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  1. I think it's Dr. Franke & Co., Ludenscheid?
  2. Very nice Robert. Joe, The F&R badges are discussed on page 1 of this thread.... Don
  3. Hi Vladimir, You are welcome. I have sent you a pm regarding further information on these badges. Don
  4. Thank you for posting this portrait. I know the person who owns this actual photo & has been studying this badge for a few years, he believes it be a "Dienstabzeichen für weibliche Zivilangestellte des DRK". Baisically a service badge for female civilian DRK workers. Cheers Don
  5. Can you get a larger scan Robert? It looks like 146 on my screen. Nice piece either way. D
  6. A nice comparison Robert.. Have you noticed the similarity between the letter S in Reichsbund on the Seiboth piece & the anniversary pieces? Happy New Year to you & all the other members of GMIC. Don
  7. Hi, Welcome to the forum. I'm afraid to say that this badge is a fake. Apart from the black ring around the front edge, more obvious signs which show it is bad are the small oval coffin shaped plate attaching the pin to the badge which were never used during the Third Reich period & the RZM symbol which is in the circle on the reverse. The Opferring were not under the juristiction of the RZM so the symbol would never be on one of their badges... Sorry Don
  8. Ahh! So you got it. I wondered who had nabbed it, good score & I'm pleased to see that it went to a good home. D
  9. Yes he is referring to the marked versions of these.... He says that he believes that the ones with maker marks may be the fakes rather than the unmarked ones...
  10. Personally I like them. It's the unmarked ones that I've often wondered about.
  11. Good to hear from you after all this time Ralf, I hope that you are well? Don
  12. Hi Adlerhorst! You may be correct, for several years I have had a feeling that the unmarked ones could be fake. The pin on my one is the same strength as on my marked one & the quality is as good, but I have never been happy with it. I fully believe that the Frauenschaft badges made by Osange are fake because the quality of the lettering is too good under magnification. Probably machine cut rather than hand cut. Thanks Don
  13. These small ones are sweet aren't they. A lovely find,thank you for posting it. Don
  14. I had time to dig through my images at the weekend. I have the silver version.... I've also put it with the "bund" version to compare. Don
  15. Thank you for your replies Adlerhorst. If you have the time it would be nice to see some of your collection... Yes I have a couple of the Sängergau pins but at this time I cannot remember if they are honour version or not, when I get time I shall have a look. Best regards Don