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  1. Hi Paddywhack

    Been reading your post with interest. My aunt has a three set that include the defence medal and the victory medal from her husband who served in the RA and the North Staff's.  Subsequently he worked for the mayor of the city of London and was awarded freedom of the city. He also has a 1977 qjm which seemed unusual. She only has the minatures that he wore on his dinner jacket for many years. He died 15 years ago. She is 88 and we want to replace his minatures with a new set of originals in time for remembrance day. She always attends but never with Joes medals. 

    His name is Joseph Radford. Did the qjm have the name of the recipient on the rim and do you know how it would have appeared. Name or initials and name.


    I understand this is not a big medal but it is important to her and I would appreciate your advice.


    Very best regards

    1. paddywhack


      Hi ian

       Sorry for the late reply but life and work kept distracting me!I had a look on the roll and there is a joseph Rafford on the 77 roll and it has him down as a

      Assistance public trustee.

      Public trustee office

      The medal itself as far as I  aware isn't named so that will help of your looking to get a full sizeine (minitures are always unnamed (


      Hoped this helps and if you need any more help let me know!

      Kind regards


      Also sorry I had his name down on my last reply as as rafford its joseph radford 

      Thanks again


  2. hers something else! in 35 there was the kings jubilee and they issued a medal for that to!i checked the rolls and here is the vons off that list!!!
  3. von schweppenburg is intresting!!!! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leo_Geyr_von_Schweppenburg
  4. yup he was indeed awarded this medal!dont think he would have worn it much though after getting it!(oh and the rolls arent avaible to the public but i got them from a contact on another forum!) heres a screen shot of the page hes listed in!hope it helps!!!
  5. Il check the medal rolls when.i get home!could be right!
  6. to get a service record of a british officer/enlisted man you need to get prove to the ministry of defence (MOD)hes been dead for more then 25 years, this is done by getting his death cert,you then have to fill out an application form and send a cheque for £30 made payable to the MOD ,its a pain to be honest but can yield great results! heres the form you need to fill out for the MOD https://www.gov.uk/requests-for-personal-data-and-service-records i dont have the link for where you can get the death cert(thought i had it!) but i do know it costs about £9 to get it! hope it helps a bit!
  7. heres the wiki entry!looks like the rosette was automatically awarded and much rarer to have it with out! !also if you look at say brit ww2 medals it was more to do with being in a war zone then in combat itself to be entitled to a campaign and its the same here! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_Atlantic_Medal
  8. here you go!cant find any service papers for either sadly!
  9. post the numbers on the medals and il post the medal cards for you!
  10. paddywhack

    Botswana Defence Force Long service order

    no worries!here a pic of it with the ribbon!
  11. paddywhack

    Botswana Defence Force Long service order

    Iv an eithopian Order of Emperor Menelik II and I think maybe one or two more il be moving on!
  12. paddywhack

    Botswana Defence Force Long service order

    It's blue gold blue il post some pics when I get home!
  13. paddywhack

    Botswana Defence Force Long service order

    Oh and thanks for the reply!
  14. paddywhack

    Botswana Defence Force Long service order

    Sadly no! It has its original ribbon but not a long length of it!