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  1. Here are some of my Junckers. Cheers, Hubert
  2. If there is a catch plate under the catch then it could be post war (or less likely late war) Rettenmeier. But after closer look I cannot see one. Also base material does not look like zinc and details are soft. It is a fake unfortunately. U-boat mark looks funny. Cheers, Hubert
  3. Hi Windu, Could you please provide a side view of the catch? It uses Meybauer-like obverse design, the most common design among u-boat makers. It can be late war or postwar Rettenmaier or a fake. Cannot say from these bad images. Cheers, Hubert
  4. Hi Matthew, Could you please provide more infomation about this kind of badge? How do you know that this is a Kriegsmarine honor pin given out for merit in the field of military support? Another badge of this type is being offered by Weitze at the moment. Thanks in advance! Best regards, Hubert
  5. Very nice F&B zincer. It is hard to find a marked one. I have four different F&B minesweepers but all are unmarked. Cheers, Hubert
  6. Hi, The Kleinkampfverbände clasp with Juncker maker's mark is quite common modern cast fake, so is the case. As John has already said there is only one example known that is thought to be an original sample piece and it comes from the designer of this clasp. It is the one posted by John. I enclose another image of the same sample piece. It was sold by several prominent dealers over the years. Last time it was offered by Lothar Hartung for 7800 eur in 2004.There is no evidence that any of these were manufactured before the end of the war. Cheers, Hubert
  7. try here: http://www.theregaliaspecialist.com/Third_Reich_Germany/Re-enactment_Combat_Awards
  8. Also agree, doubtless fake. Cheers, Hubert
  9. Here is FLL CAB with probably the same variant catch. And here is mine with more common type of hinge and round wire catch. Cheers, Hubert
  10. Hi Jason, IMO this is fine original with just sloppy soldering of the catch. Cheers, Hubert
  11. Hi, This is very well known fake also known as the 'puffy eye' fake. It comes with different hardware setups and maker's marks, sometimes unmarked. Berg & Nolte never made any KM award. Cheers, Hubert Hubert 'puffy eye' fake
  12. Bubba_Z

    E-Boat Badge

    It's a fake unfortunately... Cheers, Hubert
  13. Agreed, a "Popeye" fake. Cheers, Hubert
  14. Hi Horst, Stunning example of AS zincer! Very, very nice, thanks for showing. Cheers, Hubert
  15. Hi, No red flags here. Textbook tombak Juncker AC badge in nice condition. Great catch! Cheers, Hubert