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  1. Hello Paulo I actually saw some commemorative medals 1905, with HMS Vitory in his verse. but this type I confess I did not know. Appeared to me here in Brazil in an auction house, I finished for a good price .. but I confess it was a "shot in the dark" I know nothing about it.
  2. Medal to identify

    Hello Bilco Yes, you can show in other forums. I'll send the photos by email Lambert
  3. Gallipoli Star (real or fake)

    Hello everyone Thank you very much for the comments. Cheers Lambert
  4. It's a fantastic collection! Thank you for showing. I particularly liked the way the medals were displayed. Lambert
  5. Medal to identify

    Hello. Please . could you help me identify this French medal?Medal to identify. uniface Thanks in advance. Lambert
  6. Hello Bilco Thanks for answering. It really does have a lot of resemblance to my medal, but the details are not as thin as the one you showed. Could it be a copy of a private production? Best wishes Lambert
  7. My first post of the year! Happy 2018 to all With the effigy of Admiral Horatio Nelson and on the back stamped a battle scene. legend: "Horatio Viscount Nelson. K.B.Duke of Bronte ∙ & "Reverse: In field battle overview. Legend, above the inscription "Centenary Of The Battle Of Trafalgar Oct. 1905" in the exergue "Trafalgar. Octr. 21. 1805 ", and on the upper border" England Expects Every Man Will of His Duty ". In golden bronze. . Diameter: 30 mm. all comments are welcome. Regards Lambert
  8. ribbon for identify

    I'll try, what kind of pin does this ribbon have ?? could you show up?
  9. ribbon for identify

    Any other clues? any inscription on the back of the Ribbon?
  10. Hello everyone. I am interested in this Silesian eagle 1st Class, but I have doubts whether it is original or a copy .. Let me know your views on it. Thanks in advance. Lambert