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    CEF, RFC, RK's, Soldbuchs, Headgear
  1. I've just received a pre-production copy of Vic Taboika's new reference on Great War uniforms, equipment & collectibles. Magnificent, stunning & spectacular hardly describe this new book! Hardbound, 360 glossy pages, almost every one filled with incredible color photos. The books will arrive within the next 60 days and you can pre-order thru Service Publications... http://www.servicepub.com/
  2. An example from across the pond...
  3. RoyA

    New Arrivals

    While we're on the topic of EK's, here's a nice Deumer I'm proud to own...
  4. RoyA

    New Arrivals

    Okay, okay!! Jim, you win the prize along with my admiration. You really know your EK's old boy...good job! Steinhauer & L?ck...L/16 it is! Roy
  5. RoyA

    New Arrivals

    L/16? Are you sure Jim? C'mon now...that moderator badge is pinned pretty loose cheeky
  6. RoyA

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    Jim...that L55 is SPECTACULAR!!
  7. RoyA

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    I got WOOD when this one arrived!
  8. RoyA

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    Next up...I've wanted a cased screwback for years!
  9. RoyA

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    Jim, You are TOO good!!! Cheers! wub.gif