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  1. Marse

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    Speranza vana, sembra sempre di andare contro i mulini a vento, non regalano mai niente...
  2. Hello gentlemen, I have this medal in my collection, but I fear that it is a fake Ukrainian. Opinions?
  3. I do not see in this. http://gmic.co.uk/index.php/topic/8433-us-army-decorations-awarded-to-red-army-personnel-in-world-war-ii/page-11#entry600243
  4. Jap, this seems to be a Garibaldi Italian Partisan Star, is a star of belonging to the '"Garibaldi Brigades" during the period 1943-1945, an anti-fascist Partisan formation. '>
  5. Hi Jap, hi gentlemen, can I ask you what year it is?