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  1. Hi Marcus, Yes I had noticed the stamps.... Something in the back of my mind makes me think that I saw one of these badges without the Swaz once, but I wasn't interested in it for that very reason..... But after all these years I could easily be dreaming! Thanks for posting the photos & booklets.... Don
  2. A couple of very interesting images Ulrich, thank you for sharing them with us. Don
  3. A fascinating, & I imagine a very rare item. Thank you for sharing it with us. Don
  4. Hi ulric, Sorry for the late reply. I think it is a very nice original & a variation of the one I posted at the start of the thread. I suspect that yours is a later piece. A very nice badge in my opinion. Thanks for showing it Don
  5. Welcome to the forum Adlerhorst. Don
  6. Very nice Robert, thanks for sharing it with us.
  7. Sorry for my delay in responding to this thread, I knew that I had an Urkunde for Peter's pin but couldn't find it!!! Success at last. It has an embossed symbol at the top which I have enlarged in case it isn't as clear on the full image. Cheers Don
  8. Welcome to the forum. Some very nice pieces there, thank you for sharing them. Unfortunately I do not know much about these but hopefully Vetgirig will drop by & be able to help. Cheers Don
  9. Never seen anything like it. I like it though... Thanks for sharing.
  10. I'm afraid not, never seen one before, sorry.
  11. Personally I do not have any issues with it....
  12. Very nice. Thank you for posting.... P.S. I love the date on the pictures, I know that time flies but I seem to have missed two years....
  13. I think that you may have solved it! Well done & thank you. Cheers Don
  14. Hi John, Very nice. I've had this one for many years.... Cheers Don