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  1. Hello! Sorry for asking... is this medal sold? Best regards, Dejan
  2. I'm still in this beautiful city. Unfortunately, I did not find anything interesting in terms of decorations... Maybe I find something until Saturday. Once again thanks for yours help! Best regards, Dejan
  3. Thank you for the information! I hope, that I find something interesting for my collection...
  4. Dear members, in the next few days I will visit Budapest... Could you please recommend some good shop with Orders - medals?! Best regards, Dejan
  5. Iver I really admire your box with medal! But, I seriously doubt that one manufacturer like SOUVAL, used a box from another manufacturer like ROTHE with its logo. There was a producer who was making only the boxes - ETUIS U. KASSETTENFABRIK IG. BERGMANN WIEN VII... and probably this smaller manufacturers use these boxes.
  6. Rogi I can not say for sure, that the box and the medal do not match... inscription on the box corresponding to this medal! But it is a little unusual that the box is made ​​of paper ( carton ), which is typical for the late period of the war. And also the names of the manufacturers are not the same... Therefore my questions -guesses... Best regards
  7. Hello! The hallmark ‘A’ on the rim is for Viennese State Mint (Hautmunzamt Wien) and did not need the extra hallmark for precious metals... So it's definitely silver medal! But I do not understand how the medal from the period before the war ( WW1), finds himself in a box from the period at the end of of the war?! It is possible that it is a replacement box? I would also like to know if in the original set, was required that the manufacturer of the box and the medal was the same? Otherwise a very beautiful and interesting medals/boxes!!! Best regards!
  8. Hello Sam! This is amazing!!! Thank you for provided information!!! Best regards

    The reason that I started this topic is this gold Grosskreuz on original sash: I bought it recently, not nowing that without the elongated ring is not completely. However, I am very happy with this new acquisition for my collection... Thank you all for your help! Best rgards

    Gentlemen's thank you for your answers!
  11. Dear collectors, I have a question concerning with F.J. Grosskreuz. I would like to know if "elongated ring" officially belongs to this order or belong to F.J. Komturkreuz??? On the internet you can find Grosskreuz with or without a ring... Thank you for your opinion!
  12. Paul thank you for this information! But I'm hoping that I'll find something more...
  13. Hi, decoration is from the end of the war... it is bronze gild. But it was awarded for merit in Isonzo front!
  14. Some time ago I bought this Offizierskreuz with award document.... Could you please help and tell me where can I find more information about Wilhelm Kronhelm von Nordheim?! Where can I find a picture of of him... Thank you! Best regards, Dejan