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  1. I'm in doubt how to do this? There seems, but is very dirty. Lambert
  2. Different medal

    Hello everyone. What can you tell me about this medal? hank you very much in advance Lambert
  3. I'd leave it as it is. Just clean it better.
  4. Yes, 75.00 $ is very cheap for an original Vic Cuba, do not say that this could not happen because it happened to me, I acquired rare Vics with an excellent price. But it is good to be sure that it is really original or an original variant of the same era. Here I rescued the advertisement and seller of my Cuban copy. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/COPY-of-full-size-CUBA-WWI-VICTORY-Medal-/282583134936?hash=item41cb4472d8:g:FSoAAOSwUKxYZRd6 "and this seems to be the first time I've been fooled. " This sometimes happens, serves as learning. Good luck! Lambert
  5. I have a MV Cuba that I bought on Ebay.uk. Sold as a copy (in Copper) that exactly matches the one in your post, is the same mold, with the same defects. look here. The right is mine.
  6. The edges of Vic Cubana are not irregular like these. Could you get photos of the sides of the medal? Photos like this: Disregard the marks .. I want to see if the edges are regular Lambert
  7. Hi David . I would not buy that. I believe it is false. Lambert

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  9. Unknown medal.

    Typical Spanish brooch. But I have not been able to identify what medal until now. Thanks in advance for the help. Lambert
  10. Unknown medal.

    Hello Bilco. All right? Yes it is a possibility that should be explored .. Thank you! Lambert
  11. Unknown medal.

    Well .. so far nothing. But I keep researching. thank you all. Best Regards Lambert
  12. Unfortunately I do not know.
  13. Queen Marie Cross

    Hi Carol . These are the photos you asked me, I believe to be from the postwar period 1916-18? I guess.. Lambert .
  14. Gallipoli Star (real or fake)

    Hello Demir. I have the same doubt about this example. What do you think? Best Regards Lambert
  15. Wow !!! Perfect ! Congratulations David .. great acquisition! ! Lambert
  16. Queen Marie Cross

    Yes, I can do this soon
  17. Queen Marie Cross

    My example of the Queen Marie Cross 2nd class correct? Lambert.
  18. Medal of Honor of the Fallen. ( Denkmünze zu Ehren der Gefallenen – Ich hatt einen Kameraden ) "AM -/- SCHMUCK – DER -/- RUHESTAETTEN -/- UNSERER – TAPFERN -/- HALF – WER – DIESES -/- EISENZEICHEN -/- NAHM " "Those who have received this token of iron have helped with the adornment of resting paces of our brave ones " more: http://antique-photos.com/en/awardsdatabase/weimarawards/220-iron-medal.html Cheers Lambert
  19. Miniatures of Japanese Orders and Medals

    Maybe .
  20. Miniatures of Japanese Orders and Medals

    Unfortunately I do not have... Here is another photo: Admiral Henrique Aristides Guilhem in 1939. (No Japanese medals and orders. Just the example of Medal of the Royal Visit to Brazil) Cheers Lambert
  21. Hello everyone. I have these Polish medals, but I don't know if they are good. What can you tell me about them? Thanks in advance Lambert
  22. Polish Cross

    someone ?
  23. Miniatures of Japanese Orders and Medals

    It is probable that it was Vice-Admiral Carlos Augusto Gaston Lavigne.
  24. Miniatures of Japanese Orders and Medals

    Photos of some miniatures of Japanese Orders and Medals. They were awarded to a Brazilian Admiral of the First World War.Unfortunately they are not mine. Note that there are some rare medals. Cheers Lambert