick!
  4. Hi Gentlemen, I just bought a red cross medal, the design is different with usual Japanese Red Cross Medal, but I believe the inscription on the reverse looks like Japanese. It probably made of silver. Sadly, it came without ribbon. Anyone have information about this medal? Thank you, Windu
  5. Hi Gentlemen, I just got a medal bar from a Facebook friend, a 4-place medal bar for a bargain price. The 2 stars are fine, the war medal has many knocks, and in the Pakistan Independence Medal named: 3231734 SEPOY. MISRI KHAN.8.PUNJAB.R. It doesn't have any pin/needle on the back side. Is it good or bad? And where can I find more detail about this man? Here's the photo: Best regards, Windu
  6. Yes Peter, it clearly has been remounted for display.. I believe that they had been mounted before with loose-style medals. The war medal has many dent on it's observe probably resulted from the edges of the Burma Star. But I could be wrong.. You right Peter. It seems that if the soldier had no gallantry medal or mention in despatches, it will be difficult to find the record. Also, "Misri Khan" name was pretty common to be found in Punjab and other nearby region. But I believe this man was from 6th or 8th battalion as he had Pakistan Independence Medal named. Pakistan gained it independence in 1947 if I'm not mistaken..
  7. Thank you very much, Do you know where I can find the record of the man?

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    For sale: an Order of Yugoslavian Star 2nd class set, older version The set includes: - breast star badge - neck star+ribbon - 3 ribbon bars with devices - the box All are in extremely fine condition except the neck ribbon and the outer box shows some wear sign. Please see the photos I offered this set for $2500 or 2093 euro or 1854 pounds An online store sell similar set but without any ribbon bars for more than 5.000 euro and an auction house had sold the similar set in 2011 for 2500 euro. Send me a message if you are interested (sorry for re-posted this advert because I had incorrectly put the euro and pounds prices before)


  9. It's an admiral, probably Wu Shengli, 7th commander of PLA Navy (2006-2017). Most of the ribbon are long-service medal as belows (per years of service) the yellow ribbon probably the level of the power (as same as vice chairman of other similar rank):
  10. I recently bought a Vatican Order of St. Sylvester commander class from a local auction, I wonder if there's a name record of the recipients to track down the recipient because I think there's not many from my country (Indonesia). Cheers, Windu
  11. When I looking for expedition cross to some antique dealers here in Indonesia, none of them have it, but one of them offered this Ster voor Trouw en Verdienste / Star for Loyalty and Merit complete with it's ribbon and case in very fine condition. This star established on 1 January 1894 and ceased after 1949. At first it consists of 4 class: 1. Great Gold Star 2. Small Gold Star 3. Silver Star 4. Bronze Star in 1924, a new class introduced by then Governor-General of Neth. Indie: the Great Silver Star. Despite the "Great" and "Small" nomenclature, the five grades of the star were all equal in size, consisted of a badge in the form of a 12-pointed star with straight rays, suspended from a ribbon worn on the left chest. Anyone have the information about the list of recipient of this star?
  12. Thank you for hijacking my thread with such incredible information and outstanding collection Pieter, I owe you! Do you know when they change the observe seal from lion from looking-to-us-type to looking-inward-type? This is the first time I saw the star certificate. Fantastic! The certificate belongs to Samadia (local pronounciation could be Sumadia), Depati Mangku (Chief Village) in Pagar Djati, Onderafdeeling Benkoelen-Seloema (present day Bengkulu Province). About my star, I got this star from a local antique store so I believe this was stored before the war and almost forgotten until one day someone found it and sell it to antique store.
  13. Yes, there were many of them, but most of them didn't survive today. These stars were given to local people of Netherlands Indie (present day Indonesia) who worked for the Netherlands Government. As this star often associated with pro-Netherlands people, I believe most of them were destroyed/thrown away after Indonesian independence in 1945 because people who wear/hold/keep Netherlands-thing in after 1945 to late 1960's (before Papua Integration to Indonesia) were considered traitors. But somehow, some of them are survived and made it's way to antique market..
  14. One the example: Mr N Barus, chief vaccinator in Karo (present day North Sumatra), was awarded Small Silver Star by Mr van Lierre. (photo taken from google)
  15. double post - I'm sorry - moderator please delete this one.
  16. Hi Emmanuel, I believe "1a circunscripcion" doesn't mean conscription but it means "1st district" as the explanation papers said that the president Emilio Aceval divide the territory to "6 circunscripciones"
  17. Wow, very nice find.. The Sultan Azlan Shah of Perak Silver Jubilee decoration is also made by Royal Insignia..
  18. Hi gentlemen, Anyone know where I can find the list recipient Order of Yugoslav Star? Recently, a 2nd class of the order has been found in my country and I interested in researching the name of the recipient..

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    Hi gentlemen, I'd like to acquire some Dutch Expeditionary Cross in Netherland Indie and also it's various clasps. If you have an offer, please send me a message+photo. Best regards, Windu


  20. Recipient Order of Yugoslav Star

    Paja and Dragomir, thank you very much for the photos. Amazing research gentlemens! And I just knew from you that a Sacred Star/Bintang Sakti was awarded to a foreigner, and it's Tito. Sacred Star/Bintang Sakti usually given to Indonesian military personnel for bravery act against enemy. Well, so this one must be special.
  21. Recipient Order of Yugoslav Star

    Wow Paja, thank you very much. Those photos are proof that Soekarno and Tito were really close back then. Guerilla Star is rarely awarded to foreign leaders. Usually Soekarno gave Bintang RI Adipurna (RI Star 1st class) for foreign leaders One of the criteria of Guerilla star is that the recipient had been struggled in a war (as a guerilla) to gain or protect the independency of the country.
  22. Recipient Order of Yugoslav Star

    Hi Paja, thank you very much for the information. It's now can be narrowed down to 4 people. There's also Order of St Sylvester Commander Class and Grand Cross of Spanish Isabella La Catolica with it. So most likely the recipient is General LB Moerdani is the owner. But of course I have to search more to make it sure. Attached is the picture of the Order of Yugoslav Star 2nd class that I mean.
  23. I saw this on Facebook some days ago, very astonishing! Beautiful..
  24. Hi Gentlemen form around the world, Anyone collecting gemstones here? There are many varieties of gemstone like diamond, sapphire, ruby, emerald, amethyst, opal, garnet, topaz, etc. For example (from my collection): Bintang Republik Indonesia with Blue Sapphire Ring: In some culture, there's even some beliefs that stone can carry certain meaning and effect like health, good or bad luck, and fortune according to someone's birth month.
  25. Gentleman, this is a list of Indonesian Satyalancana, i hope it useful for those who interested or collecting Indonesian ODM, sorry for no picture.. Satyalancana for Civilian: a. Satyalancana Perintis Kemerdekaan 1 and 2; For founder or leader of the movement that resulted in national consciousness and / or enterprising and active work towards it and therefore get the punishment from the colonial government or continuously active oppose colonial occupation and not against the Republic of Indonesia. b. Satyalancana Pembangunan; For helping the development of nation in general or particular areas. c. Satyalancana Wira Karya; For great and excellent work for the nation and being an example to others. d. Satyalancana Kebaktian Sosial; For excellency and outstanding contribution in humanity action and development. e. Satyalancana Kebudayaan; For excellency and outstanding contribution in cultural action and development. f. Satyalancana Pendidikan; For excellency and outstanding contribution in education service and development. g. Satyalancana Karya Satya; For excellent civil servant in service for long time. h. Satyalancana Dharma Olahraga; For outstanding action and helping development in sport. i. Satyalancana Dharma Pemuda; For outstanding youngman that involves in developing young generation j. Satyalancana Kepariwisataan; For outstanding service and development in tourism. k. Satyalancana Karya Bhakti Praja Nugraha; For excellent work in local governmental duties (in provincional/regencional areas) l. Satyalancana Pengabdian; For Police loyalty and long service (8, 16, 24, and 32 years) m. Satyalancana Bhakti Pendidikan; For Police (or other civilian) that involves in Police education and training n. Satyalancana Jana Utama; For Police excellency in duties and outstanding performances o. Satyalancana Ksatria Bhayangkara; For Police in carrying out police duties both field operations and field development and meet the requirements of professionalism and professional ethics that affect the progress of the Police. p. Satyalancana Karya Bhakti; a. Police members who actively participate in activities that produce tangible and memorable works that have an impact on the progress and development of the Police; or b. Indonesians non members of the Police and the foreigners who actively participate in helping police duties in all areas that produce tangible and memorable work for progress and development of the Police. q. Satyalancana Operasi Kepolisian; For successful and outstanding performance in a police operation q. Satyalancana Bhakti Buana; For a member of Police who has done the international police mission abroad by showing discipline and responsibility r. Satyalancana Bhakti Nusa; For member of the Police who have been carrying out basic tasks on the border and / or remote area region of the Republic of Indonesia t. Satyalancana Bhakti Purna. For police veteran who had serviced in police forces at least 30 years