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  1. Prague Bar


    • FOR SALE

    Prague Bar. Two flat, tapered prongs. $35 plus shipping Pleases end a PM if interested. Thanks! Brian


  2. EK1 Schön

    Excellent set!
  3. Two German Army Roll Clasps


    • FOR SALE

    Offered are two ORIGINAL German Army Roll Clasps or Ehrenblattspangen. Both are Otto Klein made. The first (on the left) is the type with the smaller pins, while the second (on the right) is the type with the larger pins (one of the larger pins is missing on the second one). Both are excellent quality! Prices are $1,675 for the first type and $1,625 for the second type. Shipping and fees are extra; shipping fees vary by locations and services. Please send a PM or email me at info@kleinekillpress.com if interested. Thank you, Brian


  4. Machine Gunner EK1

    Yes, how?!?!?!
  5. Definitely a fascinating award document and it's always amazing to see the way you guys can dissect and interpret such pieces when the details are so overlapping.
  6. My EK1 small collection

    A Godet and a Wagner & Son - if you are only going to have two these are the right choice!
  7. Rarest 1939 EK2 ?

    I'd guess a duplicate or replacement, especially due to the mounting. It really is a great one, especially that it is attributed to family. And, if it was 3rd of January 1939, it surely would be the rarest!
  8. Nice Award Photos

    Love these types of pictures. Great stuff!
  9. A fake, but I don't think an EK2 has ever been so comfortable. It's like a cushy bed!
  10. Hi Guys - Does anyone know the dates Wilhelm Matthies earned his 1939 Spange Awards for the 1914 EK? I'm guessing they were early, like most Spange awards. He held various regimental commander positions (Naval Flak) during the first year of the war as a Kapitaen zur See.
  11. Funny FAKE SS grouping....

    The EK2 ribbon is fake and it appears, at one time, the SS collar tabs were artificially added to that image.
  12. Unmarked Issue EK2

    yeah, it looks like he got them and slipped them into a drawer. It's like an unopened time capsule. Very nice.
  13. Unmarked Issue EK2

    Sweet set, Chris. The medals were wrapped up in the same blue tissue?