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  1. Arisaka Bayonet Display

    Hello - fellow forum guys .... well, I'll add some noise to the dormancy .... I recently contacted a collector/woodworker named Skip Greenwade (he has a nice website) and provided a rough sketch of an Arisaka bayonet display stand. He crafted this in about 2 weeks. This photo is just before I mounted it to the wall. The felt is khaki colored and the slots are magnetic, so the bayonets remain in place rather security! I am very pleased with this work and his price is tremendously reasonable. Just sharing ...as I am very pleased with the outcome. Dan
  2. Hi Guys - I am interested in a WW2 sword listed by a dealer, and he has posted several photos of the sword, including TANG. It appears to be a WW2 era Showa (manufacture) - I see what appears to be an arsenal marking, but I can't make out any of the kanji. Perhaps an arsenal mark and signature? Can anyone offer any insights? Some pics attached. I appreciate any feedback or insights you can offer up. Dan
  3. Arisaka Bayonet Display

    Yes.... awesome collection!, ... but I am also hoping my display limits or keeps my collecting addiction in check
  4. Arisaka Bayonet Display

    Simon - There were 12 different type 30 bayonet manufacturers and in "my book" about 6 major variants, however ... you can find 30 variations if you go by Raymond Labar's superb book (Bayonets of Japan), which is probably THE book to own if you ever get into collecting them seriously. The curved quillion is actually pre WW2 (1930s) manufacture. During the war, they went to straight ....and as the war progressed, more corners were cut with respect to handle shape, blade quality, screws used, etc... I like to collect sample small arms pieces of Imperial Japan, and since I had a few of these , I wanted a way to easily display them on the wall. Thanks for the note! Dan
  5. A visit to Jimboucho Gunsouten, Tokyo

    Amazing .... thanks for sharing the photos! Dan
  6. Hi members - for collectors of WW2 Italian militaria, can you share the more reputable dealers online for Italian Militaria, if there are some? I don't know who to deal with that has a strong reputation. Thanks, Dan
  7. Hi Claudio - thanks for the post. I am interested in headgear.

    • FOR SALE

    Hi all - I am selling my set of excellence badges from the WW2 timeframe. I have 11 of them. A summary photo is attached and a proposed pricing list. These are original with no replacement enamel. Many have original screw posts/screw plates. I can send detailed photos of each one as requested - Dan (OMSA #6626) Cooks Badge – in nice shape. Appears to have original screwpost/badge on reverse. Very nice patina. I am asking 160.00 USD Medic Badge - asking price of 90.00 USD MachineGunner – screw plate not original to badge, nice patina. I think this is a mid-1940s variant. I am asking 75.00 USD Excellent Sniper’s Badge - I am asking 140.00 USD Tanker’s Badge – 100.00 USD Excellent Mortarman’s Badge – 100.00 USD Rifleman’s Badge - nice reverse, with screw, late 40s - asking 90.00 USD Artillery badge - some red enamel damage near bottom below the tubes. Asking 60.00 USD Minelayer Badge – asking 160.00 USD Anti-Aircraft Gunnery Badge – mid 40s, asking 100.00USD Excellent Recon Scout Badge - asking 120.00 USD I will take 700.00 USD for entire group of eleven. Thanks!


  9. Sorry I screwed up the photos on the post! ... but that's the Stalingrad group ... I'll post the group with Bravery medals in a moment Here is the pic of the bravery medals group I mention, but I have the research buried in one of my file boxes so I need to dig that up
  10. Good points. I have many groups and individual awards that have been researched. One came back mentioning Kursk (bravery medal for delivering meals under fire ....and a group that mentions actions at Stalingrad (photo attached). Dan
  11. Dave - reference my last note ... summary picture is attached 



  12. Hello Gents - I've been away from the collecting bug for a while (new job and 4 young boys tends to do it to you..). Anyway, I am beginning my "journey" to start the path to own a L.o.H. from 1st empire period. Why start there? ...simply because I have an several LoH awards from other periods and I finally want to target the holy grail . I have some references, but am always looking to confirm/get feedback on recommendations of others on this point (helpful references) and then finally, who is a reputable dealer in French medals these days? In my youth, my primary focus was on collecting German and Soviet. Most of the LoHs that I have are were purchased from trusted friends. I apologize if my two questions are addressed in someone else's link, but if you point me in that direction I would appreciate it! Warm regards, Dan
  13. Hi forum members... I have been combing the web a bit, but I am having a tough time finding a dealer of authentic WW2 Italian militaria .... someone reputable with a decent inventory. Am I correct to assume such a dealer is hard to come by, or am I overlooking someone? I am most interested in headgear and medals.. I appreciate any and all insights on this matter. regards, Dan
  14. Thanks Elmar and Claudio - Great tips! are either of these gentleman amicable to selling to the US? ...perhaps via email? Now that I have lots of kids, I frankly do not make it to Europe very often anymore ... I am looking for some specific items, so I could provide details, However ...if it is too hard, I can just work through the dealers listed, and ebay. I notice Ebay gets some nice items, but one must be very patient ... Thanks again, Dan
  15. Thanks gents! - I appreciate the rapid response. I will check out both of these sights. Dan
  16. Neat post - thanks for sharing .. Dan
  17. Incredible ... nice quality uniforms! Dan
  18. :cheers: Simply superb...thanks very much for sharing!.... Dan
  19. Medal book: the call of duty

    Hi l4H... It's not that kind of book.... it won't give you the level of detail that breaks down every variant and manufacture code. THAT said, I will share with you that I have many books on medal collecting, and this is one of my favorites - it is well laid out, a GREAT read, and plenty of rare photos (all my opinion of course). The book does a decent job capturing most all types of US medals, and the folks I have recommended this book are very pleased with it. I don't know if you collect German, but I find this book similar to "Iron Time," - a book which is a great read and gives me an appreciation for the Iron Cross/Knight's cross. For technical details and variants of the Knight's cross - I rely on Dietrich Martz's book. I am currently on travel so sadly I can't meet your request for photos, scans,etc.. best regards, Dan
  20. I hate this thread....too much torture!.... I'll never forget the day I passed on Ushakov medal (serial number ONE) for $700.00 .... (at a time when Ushakbv medals were going for about $320.00 a piece...) ... Igor sold a large Kutozov 2nd class group for me this year on consignment...his asking price was 43,000.00, which I thought was a bit high, bet he felt he could "move it well"...and that he did - I think it sold in less than 96 hours... One of you gents had a link/pictures posted on this site. I will share with you what I originally paid for that group - $3,500.00 I am still holding out and trying to keep my cavalier of glory group (still one of the nicest I have seen), and my HSU group... as well as a few smaller groups..... I just need to keep their "values" information away from the wife! ... or she will question my judgement.
  21. Follow Forum professionals! ... I would deeply appreciate your opinions and insights as to the offer on the attached link: http://www.raremilitaria.com/75assaultbadgealbum_001.htm It is not the norm for me to ask about a particular item at a dealer website - but I have strong interest, as I currently hold a large quantity of the personal awards, and documents... to Rolf Due. However, his general assault badge was missing from the group when I purchased it. Alas... it is reportedly here. HOWEVER, I have absolutely no knowledge of dealing with this merchant... and I have limited knowledge of the badge itself. Based on the one reference book I hold on this award ... the "75" mounted on a plate, vice raised engraving...bothers me a bit. Then again, I have limited experience with the General Asault badge. So, I welcome any and all comments with respect to the award, and experiences with this particular merchant. thanks! regards, Dan
  22. Okay... I did my homework... Rolf Due's final GAB award was for "25" ...not "75" .... The seller of the dubious award we have discussed has contacted me. His name is "Ken" and he said he inherited it with a slew of other awards about 30 years ago, and has now decided to part with the award. I shared with him that I highly recommend he remove the award from his website, or his reputation will be damaged! (...if he has one!).. regards, Dan
  23. Gents... thanks for the quick responses.. (1) As "dond" noted... he appears to be wearing a 25/50 in the photo - and I am still working to confirm his highest level of award in this category. I think I have it documented...I just need to dig out of my files (I haven't finished unpacking since moving back to Virginia). (2) As stated, I have no expertise in these badges... other than that "75" number looked REALLY bad, as the few I have seen photos of are all 'raised" engravings ...nicer quality. There have been occasions where I have chalked up soviet medals for being junk, only later to find I made a huge mistake! ...so I value your feedback and the sanity check!! I will steer clear of this disaster! thanks - Dan
  24. High-Priced Groups

    Bob - well, for high end orders...that was my largest group. However, I am holding onto my HSU group to an infantryman in the 60th Army, and my cavalier group .... to a miner/lathe operator form the Donbass region. For the cavalier group ... it also includes several photos... the soldier not only earned all three Glory orders... but returned to work in the Donbass...and earned the miner's medal. Again, all documented in newspaper articles and period photos. I am about to do some business travel...but will be happy to post following travel.