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  1. Maybe here? http://www.ebay.de/itm/A15-334-Bundesverdienstkreuz-Medaille-am-Band-Original-im-Etui-/390931644061?pt=Militaria&hash=item5b05577e9d
  2. Another new German order comes from Saxonia. Donated 1996, until today 145 times lent. Makers mark for case and medal:
  3. Since few moths, I got a award document the the grandcross. My first one! YAY! I love it!
  4. Red Eagle

    Saxon Merite Order

    The pics at post #1 are lost, so I show again:
  5. Its a nice BVO 1st class made by Juncker. http://ordensmuseum.de/bundesverdienstorden/stufen/stufe-verdienstkreuz-erster-klasse/
  6. Gordon, I receive all the shown crosses last days for my collection. But I dont know if there are in a museum. In a couple of days I will receive a copy of the documents about this crosses from the ministery of defence. Than I can tell something more about them. Regards Red
  7. Here a nice officer cap from germany´s West-Berlin Police, out of the 60ties:
  8. Red Eagle

    West-Berlin Police Cap

    On Image #3 on post #16 we see a Sig-Sauer P225 pistol (in Berlin called P6) in a "Berlin-Holster". This Foto must be on the 80´s, maybe 1983-1987. Regards Red
  9. Red Eagle

    West-Berlin Police Cap

    Well, if you like, I can show some more details from my Tschako. The crown is the form from 1954 - today and is called "Blätterkrone". The crown wich used before was called "Mauerkrone".
  10. Red Eagle

    West-Berlin Police Cap

    Thank you. Here again a picture of my little exhibition in my office room. Regards Red
  11. Does anyone have some information about this (180 x 144 x 35 mm) case: http://ordensmuseum.de/unbekanntes-prasentations-etui/ Regards Red
  12. Red Eagle

    The new "Iron Cross"

    New in my collection: The big case! http://ordensmuseum.de/orden-ehrenzeichen-bundesprasidenten-gestiftet-genehmigt-sind/das-ehrenzeichen-der-bundeswehr/
  13. New in my collection: http://ordensmuseum.de/orden-ehrenzeichen-bundesprasidenten-gestiftet-genehmigt-sind/die-einsatzmedaille-der-bundeswehr/ The big case ...
  14. Red Eagle

    West-Berlin Police Cap

    The makers mark is: Carl Isken Uniformmützenfabrik Köln D.B.P 906855
  15. Red Eagle

    Anything new?

    I got this last weeks: @SteveL: I know you avatar ...
  16. Ich suche ein Abzeichen für Förderer der Deutschen Orientgesellschaft! Wer kann helfen? So in etwa müssen sie aussehen... Weitere Infos dazu siehe hier: http://ordensmuseum.de/historische-oe/abzeichen-der-dog/
  17. Vielmehr scheint es doch so zu sein, dass beide der Form nach mehr den Deutschen Orden zum Vorbild hatten. Oder eben das Bildnis des "Kreuzes" schlechthin.
  18. Its not a white cross! It is blue!! In old b-w photos you will see the blue color as a kind of white.
  19. Wilhelm II. has designed two badges for the German Oriental Society by hisself, which where awarded for donations and for succsessful digs. Does anyone have pictures from one of theese badges, specialy from the egyptian one? Here are his own paintings: 1. The babylonian-assyrian badge 2. The egyptain badge: All informations on theese badges on my website: http://ordensmuseum.de/historische-o...ichen-der-dog/ Sorry, only in german language for now!
  20. And at last, I present you the Anniversary-Cup from Ulrich Freiherr von Sell, owned by his son. I found it somewhere in Berlin. But I take only the photographies. Look at the right side of the photo. The cup is still in his family. Now, I think this is the end of this little story. But for me, it was a treasure hunter story! For more photos, look at the end in my Ordensjournal 21.
  21. Now I got the original case for the Gorgo-Badge:
  22. I am searching for pictures of the house order of Hohenzollern, where be awarded in the house Doorn period. I would like to compare it with my Godet piece. Can anybody show some? Red