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  1. I do not know for sure, it has been a long time since I followed the sales auctions. ... Lambert
  2. USS Kerlew (ID-1325) was a USS Kerlew (ID-1325) was a United States Navy cargo ship in commission from 1918 to 1919.
  3. Hi Gábor.. Not necessarily, although it is "rare" it is not an official medal, so price quotation may not mean it is more coveted. I always give more value to the OFFICIAL medal. But for who Collects the VICs (Victory Medals), (not a very large group) These medals can be quite interesting. I what I think. Best Regards Lambert
  4. No, it's an Unofficial Type 2. without the sculptor's signature. Note the absence of "O" on the back of the medal. Possibly made in France It's a very hard medal to find I consider Rare. A ribbon is invaluable. Lambert
  5. Yes it's an Official medal with the Italian ribbon (maybe) .. It's a good piece. Lambert

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    Spain. Victor del SEU (in Bronze) Military Merit 2nd Class The Victor is a Spanish award grant from the Spanish Union University (SEU). Victor is a traditional symbol of merit at the Spanish University. According to rewards rules March 11, 1952. It is an acronym that contains all the letters of the word "Victor" under a laurel wreath. Also called Victorious or symbol of victory. the prize was classified into the following groups: 1 - SEU Services (Blue Sky Ribbon) 2 - To the professional merit (Red Ribbon) 3 - Sports (Green Ribbon) 4 - Military (Dark Blue Ribbon)


  7. French Medal of the 1920s, this model, described as "reproduction" by A. Laslo, is rarer than the production models of Czechoslovakia. nice example! Lambert
  8. lambert


    This medal is considered "a fantasy" , there is no evidence that it really was an official commemorative medal of the First World War. unfortunately. Lambert
  9. its variety does not have the back of the medal, I got a picture of this example and the illustration of a book showing the variations of the Italian VIC. Lambert
  10. The only allowed on the Vic British ribbon was the MID emblem.
  11. The order of the Rose was founded by the Emperor Dom Pedro I. on October 17, 1829, on occasion of his second marriage to Amalie Princess of Leuchtenberg. Dom Pedro I. who was besides his epileptic seizures a tough character and had several mistresses. This may be the reason why his first wife, Leopoldine of Austria, deceased rather young, not even 30 years old, in 1826. They had five children together, among them Maria Gloria, later Queen of Spain, and Dom Pedro, who would be Dom Pedro I. successor, called Dom Pedro II. After the death of Leopoldine of Austria, Dom Pedro I. went to Europe looking for a new wife. Due to his history and the influence of the Austrian chancellor Count Metternich a proper woman couldn't be obtained. Therefore his mistress, at this time still living at the Brazilian Court, was send away and negotiation with the Bavarian court Pedro got engaged to Amalie von Leuchtenberg, a daughter of the former Vice King of Italy, Eugen de Beauharnais. He was made the Duke of Leuchtenberg by his father in law King Maximilian von Bayern.Two days after the engagement, October 17, 1829, the Order of the Rose was founded. Some say the order was founded due to Pedro saying: "...beautiful as a rose", looking at Amalie. The other theory was the fact that Amalie liked the Rose's very much and he surprised her giving her a diamond set grand cross badge upon her arrival in Brazil. The last version should be the correct one.Fact is the precise planning of this order, proven by countless design drawings. The bear dates on them starting 4 weeks before she arrived in Brazil. avers cavaleiro cross The order was awarded in 6 different grades. On April 6, 1831, Dom Pedro went into exile with his daughter Maria Gloria and his wife to Spain and gave his power to his underage son Dom Pedro, now Dom Pedro II. The 5 year old was substituted by a council until he turned 15 July 15, 1840. During 1831 and 1840 no order was awarded. Afterwards the order was awarded quite often, since Pedro had a strong connection to his mother. Therefore the Order of the Rose became the most important in Brazil. In addition to this the order was even more popular then the classical Brazilian orders, as the order of the Southern Cross, due to its pretty designs. The Grand Duke of Russia, how was listed for the Grand Cross of the higher Order of The Southern Cross, during a visit of Dom Pedro II. in Russia asked the Emperor of Brazil for the Order of the Rose after being given his Grand Cross set. Being asked for the reason, he answered that the Rose Order had the more elegant design. Needless to say, that he was given both orders. After the revolution in 1889 the emperor of Brazil left his country. He diseased in Paris December 5, 1891. The order of the Rose is still a very attractive decoration and quite rare. Looking at the number of awards it is quite clear, that certain classes are pretty difficult to obtain: limits due to statuestotal number of bestowals Pedro I(1829-1831) Pedro II(1841-1889) Grão Cruz 7157efetivo8 honorario8 Grande Dignitario161173Dignitario3211288Commendadorunlimited271572Oficialunlimited144118Cavaleirounlimited1198937 The Grão Cruz efetivo was worn with a collar of 54.5 cm length. There are a number of different manufactures for this order. The main manufacture was Kretly in Paris and Wolfers in Brussels. This made it difficult to determine the sizes of the different badges of the order. Mr. G. Tammann came up with the following measurements in [mm]: badgestarribbon height x widthpoint to point diameter height x widthpoint to point diameter widthGrão Cruz 101 (sash)efetivo112x6473 + crown90x7676 + crown honorario112x6473 + crown90x7676 + crown Grande Dignitario89x5259 + crown85x7272 + crown60 (neck ribbon) since 1856 101 (sash) Dignitario55x505572x727260 Commendador70x4146 + crown70x53 74x54 53 + crown 54 + crown 60 (neck ribbon) Oficial43x434353x53 63x63 53 63 35 (brest ribbon) 60 (neck ribbon) Cavaleiro49x31 55x38 31 + crown 38 + crown no star35 (breast ribbon)Other manufactures are: da Costa, Lisbon Lemaitre, Paris Resse, Rio de Janeiro Rothe Vienna Unfortunately there is no way of making the differentiation between the decorations awarded under Dom Pedro I. and Dom Pedro II. Even though the crown was different, the change was not shown in the design of the decoration. The only reliable basis is the French control mark law. French made pieces made during the regency of Dom Pedro I. show sometimes a ram (belier) mark if in gold and the hare (lievre) mark if in silver (gilt). During Pedro II's period the corresponding French marks are the eagle (aigle) and the boar (sanglier). http://www.medalnet.net/brazil_rose.htm
  12. The Medal of Courage, Abnegation and Humanity comprises the following degrees: Gold, Silver and Copper Medal. The Gold Medal is granted to the undisputed or collectivity who renders a relativissímo service to the sea salvation or who, having been awarded twice with the silver medal, has acquired the right to the third medal of the same degree. The Silver Medal is awarded to the undivided or collectivity who provides a relevant service to the salvation of shipwrecked or who, having twice been awarded the copper medal, has acquired the right to the third medal of the same rank. The Copper Medal is consubstantiated to the undisputed or collectivity that renders important service in the salvation of shipwrecks. The medal is of the model (photo attached below) using pendant in red silk ribbon, dark green edges, 0.03mm in width. The individual bestowed with at least three gold medals of his, in substitution of one of them, a gold insignia, identical to the one of the medal and double of the size, suspended of ribbon pendent of the neck; the ribbom is identical to that of the medal, but twice the width. The right to use the medal and the insignia referred to in the previous number is granted through the respective diploma of concession. Philanthropy and dedication Medal The reward to be attributed for services prostado to the ISN that are not covered by nº 1 (Ordinance nº 310/95) same medal of philanthropy and dedication. It comprises the following degrees; medal of gold, silver and copper. The Gold Medal is awarded to the Honorary Protector, to the subscriber with 45 years consecultive of payments of monthly quotas and to the individual who has provided to the ISN services considered as relevant. The Gold Medal is awarded to the Honorary Protector, to the subscriber with 45 years consecultive of payments of monthly quotas and to the individual who has provided to the ISN services considered as relevant. The Silver medal for 30 years and the Copper Medal for 15 years. Silver medal
  13. lambert

    Medal to identify

    Hello. Please . could you help me identify this French medal?Medal to identify. uniface Thanks in advance. Lambert
  14. Hello Paulo I actually saw some commemorative medals 1905, with HMS Vitory in his verse. but this type I confess I did not know. Appeared to me here in Brazil in an auction house, I finished for a good price .. but I confess it was a "shot in the dark" I know nothing about it.
  15. My first post of the year! Happy 2018 to all With the effigy of Admiral Horatio Nelson and on the back stamped a battle scene. legend: "Horatio Viscount Nelson. K.B.Duke of Bronte ∙ & "Reverse: In field battle overview. Legend, above the inscription "Centenary Of The Battle Of Trafalgar Oct. 1905" in the exergue "Trafalgar. Octr. 21. 1805 ", and on the upper border" England Expects Every Man Will of His Duty ". In golden bronze. . Diameter: 30 mm. all comments are welcome. Regards Lambert
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    Medal to identify

    Hello Bilco Yes, you can show in other forums. I'll send the photos by email Lambert
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    Gallipoli Star (real or fake)

    Hello everyone Thank you very much for the comments. Cheers Lambert
  18. It's a fantastic collection! Thank you for showing. I particularly liked the way the medals were displayed. Lambert
  19. Hello Bilco Thanks for answering. It really does have a lot of resemblance to my medal, but the details are not as thin as the one you showed. Could it be a copy of a private production? Best wishes Lambert
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    ribbon for identify

    I'll try, what kind of pin does this ribbon have ?? could you show up?