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  1. Welcome back Claudio, was nice to meet you on the SDA Meeting. Red
  2. This question, I ask to the Ordenskanzlei in the Bundespräsidialkanzlei. But they dont have a answer for this question. We know that this ribbon was issued. But we dont know some about an official reason. Red
  3. Looks similar with a Bender piece, too.
  4. You you have look for the number of this cross?
  5. In my opinion, this cross was made by Bender. Actual price in the Bender shop: 16,80 Euro http://www.ordenthw.de/shop/shop.php?mode=show_detail&lang=de&group=52&sid=1f821d389de004921639518d0174da6b&s=&id=200 Its not an issued piece, because only St&L pieces be awarded actually. Regards Red
  6. Red Eagle

    1870 EKII help

    Sorry, but I dont like this cross, too.
  7. On my Website http://www.ordensmuseum.de , I add a rare award document and some new award numbers of the communal orders of the FRG. Red
  8. Here are two of my Ordensjournal, about the 57er medals. http://www.ordensmuseum.de/Ordensjournal/Ordensjournal16Jan0857er.pdf http://www.ordensmuseum.de/Ordensjournal/Ordensjournal18Apr10Hersteller.pdf Regards Red
  9. You will find this article in english language in the "Medal Collector" soon. Greetings Red
  10. I want to answer your questions, so good as I can in my restricted english. 1. Every member of thr D.A.G. (Doorner Arbeistgemeinschaft) was awarded. The award criteria was only the membership. 2. This badge was 19 times awarded. Ca. 25 times manufactured. 3. Normaly the members dont receive an award document. They receive the badge from Wilhelm II. directly. But I know one time, where the member dont receive this memberbadge direct. In this case he receive an award document. I show it in the attachments. 4. Wilhelm dont wrote his titel in the document. Her only wrote "Ich". His sign was Wilhelm J.R. All people call Wilhelm II. "Seine Majestät der Kaiser". Red
  11. My old pictures are lost, so I show it again.. In this version, 12 times awarded.
  12. Yes, but its not really new... Its a part of my webside http://www.ordensmuseum.de/HoH/HoH.htm Regards Red
  13. Royal House Order of Hohenzollern Members Cross Measurements: Cross with crown: 58.56 x 39.49 mm Crown: 22.43 x 19.07 mm Medallion: 18.03mm Weight: 22.95 g Ribbon: 30 mm / non synthetic / uv-neg. Case: 101 x 69 mm The manufacturer sign in the case was used by Godet from 1930 / 1931. Therefore, this cross should not have been produced before 1930. Contrary to a normal Members Cross, this have medallion from gold. Also the ribbon has a difference. Contrary to the normal ribbon, in this ribbon have some threads wrapped with a metal foil. The metal foil is made from silver or aluminium. The ribbon does not necessarily belong to the cross, but was in the case. Origin of the Cross in case: www.bretzendorfer.de Similar pieces I have not seen before. I need some about opinions, or other facts about this cross or case. Who can say something about this cross, the case, or the ribbon? Regards Red
  14. Hmmm, yes, looks like a smaller ribbon version from the Bene Merenti Order neck ribbon.
  15. The company's name in the spell "Gebr. Godet & Co." I can verifyed from the year 1931 on, but not before.
  16. Does anyone have the statutes from this decoration? Merry Xmas Red
  17. Thats sounds good. Is there a I or a J in the word "JANUAR"? It is made from gold or bronze gilded?
  18. Yes, this is a very similar case. And it have the same structured paper in it.