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    EK2 1914 - maker We?

    We is offently refered as JH.Werner
  2. OTTER76

    Hanseatic Campaign

    Hi fellows. Napoleonic Wars is not really my field, but I liked this medal when I saw it and grab it altogether with a Hesse-Cassel one. Do you like it? Is it silver or other metal? what about the ribbon? I presumed they were broader, and this one is thin. Any thoughs are most appreciated. Thanks, Regards,Alex
  3. OTTER76

    Hanseatic Campaign

    Thanks, the red backing its mine piece Great tips Ulsterman. Thank you too.
  4. OTTER76

    Hanseatic Campaign

    Thanks Wild Card. I still have doubts about it being a period piece. Made a comparison with two others. Opinions welcomed
  5. OTTER76

    Hanseatic Campaign

    Thanks Alex for your reply. I knew when I got this one from Emedals some years ago, the ribbon was not period. But somewhere in time I got second thoughts on the originality of the medal itself looking at other reference pictures, and since then could not get a straight forward opinion about it. To me it is maybe too shiny and perhaps light for a napoleonic piece of this type. I realized it was an impulsive buy and knew little about it. Got to regret it.
  6. OTTER76

    WWI EK2 with bronze mark.

    To me a horrible fake full of flaws
  7. OTTER76

    Hanseatic Campaign

  8. Congratz on that stunning piece Chris. I followed that ring too at auction yesterday but totally out of curiosity, and its a true gem. Great catch. Not quite. You know JRR Tolkien was a british vet who fought trench warfare at the Somme and his literature was deeply influenced by this bloody battle
  9. Great. Just curious and trying to figure out what was all about, since this thread had been dormant for such a long time. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Sorry to resurrect this old effort. But what was the aim of it? An Ek census notwithstanding the duplicity if members sell each other crosses? Was there an outcome of such undertaken? Greetings,
  11. OTTER76

    EKI Spange collection

    Congrats. Really nice job with those bronze tags.
  12. A lucky one for me. Was it usual to have a HHOX ribbon with no sword device?
  13. Such a pity. This seemed a very good initiative. Let's wish 2015 will bring things forward.
  14. Just found a picture of Johannes here at GMIC and.... The winner is.... EUGEN! Thanks to the forum members. If any further pictures of WWII or award rolls are available, please pm me!
  15. Strangely there is an Otto Hahn regarded as an HHOX awardee listed here as well http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Otto_Hahn
  16. Erich, Eugen and Johannes Erich was the first WWI Ace to be awarded the SH Saxon order. He was KIA flying in 1917. Therefore not my guy. Eugen has a 50% chance, but found only this http://www.lexikon-der-wehrmacht.de/Personenregister/H/HahnEugen.htm Generalmajor Johannes Hahn (1889-1970) the other side of this coin, was researched as well http://www.wehrmacht-awards.com/related/ribbons/ww2.htm
  17. Great you found something for me Daniel. Indeed any of those Hahns can be my officer. Maybe a Major. Unfortunately shoulder boards are not quite visible. Thanks a lot.
  18. Oh I wish I could search through all his posts... Any sanke cards do you know?
  19. Hi, could you please check if there are a Falkenhagen and a Hahn as recipients? Thanks! Alex
  20. That's a very nice source and piece of history to go with an EKII. Keep them close together. Thanks for sharing
  21. OTTER76


    Indeed, bad bad bad. That's a total fake.