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  1. Also agree, doubtless fake. Cheers, Hubert
  2. Here is FLL CAB with probably the same variant catch. And here is mine with more common type of hinge and round wire catch. Cheers, Hubert
  3. Hi Jason, IMO this is fine original with just sloppy soldering of the catch. Cheers, Hubert
  4. Hi, This is very well known fake also known as the 'puffy eye' fake. It comes with different hardware setups and maker's marks, sometimes unmarked. Berg & Nolte never made any KM award. Cheers, Hubert Hubert 'puffy eye' fake
  5. E-Boat Badge

    It's a fake unfortunately... Cheers, Hubert
  6. Agreed, a "Popeye" fake. Cheers, Hubert
  7. Hi Horst, Stunning example of AS zincer! Very, very nice, thanks for showing. Cheers, Hubert
  8. Hi, No red flags here. Textbook tombak Juncker AC badge in nice condition. Great catch! Cheers, Hubert
  9. Both amazing B.H. Mayer badges! Very nice and very hard to find. Cheers, Hubert
  10. Hi, The clasp looks like very nice type 1 clasp - with hand made internal cutouts. Cheers, Hubert
  11. Hi Dennis, After seeing reverse shots I agree with John that this is original U-boat clasp in silver. Pity about the damage. Cheers, Hubert
  12. Hi Dennis, One image of the obverse is insufficient to tell if this is good or bad unfortunately. Cheers, Hubert
  13. Hi John, This is very nice tombak RK Minesweeper badge, so called 'level 3' variant. Here is mine of this type. Cheers, Hubert
  14. Hi Su, Very nice early Schwerin, the catch is fine on additional pics. Here is mine of this type. Cheers, Hubert
  15. Hi, Great Hobacher zinc Minesweeper in outstanding condition! Was really Wilhelm Hobacher located in Pforzheim? I've alwayes thought it was Vienna and WH marked minesweepers show typical Vienna design of the obverse. Here are my WH Minesweepers, marked and unmarked. Cheers, Hubert