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  1. My Individual Military Medal "MMI" J.Saz design MMI In Silver. Lambert Individual Military Meda "MMI", model Egaña. (1938 ?) Rusty Metal Lambert
  2. Has anyone seen photos of people sporting this medal? Lambert
  3. Sim, está... Yes it is !
  4. Great! From this information I got more information about this medal. It has direct connection with the Spanish Civil War. Thank you Claudius .. Parade of the victory of 1939 (Desfile de la victoria de 1939) more . more ! Lambert
  5. Hello everyone. What can you tell me about this medal? hank you very much in advance Lambert
  6. Hello! Could you show clearer photos? It's a little dark. I really have a lot of doubts. I think it could be another fake medal. Lambert
  7. Hi. The medal is from the same seller that offers the Portuguese medal ??The ribbon is from the same lot. It is another "modern reproduction". Note the "signature of the sculptor" details coarse, among other details in the date 1914 - 1918 not very clear. Definitely not good. Cheers Lambert
  8. Hi Replica "modern", I think it is not worth it, there are still many Type 2 official. It's worth waiting a bit longer. That's just my opinion. Cheers Lambert

    • FOR SALE

    Knight's Badge, in silver and enamels (center buttons in Gold and enamels) 29.2mm (x47.10mm including crown suspension + shipping Paypal


  10. I plan to make a display to show the Victory Medals ..I accept suggestions Lambert
  11. Hi David. It's hard to know the "right" price, I would say around $ 1500. But this is very irregular. Lambert
  12. Hi David. Yeah, it's okay. But I find the price very high. Lambert
  13. Spain remained neutral during the war but many Catalan volunteers enlisted in the French Army, Belgian and Foreign Legion . It is related to the Great War. The medal is very scarce, but there are many recent copies. So be careful. Lambert
  14. Hello Paul . I like being able to help. Lambert