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  1. japanese document

    Hi Nick many thanks for taking the time on a translation it is very much appreciated
  2. Unknown revolver help, please

    Looks very much like a European copy of the. British made Webley known as the bulldog based on the well known Webley ric revolver many of these copies were made in Belgium some of ok quality and some downright dangerous calibers varied from 32 to 45 the Webley made revolvers are of superb quality and have the winged bullet Mark on the body some of these copies were made in the UK and this style of revolver was very popular carry gun due to its size and heavy calibre
  3. japanese document

    hi all just wondering if this document is related to the imperial army airforce not looking for a translation but if anyone could pick up anything related to the airforce it would be appreciated it comes with a series of detailed japanese military maps
  4. hi jim the lugs on the wheel rim are for rope placement in case the gun was in a position that had to be manhandled ie stuck in mud or in a position that did not allow a vehicle to move it a hook was placed in the hook ring and the rope wound around the lugs which made it easier for the wheel to turn and be pulled manually
  5. Dear mickey

    I am a Japanese award document collector, Could I ask do you have some Japanese award documents want to sell?

    Best Wish 


    1. mickey


      hi moran i have a number of documents in my collection but none for sale sorry, regards mickey 

    2. Moran James

      Moran James

      That's OK, Thank you. Best Wish Moran

  6. rhodesian general service medal issued to members of the security forces and the police (bsap) for service during the bush war which ended in 1980 the pr prefix and number indicates his national service number the pr prefix fell away after the 100000 number was reached cant help with his unit
  7. Japanese regalia

    modern version
  8. Japanese regalia

    hi all just another bit of info regarding the hato no tsue its a traditional gift for those over 80 in japan the presentation was first practiced in ancient china and later in japanese courts its seen as an appropriate gift as the characters that make up the word hato(pigeon) can also mean 80 it is also said that pigeons do not choke a serious problem for elderly japanese
  9. sa railways police hat

    many thanks cassie for the hat id and the photos which are the first i have seen showing the sarp on the border the red trucks with the mine proof cabs are also new to me trying to find any info on the sarp is very difficult, again thanks
  10. hi rob if you go to this www.samilitaryhistory.org/vol1086ig.html there is a very interesting article on south African pows on the long marches 1944/45 mainly from the camps in Poland westwards as noted in the article attempted escapes started almost immediately the site is run by the south African military history society and has some very good info if you have not already seen it if the link doesn't work go to the south African military society website and look for volume 8 no 6 December 1991
  11. Non-governmental Awards for First Sino-Japanese War

    took a while but wanted to find one that was military related with a case "dai Nippon celebration of victorious return commemorative. banzai to army and navy", Suzuki manufacture.i was surprised how small these medals are and so well made thanks to rich catalano for translation
  12. red cross medal paperwork

    hi just thought to add this very common red cross medal but with its original receipt for a 25 yen donation made by a gentleman to the Hiroshima branch in april 1945 very thin paper I would imagine not many receipts are still around it has a perforated edge were it was removed from the receipt book , only a few months before the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima the receipt was folded neatly in the box always nice to get a date
  13. hi Brandon a bit of info for you a large number of police and military assegais were made by 2 manufacturers (don't know who) in the uk around 1915 they were either marked with a broad arrow or a u for the union of south Africa defence force the groove near the butt end is for the thumb so they are carried at the same angle on parade the black south African prisons guards carried them into the 70s I believe, im wondering if the hide binding was added later by the users as they were made with a knurled steel binding or of course maybe made by a manufacturer closer to home at a later stage
  14. hi Brandon nice spears fyi in 1939 at the anc annual conference they passed a resolution to support the union govt only on the condition that African soldiers were armed the union govt was prepared to use African soldiers only in a non combatant role ie drivers mechanics stretcher bearers etc etc interestingly Africans from british protectorates were promised arms but when they arrived in the western desert they were given knobkerries and spears so as to not upset Africans from the union of south Africa this seems to follow the reluctance to arm native troops from the early days I believe that during the Zulu wars only 1 in 10 native troops had a rifle and were issued with only 4 rounds of ammunition I can still remember in Rhodesia in the 70s black guard force members armed with 303 lee enfields and the trusty spear
  15. hi 0cpd 71i had a talk to my brother who spent all of the 80s and 90s serving with the sap he remembers members of the flying squad wearing the grey blue uniforms, and they were quit commonly worn by sap guys when he was based at john Vorster square in the later 80s they may have been a production variation to tone down the blue but he is not sure hope this helps