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  1. I am very new to all of this and have joined because of my interest in family history rather than militaria so please forgive my lack of knowledge!! I have a photo of an ancestor who was awarded the Imperial Service Order. I would suspect that (given his likely retirement age) it was an early award. The problem is that I only have a surname - WATERS. The possibilities are: Alfred Charles Waters born 1848 remained in England and a clerk in the general registry office in 1901 Wiliam Waters born 1855 destination unknown but could have been Australia or South Africa Alexander Waters born 1858 destination unknown but could have been Australia or South Africa I guess Alfred is the logical likelihood but a clerk seems unlikely to have warranted such an award. He was all dressed up in the photo (attached) including a sword at his side but the medal (other than its distinctive shape) is not clearly visible enough to know if it is Edward 7 or George. My question is this - can anyone tell me if there is a list somewhere of those who would have been presented with this medal at these early dates? I would really like to know which of the borthers this is!!! Thanks you for any assistance you can provide. Burt (via his wife Ann)