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    My military collectibles interest center mainly around;
    Imperial Germany -Tsingtau, China during WWI...Document/award groups.
    Imperial Germany -Pilots or Observers...Document/award groups.
    Imperial Germany -uncommon awards and identifiable medal bars/groups.
    Imperial Germany -Afrika or Pacific during WWI.
    Imperial Russian -Awards/medals and medal bars.

    " if you have something like this FOR SALE, please let me know!

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  1. Ahhh, So you bought it! I'm glad. I gave pause myself when I saw it for sale. An excellent restore project that shouldn't be too daunting. I really like the double Schwarzburg awards. I have a medal bar and ribbon bar set with two Schwarzburgs on them. It was also missing medals and I restored it using the best information I had. I look forward to seeing your progress.
  2. thumbs up! The collection is really coming together. The Waldeck medal hanging from swords is a worthy pursuit.
  3. Ahhhh, that's it. The Krieger-Fechtanstalt badge. OK, it's not as similar as I remembered. Here is a photo. krieger-fechtanstalt photo.docx
  4. That handshake motif really reminds me of a certain Weimar era veterans society badge. I can't find a photo right now, but I'll try to post it when I see an example.
  5. I just ran across this thread. So, these are his wedding photos from September 1920? Three of them still have their pickelhaubes! The gentleman in a tuxedo on the far right appears to have a throat award and several breast badges?!! I can't see them very well.
  6. Hmmm, a conundrum indeed. I return to my earlier, knee-jerk identification, but will add an additional thought. In the initial portrait photo the 3rd position ribbon looks remarkably like the Hindenburg cross. However it is the close-up photo that there appears to be several vertical lines of different colors. I count as many as 10 or 11. Could the "lines" we are seeing in the close up photo be caused from the Moire Effect? Maybe the process of zooming in on the ribbon bar caused a moire. Freiwillge, could look at the ribbon bar under a hand held magnifying glass? No guarantee that the "effect" isn't set in the celluloid, but maybe something can be learned under optical zoom instead of digital zoom.
  7. And are those hallmarks on the pin too? or just blunt trauma?
  8. Those shoulderboards are great, albeit in rough shape. That just shows that they were worn. I don't recognize the signature either, but maybe someone else can.
  9. Or it could be for that reason too. An astute observation.
  10. because maybe that would be promoting a direct threat to Vladimir Putin?
  11. Maybe we can come this a different way... Do you know WHO this Sta-Bataillonsführer is? Perhaps we can learn the awards this individual earned.
  12. Hello camelneck; That is a nice looking SMK. When you get it, post a reverse photo. And get a ribbon for it. It is a really nice looking award with the correct ribbon. It shouldn't be too hard to find.
  13. great bar! I can see why it is your favorite NCO group.