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  1. Jeremy - Only a rumor about Delakowitz. I have been in contact with the niece of the pilot of JB741 who lives in England. She seemed to think he was in Brazil - why she thought that I'd have to ask her. Gord
  2. Thanks hucs216 - I did the page on Aircrew Remembrance Society site. Gord
  3. I understand the pilot, Oblt. Delakowitz, is still alive and living in Brazil. Do you have any knowledge of that?
  4. Kill # 6 - 4 May 1944 - Lancaster - 20km SW-SE Chalons-sur-Marne: Alt 100m - Time 0031 - possible 460 Sqdn Lancaster JB741 This was the Lancaster that my uncle was bomb aimer on. They were on their first op. The villagers saw them at low altitude, on fire and the fighter behind them still shooting. They crashed a few miles west of Dommartin-Lettree. Only the rear gunner was identified. They had a full load of bombs when they went in. The starboard wing separated and was found years later standing vertically between two trees. I didn't know the name of the crew before reading this thread. Any chance you have a picture of any of the fighter's crew?