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    Knight's Badge, in silver and enamels (center buttons in Gold and enamels) 29.2mm (x47.10mm including crown suspension + shipping Paypal


  2. I plan to make a display to show the Victory Medals ..I accept suggestions Lambert
  3. Hi David. It's hard to know the "right" price, I would say around $ 1500. But this is very irregular. Lambert
  4. Hi David. Yeah, it's okay. But I find the price very high. Lambert
  5. Spain remained neutral during the war but many Catalan volunteers enlisted in the French Army, Belgian and Foreign Legion . It is related to the Great War. The medal is very scarce, but there are many recent copies. So be careful. Lambert
  6. Hello Paul . I like being able to help. Lambert
  7. Argentina remained Neutral during the First World War, I have no information about Argentine volunteers, except the volunteers of European decendence (Germans, French, English, etc.) who received the call of the mother country. I researched a little more, The medal has no connection with the of World War I. here 582155_JOMSA_Vol57_1_25.pdf Lambert
  8. Hello welcome ! I do not know much, but it is a medal on the small participation of Argentina in World War I, probably help with the Argentine Red Cross. lambert
  9. Hello Claudio. Excellent !!! Yes, it is a great example of Vic Brazil .. I am glad many members get their medal. Lambert
  10. Major Francisco de Siqueira Cavalcanti. Major Pedro de Alcântara Tibério Capistrano 1st Row Order of St. Benedict of Aviz (Brazil) Medal of Reward for Military Bravery (Brazil) Medal to the Winners of Del Yatay (Uruguay) Medal of the Campaign of Paraguay (Brazil). 2nd Row: Order of Lord Jesus Christ (Brazil) Medal of the Uruguayan Campaign 1851/1852 or Monte Caseros Medal (Brazil) Order of the Rose (Brazil) Plate of Dignitary of the Order of the Rose (Brazil) Right side: Medal of the Surrender of Uruguaiana (Brazil).
  11. Hi Jean Perhaps the OMSA has in its bank of ribbons . Try them too all the best Lambert
  12. Hi Davidck At some time I posted something about models of the Victory Medals Italia, found in the Italian book on their medals (immagine Scarpa-Sézanne "Le decorazioni del Regno di Sardegna e del Regno d'Italia - Commemorative - vol.2" - Tav. 25 ) .. I believe they were not approved for manufacture. And it is possible that it has never been produced beforehand. here But I do not have more information about the "landing victory". I have a friend who is Italian and collector of Medals. I'll talk to him, maybe he might know something. All the best Lambert
  13. Hi There is some image of it? Lambert Very good .. very sharp detail. Lambert
  14. Particularly I prefer the designer of unofficial medals French .. Lambert