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  1. I agree, here it is very still .. It is a great happiness when someone comments something .. Lambert
  2. Hello everyone. I have these Polish medals, but I don't know if they are good. What can you tell me about them? Thanks in advance Lambert
  3. Thank you I have that same thought. Yesterday I had the courage to "dismantle" the Order .. Calm !! She was already with the centerpiece "loose" .. I removed very carefully not to break. And These are the photos of the "dismantle". Let me know what you think.
  4. Я также использую Cheers: Lambert
  5. Hello. As the Medal is not pure silver, I think the medal was "customized" by the veteran. It is not common to see this, but we have examples like the Silver Vic of Jim's Book .. is an exclusive Medal. This is my thinking. Is "10" scratched or embossed? Best Regards Lambert
  6. thank you Well, I was not sure about it .. I thought she might have more delicate details. I have missed the "details" under the smooth enamel without the characteristic geometric shapes of " diamond ". I'll try to make better and more detailed photos. Some manufacturer of lower quality? Thank Lambert
  7. Hope it helps .. are photos from Jim's Book Lambert
  8. Congratulations Oliver .. excellent example, i'm taste the chocolate brown patina. Cheers Lambert
  9. so beautiful! .. I still do not have this .. one day maybe .. Lambert
  10. Hello everyone. I would like opinions on this Order of the Star of Romania (Model 1877-1932) Thank you in advance. Lambert
  11. indeed. Just a thought of mine, I doubt they were real diamonds. Cheers Lambert
  12. exactly. My luck I paid very little for it. The "swords" had been added in a rudimentary manner, I do not believe that it is to falsify, for it is very coarse .. however how much does it affect its value? Cheers Lambert
  13. This medal was in a lot (closed) that acquired a little time, really not what I was not quite the self I expected .. All comments are welcome Lambert
  14. It really is a curious item. I remember the book "Victory Medal" James P. Michels Jr.( johnnymac), page 152 Unknown Type I in silver. Lambert
  15. Sorry, the photo is bad. But I'll explain. The crown and the cross are of the same golden color. I also have another identical one in Silver. Cheers Lambert