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  1. Here I can show you my golden Lippe-Detmold Houseorder Honor Cross 2nd Class with oak leaf. A nice little big beauty. Made by Carl Buesch, Hannover, reissued after reworking by Godet, Berlin, in the years 1911 to 1912. I hope you like it! More detailed pictures at Regards Red
  2. Since I have been able to buy an original engraved anniversary mug, and probably not in the future, I have decided for a different solution. After a long search, I bought a nearly identical mug and had it hand engraved by an engraver like the anniversary mug after the original. Now this mug stands as a replacement for the original not to be procured in my showcase.
  3. Hi, I m looking to download the statutes of the Royal Victorian Order, but cant find it everywhere. It can be a version of the 1980ths years. Does anybody knows something?
  4. I think I found him: Cameron Fromanteel Cobbold, 1st Baron Cobbold, PC 29 January 1963 (GCVO) Lord Chamberlain to the Queen and Chancellor of the Royal Victorian Order
  5. Well, I think we have dont look for a Chancellor of the Exchequer; we have to look for a Chancellor of the Royal Victorian Order. It´s not the same, isnt it?
  6. Can anyone tell me who have signed my showed above document as the chancellor?
  7. I put all my informations about this awards in one of my Ordensjournal on my website. Free for download, but only in german language. Regards Red
  8. My star, no:925, awarded to a german men (Prof. Dr. Heinz Maria OEFTERING) in 1965, is 73 mm.
  9. I dont heared about this.
  10. I dont want forget to show you my last lion ... Its a Zuber made between 1859 to 1873.
  11. Maybe here?
  12. Since few moths, I got a award document the the grandcross. My first one! YAY! I love it!
  13. The pics at post #1 are lost, so I show again:
  14. Its a nice BVO 1st class made by Juncker.