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  1. Rick Simply simply amazeing, I cant thank you enough for all the info!!!! Im going to read it again so i pick it all up. What would be a fair market price for this piece? thanks Dan
  2. i havent found the others yet
  3. I beleive the fist three are acts of bravery medals??
  4. Here is the information I have for the wearer recieved from the Grandson His name was Otto Kogelmann from Burgenland, Gussing. Do you think I could research this at all?
  5. I recently aquirred this bar, but am a little illiterate to imperial Germany, and would love some help on it if possible, Don I hope you like this one Dan
  6. Hi guys, thanks for the comments, i will have to dig them out of storage, i cant remember the marks on the bottom anymore. Thanks dan
  7. Its not much, but i really like all of them. And im starting to get the itch for some nice german helmets. Dan
  8. No One like Kriegsmarine here? I will try to add as much input into this as possible, and would greatly appreciate anyone else to throw there two cents in. The Gilt Metal rank insignia is for a Flugmeldeamt {Aircraft warning service} The bottom sleeve insignia is for Rangefinder operator with NCO schooling. I will quote this out of Brian Davis's Book German Uniforms of the third Reich 1933-1945 The Uniform Jacket was unique to the German Navy. It was worn both as part of the service dress and as a summer walking out uniform, when it was worn over either the blue or white jumper with the blue collar warn outside the jacket. As it was an elaborate Item of dress which served no practical function it was one of the naval garments that ceased to be issued at the outbreak of war and only those persons who already possessed the jacket could continue to use it within the prescribed circumstances. Now all I need is a nice brass Kriegsmarine Buckle and to learn how to tie the Jumper Correctly. Thanks Dan
  9. Pants and inside of the tunic All comments are welcome.
  10. Excuse the mess in the right corner of the room