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  1. 1-Officier Order of the Crown of Italy 2- Royal Victorian Order (UK)
  2. Dear Hendrik, it is the halmark of Buls Guy
  3. ribbon identification

    922F your are wright, I 'am wrong, it has to be Sts. Michael & George and not Bath !
  4. ribbon identification

    1 = Order of the Sword of Sweden 2 = Palmes Académiques - Officier de l'instruction publique (France) 3 = Order of Bath (UK)
  5. Belgian Shako

    Here a Shako of an Belgian Engeneer officier
  6. Dear Veteran, On the shild is marked see here the translation "The consil of the administration and discipline of the 2nd Battalion of the 6 1/2 Brigade of the Batavian Armed home garde Department Delft in Den Hague" Beste regards, Guy
  7. belgian Order of Leopold l

    The Mark A900 is the Silver Mark A1000= 100% silver The other mark is the makers mark of the House Paul De Greef http://www.p-degreef.com/en/home.aspx
  8. Belgium - Royal Order of the Lion

    The first one is an old ribbon of the begin periode of the order created in 1891
  9. Belgian Medal, German officers souvenier

    See : http://users.telenet.be/deploige/OMD-DM/ Best regards Guy
  10. Belgium - Royal Order of the Lion

    Tow early types of the Royal Order of The Lion Both crosses
  11. Yes it is a "vuurkoord" the rank is under on the sleeve
  12. Te one on the left is an NCO rank adjudant, the insignia under the frontstrips is the sign of head instructor (2 palms), the one at the richt is an NCO rank sergeant, the 2 strips are stripes of long service, 1=4 year service, they maximum can wear 2 stripes, after 10 year servic the recieve the military decoration and are no longer alowed to wear the stripes for long service
  13. A new book is comming out see the annoncement on http://gmic.co.uk/topic/67204-he-jewels-of-independence-congo-rwanda-burundi-1960-1990/
  14. Katanga Medal found in Addis Ababa

    The Maker of this medals was FONSON, Fibru-Fish took over FONSON, maybe FIBRU stil has ribon, you can contact the firme see http://www.fibru.com/fr.html Guy
  15. For information for more information see http://gmic.co.uk/topic/67204-he-jewels-of-independence-congo-rwanda-burundi-1960-1990/