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    My military collectibles interest center mainly around;
    Imperial Germany -Tsingtau, China during WWI...Document/award groups.
    Imperial Germany -Pilots or Observers...Document/award groups.
    Imperial Germany -uncommon awards and identifiable medal bars/groups.
    Imperial Germany -Afrika or Pacific during WWI.
    Imperial Russian -Awards/medals and medal bars.

    " if you have something like this FOR SALE, please let me know!

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  1. OMG....Are you kidding me?!?!? "Pour le Merite 17.12.1917" Outstanding!
  2. Hello Laurentius; Don't be too disappointed in yourself. It has been a long process -over the last 30 years. We all had to "learn" what to look for after the fakes started to appear in the marketplace.
  3. 1)The above reference books show the features found with genuine badges. 2)The badge for sale by JP -militaria does not have the features found in the reference books above. 3)The JP -militaria badge is not a genuine badge. Q.E.D.
  4. This piece is full of bad quality features. Too many to mention in full, but the following reference books have good examples that I would recommend reviewing if you want to collect these types of badges.
  5. I returned myself after a fortnight away. quietly working away, will endeavor to post something new when I refine the research a bit. Meanwhile, I look forward to anything Siege of Tsingtau related...
  6. Here is the full size example on a medal bar. From R to L: EK2, Braunschweig War Service Cross, HK, Sweden: Vasa Order -Knights class, Sweden: Gustaf V Medal for the 1912 Stockholm Olympics, Romania: Order of Cultural Merit for Sports and Scouting -2nd class
  7. For those getting up to speed on Richard Brückner, his medal bar can be found on this thread, post #348.
  8. Hello Daffy Duck; First of all - I should have stated this with my earlier response; I want to say CLEARLY that my opinion on any of your medals or badges that you display is NOT an attack on you personally. I do agree with you that more comments on this badge would be beneficial. Specifically from those who have either personally handled known examples of the Kronstadt IR badge or many similar badges. It is from years of examining several good examples that their patterns of workmanship become evident.
  9. I don't think it is a genuine badge. The anchor/monogram motif is unusually crude and there are voids. The enamel is crazed, but is very shiny and yellowed. The back shows casting features and the hallmarks are unconvincing as struck and look like they were merely impressed.
  10. Hello Don; Do you have anything more to give on Walter Hübner? An aeronautical engineer that is also a pilot? Was he a test pilot? The unit he was with? What unit he was with before he became a pilot? Do you have any documents? How do you know Walter Hübner?
  11. no, I don't like it. I don't think it is a period piece. Post, post 1970s.
  12. That's a great looking Frack bar. Pre-war; Centennial, Red Eagle and Saxon, then wartime; EK2, Wurttemburg and Bremen and then finally sew the whole thing together with a Weimar era Veteran's medal. That is 20-25 years representing three time periods on this medal bar.
  13. Otto Hess? How do you know it belonged to Otto Hess? Are there any other documents? Photos? Nice looking badge.
  14. Hello Mark; Welcome to GMIC! The tin is certainly uncommon, and it is nice that you still have the original note inside. Unfortunately the tin itself is in rough shape. ebay, with no minimum bid may be a good venue for you to sell it. It may appeal to variety of different collectors; WWI, old chocolate advertising, Old Cadbury packaging, hospital care of wounded soldiers items.