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  1. I think I found him: Cameron Fromanteel Cobbold, 1st Baron Cobbold, PC 29 January 1963 (GCVO) Lord Chamberlain to the Queen and Chancellor of the Royal Victorian Order
  2. Well, I think we have dont look for a Chancellor of the Exchequer; we have to look for a Chancellor of the Royal Victorian Order. It´s not the same, isnt it?
  3. Can anyone tell me who have signed my showed above document as the chancellor?
  4. I put all my informations about this awards in one of my Ordensjournal on my website. Free for download, but only in german language. Regards Red
  5. My star, no:925, awarded to a german men (Prof. Dr. Heinz Maria OEFTERING) in 1965, is 73 mm.
  6. I dont heared about this.
  7. I dont want forget to show you my last lion ... Its a Zuber made between 1859 to 1873.
  8. Maybe here?
  9. Since few moths, I got a award document the the grandcross. My first one! YAY! I love it!
  10. The pics at post #1 are lost, so I show again:
  11. Its a nice BVO 1st class made by Juncker.
  12. Gordon, I receive all the shown crosses last days for my collection. But I dont know if there are in a museum. In a couple of days I will receive a copy of the documents about this crosses from the ministery of defence. Than I can tell something more about them. Regards Red
  13. Here I can show you some of the prototypes of the Long Service Crosses for the Bundeswehr, wich was designed in 1964, but never realised. Does anyone have some more or other samples? Regards Red